The Best Bird Houses And Feeders Combo

The Best Bird Houses And Feeders Combo

If you are really into birds, then a birdhouse and feeder combo will come in handy with improving your backyard or garden appearance. You have to get your fingers right in selecting the best accommodation for your bird. No bird lover wants to start their expedition with a birdhouse full of flaws, including malfunctioning feeders.

4 Best-Selling Bird Houses And Feeders Combo

Although there are plenty of ways to attract birds to your backyard, including the provision of birdbaths, bird feeders and houses are the most essential.

When selecting a birdhouse, you have to choose one that fits all your requirements; does the house have clean-outs, proper drainage, ample space, and ventilation? Furthermore, you have to make sure that the house offers maximum security to your feathered friends.

With birdhouses and feeders combo, you won’t have to purchase the house and the feeder differently. Quite a save on the much-needed time!

Whether a beginner or an expert birding enthusiast, you’ll learn many tips on feeder/house combo. It’s cool and enticing to bird lovers and the birds themselves.

Reviews of 4 Top Rated Bird Houses And Feeders Combo

1. Nature Care Bird House Nest with Bird Feeder Combo Pack

It is a super saver birdhouse and feeder combo pack. The material of the product is either wood or plastic, depending on your preference. It is a Nature Care brand that weighs 950 grams and has 34 by 17 by 17 centimeters in dimension.

You should install it on poles, climbers, trees, or walls and avoid frequently changing the installation place. The product is available in a variety of colors to fit any aesthetic. So, whether your outdoor space is traditional or modern, there is a perfect fit for you.


  • It keeps the birds warm, especially in cold seasons
  • The product’s material prevents overheating and keeps the birds cozy
  • Provides a buzzing site for most bird species

2. Care N Cure Bird House Nest Box & Feeder Combo

If you want to attract Little Garden Birds, Sparrows, and Budgies, this is your ideal pack. It has dimensions of 15 by 16 by 20 cm. The product’s design has a perch to help the birds easily access the entrance hole. This pack has a giant nesting birdhouse as compared to others. The package comes with a well-designed feeder.


  • A well-designed feeder that prevents wastage of grains or other bird foods and maintains a high hygienic level.
  • The feeder is transparent so that birds can easily see the grain. Thus, it easily attracts birds to your backyard.

3. Window Bird House and Feeder Combo

Window Bird House And ( Feeder Combo)
Product Highlights:
  • 5 piece window bird house and feeder,easily reverses for use as feeder
  • handmade of aromatic cedar;6.5 h x5.5 w x7.5 dp
  • includes 12 page booklet on how to install,bird id photos and q & a
  • e ch side of bird house has fencing with straw, twigs & grasses
  • heavy duty 2.5 suction cups for mounting on your window

It is a Bird’s Eye View brand made from Aromatic Cedar. Essentially a widow birdhouse (5 pieces), but you can easily reverse it and use it as a feeder. It has dimensions of 6.5 by 5.5 by 7.5. Moreover, all the bord house sides have grasses, straws, and twigs fencing to give it a more natural look. As a result, the window birdhouse and feeder combo are great attraction sites to most bird species.

After purchase, this pack comes with a comprehensive booklet containing details such as the installation procedure and an extensive Q & A section.


  • The grasses, straws, and twigs on each side of the house provide the birds with a sense of natural habitat.
  • Complete package that includes suction cups
  • Uniquely designed as a dual-purpose birdhouse, and when you reverse it, it acts as a feeder.

4. Country Cottages Colorful Hand

Country Cottages Colorful HandPainted ( Bird House&Bird Feeder (A))
Product Highlights:
  • solid material: made from mdf board, sturdy and solid enough
  • unique design: novel in shape, and colorful style makes it easy to attract birds
  • occasion: can be used in your country yard and farmhouse
  • adds fun and cheer to any garden decor, display in your garden or on your spring patio
  • great gift idea - this beautiful bird feeder would make an excellent gift for any bird lover in your life.

The pack has a unique design, a novel shape, and an attractive color. A strong and sturdy MDF board constructs these bird tools. Besides, it has the dimensions 18 X 18 X 23 cm while you can also get a smaller one of sizes 7 X 7 X 9.

