The Best Home Aquaponics Kits for Beginners

The Best Home Aquaponics Kits for Beginners

As more and more people adapt to healthy lifestyles, the demand for organic food also increases. It’s because of this that the aquaponics system is increasingly becoming popular. But what is aquaponics? Well, this refers to the type of farming that incorporates the fish and the growth of plants in the same natural environment. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this using an aquaponics kit is the best option. Here are some of the best aquaponics kits that you need to know about.

5 Best-Selling Home Aquaponics Kit for Begginers

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Home Aquaponics Kit for Begginers

1. Genesis Aquaponics Kit

As compared to other aquaponics kits, the Genesis Aquaponics kit has a very large capacity. Since it’s a professional system it can reward you with fresh fish and fresh plants all year round. Measuring 48 inches by 96 inches by 42 inches it has enough space to comfortably fit a 140-gallon fish tank. If managed well it can produce 30 pounds of fish and 240 pounds of vegetables per year.

Apart from its growing beds and fish tanks, it also features things such as pre-cut plumbing connections, air and water pumps, clay pebbles, a radial filter, and several other important items. With its detailed owner’s manual, assembling it is quite easy and simple.

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2. Back to the Roots Water Garden System

Back To The Roots ( Garden,Regular)
Product Highlights:
  • bring the garden inside with the back to the roots water garden. this mini aquaponic tank is a closed-loop ecosystem — the betta fish waste fertilizes the plants on top, and the plants filter and clean the water for your fish — not your average betta fish bowl!
  • aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture, or fish farming, and hydroponics, or growing plants in nutrient-rich water. the fish excrete ammonia that would become toxic to the fish in a regular fish bowl. in the water garden, the ammonia-rich waste is pumped up to the grow bed and absorbed by the plants, helping them grow twice as fast as in traditional farming! the clean water is then filtered back to the tank, creating a low-maintenance, self-cleaning cycle to foster a healthy fish and herb garden.
  • the water garden aquaponic kit comes with everything you need to get started including: 3-gallon fish tank, organic wheatgrass and radish sprout seeds, a coupon for your betta fish, fish food, natural fertilizer, a silent, submersible water pump, gravel, and growstones.

Back to the Roots Water Garden System is perhaps one of the best aquaponics kits out there. Simple in nature and very easy to maintain, this system comes with a mini aquaponic tank. Since this tank is transparent you can enjoy seeing the fish move around even as your plants grow on top. While the fish waste is used to fertilize the plants the plants purify the water for the fish.

Because it’s a small system it’s suitable for those who don’t have huge storage space. Since it comes with everything that you need to start out, it’s quite suitable for beginners. Some of these things include betta fish, organic wheatgrass, 3-gallon fish tank, silent submersible water pump, gravels and grow stones. It also comes with a free curriculum that will show you everything that you need to know.

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3. Professional AquaBox Aquaponics Kit

This unique aquaponics kit has a beautiful wood design and everything that you need to start out. With its fish tank and hydro clay pebbles easily accessible, maintaining it is quite easy. It measures 35 inches wide by 58 inches long by 26 inches tall hence it’s big enough to raise fish to eat and to grow good-sized crops. As a matter of fact, you can use it to grow more than other kits out there.

Whether it’s vegetables, fruits or herbs you can use this kit to grow all manner of plants. It also comes with everything that you need to start out. Once you get it you only need to look for plants and fish and you are good to go. Coming in an amazing package this is one of the best kits in terms of performance and looks.

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4. Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden ( Aquaponic Garden)
Product Highlights:
  • a self-sustaining aquaponic system for the home, office, or classroom.
  • an indoor solution for growing herbs and vegetables throughout the year.
  • great tool for classrooms, teaching students about how ecosystems work.
  • fits any standard 10-gallon aquarium. aquarium not included.
  • kit includes: a grow bed, tank lid and all of the necessary fittings, lightweight clay aggregate in which your plants will grow, a preset timer to be used for the pump or light, a rugged, quiet, and efficient pump to move water up to your plants, all-natural de-chlorinator, a beneficial bacteria additive to start turning fish waste to plant food, all-natural food for your fish friends, organic non-gmo sweet basil and oregano seeds, and an integrated high output light and reflector assembly.

