The Best Fungicides For Lawn Rust

The Best Fungicides for Lawn Rust: Get Rid of Brown Patch In Your Lawn

Lawn rust is a fungal infection that turns a lawn brown or yellow. It mostly affects grass when it’s in the slow-growing season due to stresses like drought or low mowing. A lawn is usually susceptible to many fungal diseases, one of the most common being rust.

5 Best-Selling Fungicides for Lawn Rust

Lawn rust weakens the grass and makes it prone to other diseases, which might kill it easily. If you identify lawn rust in your lawn, the best thing is to get rid of it before it advances to a more serious condition that could result in grass death.

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of rust in a lawn is by applying fungicides. Here is a review of the best fungicides to get rid of lawn rust and restore your lawn’s health and appearance.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Fungicides for Lawn Rust

1. Jonathan Green 10233 Lawn Fungus

Jonathan Green 10233 Lawn ( For Lawns (5,000 Sq. Ft.))
Product Highlights:
  • controls over 20 soil borne diseases - our lawn fungicide is a broad spectrum granular fungicide that combats turf diseases. it controls brown patch, leaf spot, red thread, dollar spot, pink snow mold, and more.
  • prevents & treats - once a lawn gets a fungus infestation, it can become a problem every year. lawn fungus control prevents new fungus from developing and stops existing fungus from further growing. it will not repair the damage which has already happened.
  • works on all lawn grass types - this fungus control for lawns is designed for use on cool and warm-season grasses. it can be used at the same time as seeding a new lawn and should be applied when the yard is dry.
  • year round fungus control - the lawn fungus treatment provides control in summer, spring, and fall. for best results, apply our grass fungus treatment before the disease occurs.
  • complete coverage - this 7.5 lb bag covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.

The Jonathan Green 10233 Lawn Fungus will get rid of lawn rust and other fungal diseases in your lawn to restore its health and good look.

You may also seed your lawn together with this fungicide, and it won’t cause any harm to your grass.

A single package covers up to 5,000 square feet. If your lawn is bigger than that, you only need to buy several packages that will cover the entire lawn. Remember, if you don’t spray the entire lawn, you might not entirely get rid of lawn rust.

This product works very fast. It clears up the ugly brown patches in a lawn within two weeks of usage and restores its beauty.

2. Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide,

Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide ( Gardening, Controls Common Diseases)
Product Highlights:
  • control and prevent common garden diseases with sulfur plant fungicide micronized spray or dust from bonide!
  • this fungicide controls diseases including rust, leaf spot, mildew and more. sulfur plant fungicide can be applied to fruits, vegetables and ornamentals in your garden to prevent disease.
  • sulfur plant fungicide also works as a pesticide! apply to animals to help control fleas, ticks and mites! this product can be applied directly to dogs, horses, cattle, swine, game birds and more.
  • approved for organic gardening, sulfur plant fungicide is suitable for the production of organic produce and can even be used up until the day of harvest.
  • this product arrives conveniently ready-to-use! to use, apply as a dust or mix with water to create a micronized liquid. fine sulfur particles adhere to plants easily to control disease. for full use instructions, please see product label.

The Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide will get rid of rust in your lawn and is also suitable for use in the garden to get rid of powdery mildew, mites, leafspots, thrips, and scale

If you have animals, this product is also effective for getting rid of fleas and ticks and is completely safe.

This product is made from naturally occurring sulfur, which makes it safe for use by both plants and humans, and does not pose any health dangers.

It is an effective solution for killing lawn fungi that causes rust.

This fungicide has fine particles, which enables it to adhere properly on grass, effectively killing fungus. The small size of the particles also ensures it is uniformly sprayed for better results.

If you love using organic products, this will be the ideal option for you since it does not contain any inorganic substances.

3. Dr. Earth Concentrate Fungicide

Dr Earth 100518126 Final ( Concentrate Fungicide, 24 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • 100% organic and natural crafted blend
  • provides ample insect control for weeks with continued protection
  • available in a 24 ounce concentrate formula

The Dr. Earth Concentrate Fungicide is a safe, organic fungicide containing rosemary oil, cloves, peppermint oil, and other organic products. This fungicide will work on grass, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and trees and is safe for both humans and pets.

