Best Selling Raised Garden Kit

Best Raised Garden Bed Kit: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking to add a green thumb to your space but not sure where to start, a raised garden bed kit can be a great idea to revitalize your outdoor space.

5 Best-Selling Raised Garden Kit

Check out these 5 best Raised Garden Bed kits you can find out there. With great versatility, style, and functionality, you will find one that matches your taste and preferences.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Raised Garden Kit

1. Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Kit

Greenes Fence Original Cedar ( USA With North American Cedar)
Product Highlights:
  • greenes original raised garden bed: greenes fence original line of cedar raised garden beds allows you to create an open-bottom frame to support your garden. raised garden beds give your plants the room they need to grow in the location of your choice. our cedar frame is made in the usa and left untreated, which means it is organic and safe to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in.
  • original line: with unsanded 11/16 in. thick boards our original raised garden beds are an exceptional choice for all your growing needs.
  • easy to set up: greenes fence raised garden beds use dovetail interlocking joints, which makes assembly a breeze. each board slides into the corner posts without tools to form a secure open-bottom garden frame. every corner post is routed on all four sides for easy assembly and expansion. the decorative tops can be added to each post using a screwdriver.
  • stack and expand: our original line of garden beds can be connected or stacked with other original beds and add-on parts to create the grand garden of your dreams.
  • longevity and specifications: left organic, the wood will weather nicely to a silver-gray color over time. to preserve the wood apply a seal or stain of your choice. each board is 11/16 inch thick and 3.5 inches in height. the routed corner posts are 2.5 inches square and come with 3.5-inch-square decorative tops.

Starting the list of the best-raised garden bed kit with this a classically designed set from Greenes Fence. 

This garden bed provides sufficient space to plant various types of crops. It is made of rot-resistant chemical-proof Cedarwood. For an ideal configuration for your space, the kit comes with thick board and 4 rooted branch support for an easy assembly.

Key Features

  • Easy and simple to set up.
  • Insect resistant.
  • Suitable and harmless for all types of crops.

2. Adams Manufacturing 9303-60-3700 36-Inch Deluxe Garden Planter, Earth Brown

Adams Manufacturing 9303603700 36Inch ( Garden Planter, Earth Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • high-quality plastic material is lightweight and weather-resistant
  • strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 150 pounds shelf rated to hold 15 pounds
  • removable legs and shelf for easy winter storage; easy open drainage hole
  • raised so it is easy on your back and knees
  • measures 36-inch length by 15.5-inch width by 34-inch height.container volume:37.4 qts

This fancy-looking raised garden bed kit is a great addition to your backyard. Available in 8 different colors, choose the one that matches your outdoor design. 

The garden bed is designed with premium plastic material that is suitable for all types of weather. Despite its lightweight construction, the set is durable and sturdy and can hold up to 150 pounds.

Key Features

  • Removable legs and shelf for effortless storage.
  • Rust and peel resistant.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.

3. Keter Urban Bloomer 22.4 Gallon Raised Garden Bed

Keter Urban Bloomer 127 ( Box And Drainage Plug, Dark Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • dimensions: 32. 3 in. l x 14. 7 in. w x 30. 7 in. h
  • water gauge: easy to read water gauge indicates when plants need additional moisture
  • drainage system that can be opened or closed for full control of watering
  • water reservoir: full watering system includes a reservoir to prevent root decay and over watering
  • easy assembly: simple assembly with easy-to-follow instructions

If you are looking for a super convenient and functional garden bed, then this Keter Urban Bloomer Raised Garden Bed with Self Watering system is an outstanding option. 

The kit includes a water reservoir and water level indicator which will let you know when your plants need to be sprayed. It also includes a seed sprouting platter and a drainage tap for an easy leakage of excessive water.

Key Features

  • A waterproof and durable Resin material.
  • UV resistant.
  • Ideal for an urban area.

