The Best Fast Acting Lime For Garden

The Best Fast-Acting Lime for Garden

Too much acidity is not good for the growth of plants. If you have conducted a soil test and found out that the soil is too acidic, it’s time to add lime to reduce the acidity.

5 Best-Selling Fast-Acting Lime for Garden

Lime does not only increase the PH of soil; it also increases water penetration to the soil and enables the plants to take up nutrients better. Some lime products also have other nutrients that enhance the proper growth of your plants.

Here is a list of the best lime for a garden.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Fast-Acting Lime for Garden

1. Bonide Chemical Hydrated Lime

Bonide Chemical 978 B00BSH0U4A ( For Soil-5 Pounds, Multi)
Product Highlights:
  • raises soil ph - hydrated lime quickly raises soil ph. adjusting the soil to the proper ph helps plants to grow & strengthen by making it easier for plant roots to take up nutrients in the soil.
  • improves soil structure - hydrated lime helps neutralize soil acidity and "sweetens" the soil. do not mix with fertilizer before use.
  • versatile formula - hydrated lime is designed for use on lawns, gardens, & potted plants.
  • multiple uses - this product arrives in a convenient 5 pound bag and is a great option to have for multiple applications.
  • easy to apply - for gardens, work in hydrated lime around each plant & water normally. for potted plants, mix one tablespoon of hydrated lime in one gallon of water & apply as you would normally water.

The Bonide Chemical hydrated lime will increase the PH of the soil and make it suitable for plant growth. It also enables the roots to absorb nutrients more easily for good growth.

Another awesome feature about this product is that it can be used in a lawn, vegetable garden, and also in potted plants. You don’t have to buy different products for your plants.

It is also easy to apply. You only need to add it to the plants and then water them. For potted plants, you only need to mix the lime with water and pour the mixture on the plants.


  • Promotes nutrients uptake
  • Versatile
  • Easy to apply


  • May not reseal after opening

2. Dolomite Lime

Dolomite Lime Pure ( Garden Lime (5 Pounds))
Product Highlights:
  • dolomite lime stabilizes and raises the ph level of your soil!
  • dolomite lime prevents and cures blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers!
  • dolomitic / calcitic lime precious calcium and magnesium to depleted soils.
  • ultra pulverized and micronized for fast acting results!
  • perfect for earthboxes and other container gardens!

The Dolomite Lime is another product that will effectively increase the PH of your soil.

On top of that, it helps cure some diseases in the soil, such as end rot. That means you will not have to buy other products to deal with the disease. The lime is suitable for use on plants growing directly on the ground, as well as in potted plants.

Additionally, this product will also prevent some insects from getting into your garden.  However, it does not interfere with harmless insects in your garden.

Additionally, this garden is micronized, making it a fast-acting garden lime. it also adds magnesium and calcium to the soil.


  • Adds nutrients to the soil
  • Prevents and cures root rot
  • Gets rid of harmful insects


  • You need to buy several products to be enough

3. Jobe’s Organics Garden Lime

Jobes 09365 Additive DeAcidifier ( 6 Lb, Lime Soil)
Product Highlights:
  • organic granular for increasing soils alkalinity, ph; low ph can cause poor fertilizer response and soil structure
  • most plants grow well in a ph between 6 and 7, with 6.5-6.8 being ideal; below 6.0 many nutrients cannot be absorbed
  • adding garden lime will increase the ph and make those nutrients available again; test soil ph before applying
  • helps plants like hydrangeas turn pink; creates a healthier, better-producing plant
  • easy pour 6 pound bag; apply at planting, reapply 2-3 times a year to maintain desired soil ph

Jobe’s Organics Garden Lime is another awesome product for raising soil PH for plants’ proper growth.

This garden lime has sulfur, which greatly increases alkalinity in the soil, making it more conducive for plant growth.

Using this product is pretty easy. You only have to apply it during planting and 2-3 times within the plant’s growing period. Its high phosphorous composition is also ideal for plants like tomatoes and peppers, as it helps in fruit production and prevents diseases like blossom end root rot.


  • Easy to use
  • Encourages fruit production
  • Prevents diseases like blossom root rot


  • The usage instructions are not very clear

4. Voluntary Purchasing Horticultural Lime

Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome ( Hydrated Lime, 5-Pound)
Product Highlights:
  • corrects soil acidity
  • helps loosen heavy clay soils
  • increases soil ph.
  • supplies calcium to plants and microorganisms

The Voluntary Purchasing horticultural lime does not only correct acidity in the soil; it also breaks down heavy soils and makes it easy for plant roots to penetrate through the soil. Additionally, it provides calcium to plants, facilitating proper growth.