This product is an attractive bird site that bird lovers will find worth a try. It keeps your garden, backyard, farmhouse, or patio cheerful with all bird species. When choosing the installation place, consider under tree branches, besides, average rain and sun is not a cause of alarm.


  • The house has a unique and attractive design to match your farmhouse
  • Colorful and attractive to most bird species
  • Highly durable

Buying Guide

When planning on adding a birdhouse/ feeder combo to your yard, there are dozens of factors to put into consideration counting:

1. Material

Birdhouses made from natural wood are the best as compared to those made from metals and plastics. The latter builds up excess heat and might not be the ideal habitat for your feathered friends. Nevertheless, ensure that you use wood that is free from preservatives or any treatment.

If you opt for the plastic bird feeder in the same vein, ensure that it has metal reinforcements to prevent squirrels from feasting on the bird’s delicacy. These are the most common in-ground feeders. Furthermore, the pack should have a feeder made from weather-resistant wood. You can even opt to paint or stain its surfaces.

Although the birdhouse/feeder combo comes as a pack, there are some individual factors for the birdhouse and the feeder alike.

Bird House

1. The Size of The Box

For birds such as titmice, wrens, swallows, prothonotary warblers, and nuthatches, a compact house will do. It should have an ideal square base of at least 4 inches and a depth of at least 6 inches. Birds like owls, kestrels, and flickers require larger boxes.

2. Size of The Entrance Hole

Most bird species will fit in a hole of about 1 to 2 inches. You should pick a birdhouse with a hole as small as the birds you want to attract. Apart from the size, you also have to consider the position. The hole should be between 4 to 6 inches above the ground.

Moreover, the appropriate hole size and position will determine the birds you attract to your yard and those you discourage from inhabiting your premises. Swallows are famous for their love of nesting and squeezing through the tiniest of holes.

3. Cleaning Feature

Housekeeping is vital for any bird. A clean-out panel helps in maintaining a healthy nesting habitat for your feathery friends. Nevertheless, correct timing is essential when cleaning. Most birding experts prefer doing it in the fall when most young birds are not in the nest. Remove all the old nesting to prevent mite and lice infestation through the Winter season.

Bird Feeder

1. Type

There are different types of bird feeders, including:

  • Ground feeders
  • Hopper
  • Tube
  • Hummingbird
  • Suet

Each feeder comes with unique capabilities. For instance, suet feeders are hung on high grounds, especially poles, and consequently attract rare birds like goldfinches and woodpeckers. On the other hand, tube feeders are the most common types

Check the pack to ensure that it comes with your ideal type of feeder. If you want to attract bluebirds, a birdhouse and feeder combo with a suet feeder is your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep squirrels away from my birdhouse and feeder combo?

Like birds, squirrels like eating seeds. You don’t want your bird’s delicacy to end up eaten by squirrels. There are plenty of ways to keep the squirrels from eating the seeds. The most effective way comes with the design of the feeder. The bird house and feeders combo above comes with a unique design to keep squirrels off.

Besides, you can also opt to use squirrel baffles. 

Should I clean my bird feeder regularly?

Yes, congestion and dirt lead to the spread of diseases among your feathered friends. The high bird traffic at the feeder has its flaws too. You should make sure that you clean the feeder as often as possible. This helps maintain a hygienic condition in your feeder and consequently prevents disease spread.

Will the birds in my yard go away if I am on vacation?

With the birdhouse and feeder combo, birds easily get their food from the feeder but they still go out in search of other foods. The feeder component only constitutes a quarter of their nutrition intake. If you are away for a while, the birds will not vacate their house but will later try to find other foods around the area. They can even feed on neighboring bird feeders.

How will I ensure that the bird seeds are safely stored?

You should store the bird seeds in a cool, dry place. Also, ensure that you seal the seeds tightly or use a fitting lid.


Birds are a thrilling site in outdoor spaces and covered patios alike. If you are a birding fanatic, the article has all the necessary information you need to know before you start embracing your hobby. You’ll get to know the best houses and feeders combo as well as the things to put into consideration before you make a purchase. Pick one of the detailed choices and revel in enjoyable bird songs as well as an attractive outdoor site with various bird species.

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