What Is The Difference Between Lawn Care And Landscaping

What Is The Difference Between Lawn Care And Landscaping?

Many people confuse lawns and care and landscaping. Did you know that the two refer to different things? Lawn care deals with taking care of an already established lawn. Landscaping, on the other hand, deals with installation, and reconstruction of outdoor space. Landscaping can also include growing of different plants, for aesthetic purposes.

Lawn Care

What Is Lawn Care?

Lawn care refers to practices intended to make a lawn healthy and attractive. Some of the lawn care practices include:

1. Mowing

For a lawn to thrive, more appealing and inviting it has to mow frequently. To avoid problems with diseases mow your lawn when it’s dry—mowing it when wet makes it susceptible to various diseases. Don’t mow your lawn towards one direction all the time. If you mowed it diagonally last time, mow it vertically or horizontally next time. This will help it look even, and the grass will grow upright.

Don’t get rid of all the grass clippings after mowing. Leave them there, as they will decompose after some time and add more nutrients to your grass. Always use sharp mower blades. Blunt ones make the grass susceptible to getting diseases and leave it looking untidy. There are various types of lawn mowers available. You only need to choose the most suitable one for you. They include

• Gas-powered mower

• Electric mower

• Riding mower

• Mulching mower

2. Adding Fertilizer

Even if your soil is very fertile, it will lose some of the essential nutrients over time. People overlook the need for adding fertilizer ion their lawn. They end up missing on the many benefits that come with it. A well-fed lawn appears beautiful, thriving, and is able to resist diseases and pests. A starter fertilizer is good for a newly planted lawn.
Grass in a well-fed lawn grows faster than in one that is not fed. Different types of grass require a different type of fertilizer.

3. Aeration

Lawn aeration involves digging of holes to allow the soil to get nutrients, water, and air. If a lawn has high traffic, it requires aeration more frequently than one with low traffic. Aerate the lawn during the active growing stages of the grass, so that it will recover from any damage. You can either use a plug aerator or a spike aerator. Aerate when the soil is wet. You can do that after rain, or you can just irrigate the grass using an overhead sprinkler first.

4. Dethatching

Some grass clippings and other debris may fall off and get deposited at the base of the lawn. The deposits not only make a lawn unattractive, but it also prevents the soil from absorbing water, air, and nutrients.

Dethatching gets rid of the deposited debris. A little bit of thatch is not bad, as it provides comfort when one is walking on the grass. However, if it’s in excess, it can cause more harm than good. You can use a power rake, vertical mower to dethatch a lawn.

5. Weeding

Weeds may invade your lawn, and compete with the grass for nutrients, water, and space. They also make it unappealing.it is easier to prevent weeds from growing than getting rid of them. One of the most effective methods for preventing the growth of weeds is spraying a pre or post-emergent weed killer on your grass. It’s safe, and will only deal with the weeds, leaving your grass healthy.

If weeds have already invaded your lawn, you can spray a weed killer. Make sure you follow the usage instructions, to avoid damaging your grass. You can also uproot the weeds manually using your hands, or a hoe.

What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping enhances the appearance of outdoor spaces. A landscaper will come up with beautiful designs that will complement your space and make it harmonized, inviting, and attractive. You can also do it yourself without involving a professional. However, involving a professional will result in better results, since they know the best landscaping designs that will best fit your space.


Examples of Landscaping Features

1. Fountains

A fountain is one of the easiest water features to install. Fountains come in different sizes, designs, and colors. They create excellent focal points in the space they are installed in. Make your fountain more appealing by decorating it. Use river stones or seashells at its base. Paint it with the color of your

choice, but let it be in harmony with other landscaping features in your yard.

2. Add lighting in your space

Adding lights in your landscape provides both aesthetic appeal and safety. Use path lights for driveways and walkways. Floodlights light up large areas and are good for safety purposes. There are different kinds of lighting, such as LED and fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent light is energy efficient than other types of lighting, such as halogens. LED is also energy efficient, but more expensive to install.

3. Furniture

Furniture brings comfort and beauty in outdoor space. The furniture will be subjected to various weather elements such as rain and sun. Not every type of furniture will tolerate such elements. Furniture made from metal and cider is able to withstand them, without the need for regular maintenance.

You can have your furniture painted in colors that match your outdoor space. They don’t have to be dull or remain in their natural colors. Add cushions and rugs in the seats to enhance their comfort and appearance. You can take them indoors when it’s raining, or when not in use.

4. Build a fire pit

Whether you have a small or large backyard, a fire pit will always be a suitable addition. Apart from brightening up your space, it also provides you with warmth, especially in the cold months. You can also place seats around it and turn it into a conversation-holding place. You can always spend time there, even when it gets dark.

You can install a gas or wood fire pit. A wood fire pit makes use of wood. One can cook different dishes on it, using grill pans or cooking pots. A gas fire pit uses propane as fuel. If you install a gas fire pit, ensure you carry out maintenance practices, to avoid gas leakage that may cause havoc. A wood fire pit only requires to be cleaned, to get rid of ash and soot it emits.

Lawn care and landscaping are two different things. Lawn care mainly deals with taking good care of the lawn so that it remains vibrant and healthy, while landscaping deals with making your outdoor spaces more appealing, with the use of different features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get rid of grass clippings from my lawn?

Don’t get rid of all grass clippings, as they decompose and add nutrients to the lawn.

How can I protect my lawn from diseases and other problems?

Keep your lawn healthy by mowing it frequently and properly, adding fertilizer and adequate water.

Which is the most suitable wood for making outdoor furniture?

Teak and Shorea are some of the most suitable woods for making outdoor furniture, as they are durable and will withstand moisture and sunlight.

Are wood pits allowed in my locality?

In some areas, wood fire pits are allowed. However, you might have to meet various safety requirements to get permission.

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