It really works well on those annoying fungi that affect lawns, and its results are very fast.

To get rid of the fungi completely, you have to apply this product several times, as stated in the instructions.

It is also easy to apply since you only need to mix it with water, then spray it on your lawn.

4. Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide

Southern Ag Liquid ( - Fungicide, 16oz)
Product Highlights:
  • controls diseases caused by bacteria and fungi
  • new formulation works well with hose end sprayers
  • labeled for control of moss and algae
  • contains 31.4% copper ammonium complex (8% metallic copper equivalent)

The Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide will control diseases caused by both bacteria and fungi.

Having compounds of copper in safe amounts, it will also keep away snails and slugs from your lawn or garden.

Apart from grass, this product can be used for fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants to get rid of fungal and bacterial diseases like rust, blight, and leaf spot.

Applying it is easy; you only have to mix it with water and spray using a hose-end sprayer.

5. Bio advanced 701270A Fungicide

BioAdvanced Fungus Control For ( Ready-to-Spray, 32 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • fungicide: fungus control for lawns cures and prevents listed lawn diseases
  • 30 day protection: protects against lawn diseases for up to a month
  • disease control: fungicide controls red threat, brown patch, dollar spot, rust, and other listed diseases
  • rainproof protection: systemic fungicide is absorbed by grass and will not wash off
  • can be used on all lawn types

When you apply the BioAdvanced 701270A Fungicide, your lawn will be protected from leaf rust and other fungal diseases for a whole month. Apart from rust, this product also gets rid of dollar spots and brown patches.

On top of treating various diseases in a lawn, it also prevents others from developing diseases.

Additionally, it is suitable for use in any type of grass. There are no exceptions.

One incredible feature about this fungicide is that it is waterproof. Even when it rains shortly after application, you don’t have to worry about respraying, as it sticks on the grass blades.

One packet covers up to 5000 square feet when you apply it the right way.

Don’t watch your grass develop brown patches while there is a solution. Use fungicides to get rid of lawn rust and restore the green color of your lawn, preventing the death of grass or invasion by other bacteria and fungi.

Buying Guide

1. Size of Your Lawn

If your lawn is very large, you might need more than one packet of lawn fungicide. This is to prevent spraying it on some parts of the lawn and leaving others. If you don’t do that, you won’t get rid of lawn rust, and it will finally affect the entire lawn. Follow the usage instructions in the package and ensure you apply just the right amount. Some fungicides are effective when applied just once, while others have to be applied several times to completely eliminate the fungus.

2. Other Plants in Your Yard

If you have other plants in your yard, you might want to buy a product that is suitable for use in the grass and other plants. This makes sure you don’t buy several products to get rid of fungi for your plants.

3. Pets

Some fungicides are toxic to pets, while others are not. If you know it will not be possible to keep your pet off the lawn during the time of fungicide application and a few days after that, buy a non-toxic product that will not pose dangers to your pets. However, you might still use such products and prevent your pets from getting into the garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes lawn rust?

Lawn rust is caused by a fungus that mainly affects grass when its growth has been slowed. It spreads by means of spores and causes the grass to turn from green to brown.

Can lawn rust go away without the use of fungicides?

If lawn rust is not severe, it can go away without the use of herbicides. Just minimize shade from your grass. Application of nitrogenous fertilizer may also get rid of the fungus causing lawn rust. However, the only way to get rid of lawn rust from severely attacked grass is by applying fungicides.

Can lawn rust kill grass?

Although lawn rust cannot kill grass solely, it weakens it and makes it prone to other diseases that might kill it. 

How can you protect grass from lawn rust?

To prevent your lawn from developing lawn rust, always apply nitrogenic fertilizers. Minimizing shade on your lawn is also a great way to keep off the rust. Still, always aerate your grass to discourage the growth of fungus since they prefer poorly aerated conditions.

Can lawn rust hurt animals and pets?

Lawn rust affects only plants and not animals and humans. The only thing it does is leave residues on shoes or to the body if one comes into contact with it but it does not cause diseases or infection

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