When Is The Best Time To Buy Riding Lawn Mowers

When Is the Best Time to Buy Riding Lawn Mowers?

Adding fertilizer and watering a lawn are not the only things you should do to keep it healthy. It also requires frequent mowing. A riding lawn mower may be expensive, but it’s a worthy investment.

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The secret is to buy the lawnmower at the right time when the prices are affordable. Whether you are a first-time buyer or you want to upgrade into a new lawnmower, here is a guide on the best time to buy a riding

1. When New Models Get into The Market

When changes are made in a particular riding lawn mower, and new ones are brought into the market, the old models are usually put on sale. They come at discounted prices. Of course, they will have lesser features, but they will still function. Unfortunately, it might take time before lawn mowers models are updated.

2. During Fall

Fall marks the end of the mowing season. Mostly, sellers will be looking forward to selling lawnmowers so to create space for other items for winter. They are more likely to give out huge discounts on the mowers. During this period, the demand for mowers decreases. When demand is low, prices also go low.

3. Mid-June

Father’s day comes in mid-June. Some retailers will give out huge discounts on riding lawn mowers since many people like to gift their fathers with these essential machines. You can always check out on the stores offering such discounts.

Benefits of A Riding Lawn Mower

When compared to push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers are more expensive. However, they come with several advantages, such as:

1. They Save Time

A riding lawn mower allows you to mow your lawn at high speed. You can finish the work within a short period and attend to other tasks.

2. They Do Not Require Too Much Energy to Operate.

You do not need to use too much energy when using a riding lawnmower. You can easily mow a large area without getting exhausted.

3. You Can Add Some Valuable Attachments

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With a riding lawn mower, you can easily add useful attachments like seed and fertilizer spreaders. This way, your mower becomes a multi-purpose machine and will save you a lot of money. Some of these attachments include

4. Blowers

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A blower gets rid of leaves and other debris from a lawn. You can also add a bagger where you put the debris for disposal on the blower to further simplify your work.

5. Dethatcher

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Thatch refers to the dead materials that build-up on grass after some time. It might prevent water and oxygen from penetrating deep into the roots. It also prevents the grass from getting sufficient sunlight. That is why it is essential to get rid of it to avoid too much build-up. It is easy to attach a dethatcher on your riding lawn mower

6. Utility cart

You can place almost anything on a utility cart, from your phone to drinking water. You can also collect items from your lawn and place them in the cart.

7. Sweeper

lawn sweeper

A lawn sweeper sweeps leaves, grass clippings, and other unwanted materials in a lawn. It is more convenient than a rake, as it saves on time. It also sweeps a lawn evenly.

8. Fertilizer spreader

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Fertilizer spreaders minimize the need for labor, saving on time. It also allows facilitates even spreading, ensuring that the soil gets the required amount of nutrients. You can easily attach your spreader on your lawnmower for a better experience.

9. They Have A Larger Fuel Capacity

 A riding lawnmower has a larger fuel capacity. You do not have to keep refueling it now and then.

More Tips on How to Buy Riding Lawn Mowers at Affordable Prices

1. Go for Second-Hand Mowers

Second-hand lawn mowers will come at lower prices compared to new ones. As long as a mower is functioning properly and is not too old, you should not fear to buy one, if your budget is low and cannot allow you to buy a new one.

When buying these mowers, always check their appearance. Do not go for ones with large scratches and appear worn out. They will probably not last for long and may need maintenance before usage. Check if the blades are in good condition. Suppose you are in a position, request a test drive from the owner. You will be able to identify if it has flaws. Check if all the safety measures are on point. You do not want to experience accidents when using it.

2. Maintenance Tips for Lawn Mowers

We all can agree that a riding lawn mower is a huge investment. After acquiring a good lawn mower, take good care of it, to increase its lifetime, and avoid unnecessary breakages. Here are some of the tips on how to do that.

3. Read the user manual before using it.

Before using your mower, make sure you go through the usage instructions carefully. If you skip this process, you might use the machine wrongly, and it can develop problems that could easily be avoided.

4. Clean It Frequently

Get rid of debris that might get stuck on your mower after every usage using a blower. Some debris may also stick below the pulleys. Use a screwdriver to get rid of them.

5. Ensure the Blades Are Always Sharp

Blunt blades do not only make your work hard. They also result in the uneven cutting of grass. Always sharpen them using a blade sharpener when they get blunt. Still, always ensure that they are well balanced. The blades will also bend after some time. You can replace them if they cannot be hammered back into their usual condition.

6. Inspect the Tires

It would be best if you always kept your tires inflated. Inflated tires are efficient, and will not be troublesome to use.

7. Get A New Fuel Filter

Always replace the fuel filter with a new one after some time. Worn-out filters result in excessive usage of fuel and may make it difficult to start your mower.

8. Always Check If It Has Oil

Always ensure that the mower has oil before you start using it. Running it without oil may cause damages.

9. Change The Fuel

You might have left some fuel in your mower after the mowing season. Replace it after some time, as it may corrode its parts when it gets too old.

You do not have to spend a fortune to buy riding lawn mowers. You can easily get them at discounted prices, but only during particular times of the year. When you get one, take good care of it, and it will serve you for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are riding lawn mowers usually expensive?

Riding lawn mowers come at high prices as they have more features and are more efficient.

What would make a riding lawn mower stall?

If the carburetor has cloggings, it might make a mower keep on strolling. Just check and remove the clogs if there are any.

Can a riding lawn mower cause any harm to the user?

Just like any other machine, a riding lawn mower can cause accidents when not used properly. Just be careful when using it, and follow the usage instructions from the manufacturer.

Can I use a riding mower to mow wet grass?

Some blades can mow both wet and dry grass. However, mowing wet grass may not be healthy for your lawn.

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