It is also an excellent product for raising the PH of highly acidic soils. How long it will take for the PH to get to optimum levels depends on several factors such as the type of soil and the type of plants growing.

Apart from correcting problems in the soil, it can also be used to get rid of smells in the yard, such as that of dog poop.


  • Breaks heavy soil
  • Provides calcium to soil
  • Gets rid of bad smells


  • Does not have other nutrients

5. Soil Doctor Limestone

Soil Doctor 54050860 Pelletized ( Calcitic Limestone)
Product Highlights:
  • neutralizes acidic soil
  • stimulates healthy bacteria
  • enhances fertilizer availability
  • pelletized for easy spreader application
  • ideal for vegetables and flowers

The Soil doctor limestone will reduce acidity in the soil and also stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.

Additionally, it enables plants to absorb fertilizer more effectively. Using it is easy since it comes in pellets form and dissolves easily, which you can easily spread with a spreader.

These products work excellently for both flowers and vegetables.

It also helps restore the beauty of a lawn by removing burn spots and filling those ugly bare spots.


  • Restores weak lawns
  • Encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Easy to use on most spreaders


  • The pellets are too large for spreaders

Buying Guide

Before you apply lime to a garden or lawn, there are several factors you should consider. These include

1. PH Of the Soil

To know the PH of the soil, you have to conduct soli testing. Soil testing is crucial since you will know the correct amount of lime you need to add to it. Without it, you will end up adding little or excess lime, which is not good for the plants. It can lead to poor growth or kill plants altogether.

2. Type of Plants

Some lime products are suitable for a single type of plants, such as vegetables, grass, and fruits. Others are suitable for several types of plants. Always ensure you apply the right products to ensure it is of help to your plants. Using wrong products could also lead to plant damage or, in worst scenarios, death of the plants.

3. Condition of The Soil

Apart from being too acidic, some soil types also lack other necessary nutrients for proper growth, such as calcium and phosphorous. Some lime products consist of such nutrients as well. If your soil is missing such crucial nutrients, buying a product that has the nutrients will save you money and lead to the proper growth of plants.

How to Know if Your Lawn Needs Lime

The main objective of the lime application is the reduction of soil acidity. Consequently, optimal soil PH optimizes the level of plant uptakes of nitrogen.

One way to determine if your soil is acidic is if you notice wilting grass blades, yellow patches in the grass, sod that is slow-knitting, or a general decrease in the density of the turf. Acidity can be generated by any number of external factors. But whatever the cause, your lawn will benefit from a lime application.

By neutralizing acidic soil with lime, your grass will be stronger, look more full, and grow much faster. Lime also has a positive impact on the overall composition of the underlying soil. This will develop better moisture retention and promotes high airflow. Not only is lime helpful for your lawn, but it can also help improve the condition of your garden soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What caused acidity in plants?

The main causes of acidity in the soil are decayed plants, the reaction of nitrogenous fertilizers, and acid rain. In areas that receive heavy rainfall, calcium in the soil gets leached by the excess water. Loss of calcium means that the soil PH lowers, leading to increased acidity.

How can I tell that soil needs lime?

 Some of the indicators that a lawn needs lime are the excessive growth of weeds increase in pests and diseases. Grass that appears frail is also another indication that the lawn is too acidic and needs amendment.

When Is the Best time to apply lime on soil?

The best time to apply lime to your garden is during fall or spring. During these seasons, the rain and snow speed up the breakdown of lime and make it available to the soil. You can also apply it during other seasons, but it might take longer to see the effects.

How do I spread lime in a garden?

Lime can be spread using a spreader, or you can apply it manually, especially if the land is not big. Use a shovel to do this and ensure you spread it uniformly. Spreaders are suitable for large areas. They are also more convenient as they spread the lime uniformly.

How long will lime take to get incorporated into the soil?

How long lime takes to get incorporated into the soil depends on several factors, such as the type of soil and the kind of product you’re using.


Adding lime to the soil is necessary if the PH is too low. Very low PH is not good for the soil as it prevents it from absorbing fertilizers and other crucial nutrients necessary for good growth. This reduces yield production. When used in lawn, lime encourages the proper growth of grass and fills empty spots. The lawn will also get greener.

Bonide Chemical 978 B00BSH0U4A Number-5 Hydrated Lime for Soil-5 Pounds, Multi - Overview