The Best Fast Growing Lawn Seed

The Best Fast-Growing Lawn Seed: Achieve A Thick and Lush Lawn

Do you always get impatient when you plant grass since it takes too long to form a thick, healthy lawn? You aren’t alone. Whereas there is no magic in making your lawn grow overnight, you can speed up the process by planting fast-growing grass seeds. You will not have to wait for long before your grass germinates and start getting thicker.

5 Best-Selling Fast-Growing Lawn Seed

Here is a review of the best fast-growing seed you can get for your lawn.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Fast-Growing Lawn Seed

1. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

The Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed is able to grow faster than other grass seeds since it’s able to absorb water at a higher rate. Higher water absorbency creates a conducive environment for germination, promoting faster growth.

Have you ever planted grass seeds and they failed to germinate, and you couldn’t understand what happened to them? It could be they contracted diseases while still in the soil and got rotten. The Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed has coatings that protect the seeds from contracting diseases while in the soil. The coating also makes it easy for the seeds to absorb essential nutrients from the soil, which also encourage faster germination.

Additionally, the coating helps in moisture retention in the seed.

After germination, the grass is able to resist drought and will remain green and growing even when it’s dry. This grass is an ideal option for people who want to fill bare spots in their lawns.

2. Watersaver Grass Mixture

WaterSaver Grass Mixture With ( Sun Or Shade, 5 Lbs - Covers 1/50 Acre)
Product Highlights:
  • the only seed you will ever need: water saver is low maintenance and is self repairing turf. it knits lawn together by quickly filling damaged or open spots. as a result, less watering and mowing is required.
  • grows great in sun or shade: excellent in the transition climate zone as well as the northern climate zone.
  • patent rtf fescue: creates strong root system for your lawn with less overseeding and fewer weed problems. this fescue grass seed produces a thick, even lawn in the sun or shade.
  • excellent color and disease resistant: withstands stressful weather conditions and keeps a rich green color. provides excellent protection against insects, diseases and enhances drought tolerance.
  • decrease lawn maintenance: water saver allows you to mow close to the turf and use substantially less water to maintain the richness of your lawn.

The WaterSaver Grass Mixture does not need a lot of maintenance to grow. It is also an ideal option for filling up bare lawn patches.  Whether you plant the seeds in the sun or shade, they will still grow without any form of delay and form a thick lawn.

After germination, the grass is able to form a strong root system, reducing the need for overseeding. A strong root system also keeps weeds away from a lawn.

Have you been planting grass, and then it dies due to extreme climatic conditions? Then here is an alternative for you. The WaterSaver Grass Mixture is able to withstand such conditions and is also disease resistant. It maintains its green color, whether it’s extremely hot or cold.

3. Tifblair Centipede Grass Seed

TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed ( Direct From The Farm)
Product Highlights:
  • if all danger of frost is past and your soil temperature has risen to 60° or warmer, then it's a great time to plant tifblair seeds.
  • coated seed (no mulch) - the seed is coated to improve germination
  • a turfgrass for full sun to partial shade. it's also drought tolerant.
  • tolerant of extreme heat and cold; it’s a well-adapted lawn from the southern coast to the upper transition zone.
  • each 1 lb. bag will cover up to 4,000 square feet.

The TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed is usually coated to increase the rate of germination.

This grass is drought resistant and will do well in full sun or partial shade. It also tolerates extreme weather conditions such as cold and warmth, making it a suitable fit for any climatic condition.

Many people believe that growing centipede grass from seed is challenging, but this is not usually the case if you follow proper guidelines.  The package of the grass has clear instructions on how you should plant it, and if you follow them, you will experience a high germination rate.

If you don’t follow the instructions keenly, some seeds may not germinate, and you will end up with bare patches on your lawn. In worst scenarios, all the seeds might fail to germinate.

Additionally, it is well packaged, with pure seeds and no filler materials to make it look fuller.

You can use it to start a lawn or fill bare patches.

4. Scotts EZ Seed Patch And Repair Grass Seed

Scotts EZ Seed Patch ( Shade, High Traffic Areas - Covers Up To 890 Sq. Ft.)
Product Highlights:
  • grass seed: scotts best high performance grass seed
  • mulch: absorbs 6x its weight in water and expands to surround the seed in a moist protective layer
  • fertilizer: exclusive controlled release technology feeds seedlings to jumpstart growth
  • tackifier: helps keep seed from washing away; protectant: helps keep seedlings safe from harmful diseases that can attack newly planted areas
  • grows in full sun and dense shade, high traffic areas and on slopes; seeds up to 890 sq. ft.

The Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair grass seed has an excellent water-absorbing ability, which enables it to retain moisture, creating a conducive environment for germination.

These seeds have a tackifier that protects them from diseases and getting washed away. It grows in the sun and shade and will also tolerate high traffic and slopy areas. After planting, it only takes around 21 days to germinate fully.

The package comes with a combination of mulch, grass seed, and fertilizer.

5. Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed

Jonathan Green Fast Grow ( Seed, 7-Pound)
Product Highlights:
  • 7 pound bag
  • 3,500 square foot coverage
  • 100% superior grass seed
  • fast grow grass seed mix
  • provides a hardy turf quickly in sun and shade

Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed grows in both sun and shade. This grass grows really first, and you will see the first sprouts a few days after planting. After germination, the grass grows really quick and gets thicker.

It comes with a package that will cover up to 3500 sq meters.

The seeds are also insect resistant. This means they won’t get eaten by insects after planting them or when in storage.

If you don’t want to spend an eternity waiting for the grass to grow, there are types of grass that will germinate and grow at a faster rate. These seeds also offer other benefits, such as drought resistance and insect resistance. The secret is to follow the usage instructions for planting and then take good care of grass by watering, mowing, adding fertilizer, and aerating it. these grass types are ideal for starting a

new lawn or filling up bare patches.

Buying Guide

1. Shade

While some types of grass will grow in sun or shade, some will only grow in the sun. If your lawn is shady, be very careful when purchasing grass seed to avoid disappointments. Make sure it’s written that it can tolerate shade.

2. The Climate of Your Area

If you live in a dry area and you can’t manage to water your lawn frequently, go for drought-resistant seeds. After germination, the grass will not dry or delay growing as a result of frequent droughts.

However, if you can manage to water your grass frequently, you can get any kind of grass.

Some types of grass are also tolerant of extreme weather conditions, while others are not. It’s crucial to buy seeds that will be suitable for your climatic conditions so that the grass can germinate and grow fast.

3. Disease Resistance

Some grass seeds are usually treated to resist diseases. This increases the rate of germination and protects them from diseases even after germination. If you have planted grass before and the germination rate was very low, it could be that the seeds were attacked by diseases and did not germinate. In this case, buying diseases, resistant seeds is the only sure way to achieve a high germination rate. Disease resistant seeds also save you from buying expensive products to treat lawn diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cover grass for it to grow fast?

Covering grass helps in moisture retention and speeds up germination. However, if you are willing to be watering your grass frequently, you don’t need to cover it since it will be getting adequate moisture.

Should I soak grass seeds before planting

Soaking grass seeds before planting encourages faster growth. However, if the seeds are fast-growing, you don’t need to soak them since they will germinate and grow faster without any other intervention.

Can I spread grass on a lawn and not cover it?

You can spread grass seeds on a lawn and not cover them with soil, but this is not a good way of encouraging proper growth. The seeds might get eaten by birds and insects, and they might also get washed away by water. The best thing is to cover them with a layer of soil.

Does grass spread to fill up bare spots?

Mostly, grass will not spread to fill up bare spots. You have to reseed the bare patches to fill them up.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Review