If you are looking for a self-sustaining aquaponics kit for the office, home or classroom, this is the right choice. As an indoor solution for growing vegetables and herbs throughout the year, Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden is not only a great system to be used at home but is also a tool that can be used to teach students how ecosystems work.

When the system is put on top of the aquarium it immediately changes into a perfect garden. The best part is that it’s not only easy to operate but also requires less maintenance. Some of the things in the package include grow light, organic basil and oregon seeds, pump, timer, grow media, and grow bed. With this unique system, you’ll get a two in one garden experience.

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5. Ecolife ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

ECOCycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden ( With LED Lighting)
Product Highlights:
  • grow fresh organic produce all year long on your 20 gallon fish tank with no water changes
  • fish fertilize the plants. plants clean the water for the fish in this closed loop, sustainable system
  • advanced, programmable led lights help your plants grow faster using less energy. 4 grow settings, remote control, and built in timer give you the most efficient, easy to use system available
  • instructional videos, email and phone support included. tank not included
  • excellent learning tool for all ages with curriculum offered for teachers

Ecolife ECO-Cycle Aquaponics indoor Garden System is an aquaponics kit that you can use to grow fresh plants throughout the year. Coming with a fish tank it’s one of the best additions to your household aquarium. Featuring a light bar it emits a great amount of light that adds to its beauty. While the fish provides your plants with the fertilizer the plants purify the water.

To ensure that your plants use less energy it’s fitted with programmable lights. Its remote control, grow settings and timer will also give you one of the best systems out there. The amazing thing about it is that it’s cheaper than all the other systems out there. It also comes with everything that you need to install it.

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Buying Guide

1. Size of the Tank

This is the first thing that you need to consider when looking for the best aquaponics kit for beginners. So, make sure you measure the size of the tank. Once you are done, you’ll know the right one for your aquarium.

2. Accessories

While knowing the size of the tank is very important it’s also good to know all its accessories. This will allow you to know what you already have and what you need to buy to start working. Some of the most important accessories to consider include a pump, light bar, chlorine extractor, and growth stones.

3. The Number of Compartments

This refers to the places where you’ll grow your plants. You, therefore, need to ensure that your aquaponics kit comes with at least 3 compartments. This will allow you to maximize its use as you’ll be able to grow 3 different types of plants at any time.

4. Price

As a consumer, there is nothing that affects your purchase decision more than the price. You, therefore, need to know your budget and buy something that you can afford. Since there are several options in the market getting the right one at the right price shouldn’t be difficult.

5. Power Consumption

Since your system must use some form of power it’s important to choose a kit that uses less power. Besides, it should also be able to emit enough light for your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a type of agriculture that blends the keeping of fish and the growth of plants. Since it’s a closed-loop system it not only yields more food but is also highly efficient and leads to very little wastage. Both the plants and the fish have a symbiotic relationship that makes them dependent on each other.

What can I get from the aquaponics system?

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy from this system. Apart from getting healthy organic and fresh produce, you also have the added advantage of getting the fish. As compared to other systems you can also grow your plants throughout the year.

How can I start a small aquaponics system?

Some of the things that you need to start out with include grow media, water, plants, fish, hydrogen and water tanks. With several systems being sold in the market you can easily get a kit that comes with all these.

Do I need to constantly change the water in my aquaponics kit?

As compared to other types of agriculture such as hydroponics you don’t need to change the water. This makes it one of the most efficient ways of growing plants and keeping fish.

Are there specific kinds of plants to grow in this system?

Examples of plants that do well in this system include vine plants, green vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, wheat, and barley. But you need to know that the turnover and the cost of production vary from one crop to the next.

How many fish can I keep in my aquaponics kit?

The number of fish that you can keep generally depends on the size of your system. It also depends on whether you want to practice it intensively or less intensively.

How much power does the aquaponics kits use?

Although the amount of power varies from one system to another most of them use an average of 23 watts.

Final Thoughts

There you have it-everything that you need to know about the aquaponics kits.  Whether you are a beginner or you want to experience this new concept, this kit is the way to go. Although you may not be able to grow all the vegetables, you can use their basic principles to set up your own unique system. If you don’t have enough time to search for the best you can start with the above kits. However, when looking for one, consider your needs and choose one depending on your budget.


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