Tall Indoor Plants

12 Best Tall Indoor Plants (Large Plants for Home or Office)

Tall indoor plants make a room beautiful and classy. Their ability to make a small room seem big is admirable. A tall houseplant can be used as a focal point in a place to grab attention. Some of the indoor plants do not only serve as decorative pieces, but they also purify the air. 

If you are wondering how to transform your home to a whole new level, then here is a solution. Get some large indoor plants. They will turn your space to an indoor jungle and have a welcoming feeling in your house or office.  Below are some of the indoor plants you can choose to add life to your indoor spaces:

1. Bird of Paradise

If you are the patient kind, the bird of paradise will work better for you. The beautiful indoor plant blooms within 3-4 years. If provided with the right conditions, the plant produces beautiful flowers that add a tropical feel to your house.

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The plant requires exposure to sunlight. Still, you may move it outdoors from time to time. Water the plant often, to make sure that the soil does not run dry. Also, mist the plant frequently, especially during summer, as it thrives well in humid conditions.

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2. Dracaena

Dracaena can get so tall. You can maintain the plant to your preferred height by trimming and pruning. Apart from its beautiful foliage that makes it a suitable focal point in any room, the plant is also known for its air purification characteristics.

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This indoor plant requires minimal maintenance. Do not expose Dracaena to direct sunlight as the foliage will get scorched, and the entire plant will die. To avoid root rot, allow the soil to dry before watering the plant.

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3. Bamboo

Bamboos come in many varieties. It might be confusing to choose which type suits you better. Bamboos require special care when planted indoors. The plants need frequent watering. However, too much of it will soak the roots, and the plant will die.

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Bamboos thrive well in soil that drains fast. Since the plants do well in humid air, you can get a humidifier in your room, or frequently mist them using a spray bottle. You can contain the height of the bamboos by pruning them to your preferred height.

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4. Palms

Palms are one of the houseplants which require minimum maintenance. They do not require too much sunlight exposure or frequent watering.

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Although they take a long time to grow, indoor palms grow to enormous sizes; hence, they need to be trimmed from time to time to avoid overgrowing.

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5. Adenium 

Adenium is known for its large beautiful flowers.  With its oval shape foliage, the plant will give a fair statement in your house or office. Like many houseplants, it requires to be exposed to the sun.

If they don’t get exposed to sunlight, the blooms will be less vibrant. Adenium can be propagated from cuttings or seeds. When growing them in containers, terra cotta containers are an ideal option to enable proper drainage.

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6. Ficus

Ficus plants should be kept away from direct sunlight as it may cause the scalding of its leaves. They also require regular misting, as they thrive well in high levels of humidity.

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Ficus have very high growth rates hence the need to replenish the soil with nutrients by adding fertilizers.

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7. Norfolk Island Pine

 In its natural setting, the tree can grow up to more than 60 meters. As an indoor plant, the tree ideal height is 2-3 meters. The plant should be kept near a window so that it can receive adequate sunlight.

Norfolk Island pine also requires frequent watering. You can easily confuse a Norfolk Island pine to a Christmas tree.

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8. Olive tree

A dwarf variety of olive trees will add life to your living space. However, they require to be taken outdoors sometimes to be fully exposed to sunlight. Indoor olive trees are prone to attack by scale.

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It is important to check them regularly. The plant prefers well-draining soil, like a cactus mix. The planting container should also be spacious enough to allow the spread of the roots. One thing that stands out about the plant is that you can get a variety that is not ornamental but produces fruits too.

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9. Rubber Tree 

Rubber tree thrives well in moderate sunlight. As it can grow to huge sizes, the plant requires to be pruned frequently to prevent it from overgrowing.

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Whether you place them at the corner or center of your room, a rubber plant makes a bold statement in your home or office.

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10. Corn Plant

If you are confident enough to grow a corn plant inside your house, then this is the right place for you. Care should be taken when watering a corn plant.

If you put too much water, the leaves on the lower sides of the plant will start rotting. Corn plant requires to be added fertilizes and compost frequently, as they are heavy feeders. The plant is best propagated from seeds in comparison to seedlings.

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11. Umbrella Plant

The umbrella plant requires full exposure to sunlight; hence it should be placed near a window. The plant should be planted in a large pot to ensure the spread of its roots.

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You can either choose the tall or dwarf variety. The low maintenance house plants will decorate your house or office with their lush foliage.

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12. Money Tree Plant

Many people believe that a money tree plant brings financial breakthrough and luck. The plant thrives well in indirect sunlight and low humidity. Direct sunlight can kill the plant by scorching its leaves.

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The money tree plant requires a lot of moisture in the form of humidity to survive. Therefore it is vital to set a humidifier near it. To make your plant more appealing, always prune dead or damaged leaves. Seasonal fertilizing is also required for the plan to enhance good growth.

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General Care Tips For Indoor Plants

Below are some of the ways on how you should take care of your indoor plants:

  • Do not overwater or underwater the plants. If you are unsure of how often you should water them, it is always good to consult your gardener.
  • Always prune your indoor plants to discourage them from growing to uncontrollable sizes.
  • Since tall indoor plants will require to their roots, making sure the container you use is spacious enough to accommodate them.
  • Always check for pests in our plant and apply the right pesticides. Pests are best controlled when detected early.
  • Applying coffee or tea is not suitable for the plant. The sugar present is likely to attract insects that cause diseases to your plants.
  • Select the right planting container and drill holes on them to enhance god drainage. You don’t want the soil to get waterlogged.
  • Place your plants in an area where they will receive adequate sunlight. Some plants prefer direct sunlight, while others require filtered sunlight.
  • Some plants usually contain toxic chemicals. Such is not appropriate for you if you have pets or small kids. Such plants include rubber trees and dracaenas.

Large indoor plants can make a complete turnover to your home décor. The plant offers so many benefits in your home, apart from making it more appealing. Choose the plants that suit for you. It has been proven that interaction with plants reduces both psychological and physiological stress.

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