4. 4-Ft Raised Garden Bed 

4Ft Vertical Raised Garden ( Flowers On Your Patio Balcony Greenhouse Garden)
Product Highlights:
  • ✓ easy to assemble w/ perfect tight space solution - with easy to follow instructions included, the assembly of your garden planters will be quick and simple without any power tools needed. each hanging plastic box container is 22"; provides adequate room for your plants without wasting precious space in a small apartment, balcony, or any outside area. grow a variety of herbs, seeds, flowers, succulents, or vegetables in just a single area at home.
  • ✓ food grade plant bins - plastic bins are made from 100% new polypropylene material (pp) and are food safe (bpa free, lead free, mercury free).
  • ✓ modern ergonomically designed & aesthetically pleasing - if you are unable to enjoy gardening due to hip and back issues, this is the product you are looking for. having a farmhouse garden has never been this easy; especially for seniors. add a unique beauty and style unlike any other to your deck, patio or yard!
  • ✓ well-built and sturdy - this mobile vertical garden bed is built with high quality materials to ensure stability of the combined weight of soil, water and plants. the freestanding vertical garden frame and planter boxes are both weather resistant which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This 4-Ft Raised Garden Bed kit from outland living is another crowdpleaser set that will fit perfectly anywhere in your garden. This smart design kit is made from 100% new Polypropylene plastic material (PP). The material is safe and suitable to grow plants and herbs of all kinds. 

The bed also includes an innovative  Cascading Drainage System. It permits the water to run from the front down of each bed rank to the next one downside. It assures that there is no overwatering for your plants.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic and modern construction.
  • Weather-resistant- powder-coated steel frame.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

5. Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit

Metal Raised Garden Bed ( Vegetables, Flowers, And Succulents (1))
Product Highlights:
  • kit includes (1) 3x4 raised garden bed, landscape fabric, and garden stakes

Last but not least is this Raised Garden Bed Kit from Mr.Stacky. The kit is made from a durable and rust-resistant metal material. 

Despite its lightweight design construction, this garden bed is long-lasting and enduring. You can plant all types of crops you want. The kit comes with 1 bed and 3 stacking planters.

Key Features

  • A good water drainage system.
  • Rust- and bend-resistant.
  • Strong and durable construction.

Buying Guide

With the sheer models and design of the best-raised garden bed kit available on the market, it can be quite confusing to choose the best and proper one for your space. 

With that said, allow these following factors to help you make your final choice.

1. Design

The design of the raised garden bed will depend on how much space you can with. If you have a large patio, then almost all types of bed garden can fit perfectly in your patio. The shape and model will come down to your preferences. 

For urban living or small patios, we recommend garden beds that come with removable legs and incorporate a shelf at the bottom. They make great alternatives, where you can easily manage them and place them smartly in your space.

Also, an elevated garden bed with a vertical frame can be added to your list. This type of design will not only enable you to grow different types of crops but it also has a good drainage system and allows for great breathability.

2. Material

There are different types of materials that are used in designing raised garden bed kits. One of the popular and most common ones include cedarwood, plastic, metal and more.

The most recommended one is Cedarwood. This is mainly because of its rot-resistant and insect-resistant capabilities. Not only that but this type of material is also considered affordable compared to other wood elements. 

This makes it super convenient, affordable and suitable for this purpose. One thing to keep in mind is that Cedar comes originally orange colored. However, over time, it becomes grey. To extend its longevity, it is better to oil-coat it.

Plastic, on the other hand, is also an outstanding alternative for those who are looking for durable and enduring raised garden bed kits. 

Nowadays, a lot of great products are made from thick and dense polyethylene plastic PP including garden beds. They are not prone to rust or rot. However, it is recommended to powder coated with UV resistant membrane to avoid cracking or fading.

Despite being prone to rust, Metal is the most durable and strong material when it comes to garden beds production. For this reason, you must take extra care and maintenance, in case you want to buy from this material category. 

3. Size and Capacity

The size and capacity will determine the amount of soil you need, and the types and the number of crops you will be planting. Whether vegetables, fruits or flowers, you want to make sure that the size of your garden bed will fit with your needs. 

You can also use tiers to divide your garden bed into different sections and in this way makes better use of the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended depth of Raised garden bed kit?

This will depend on the type of crops you are planning to plant. But, for any raised garden bed, you have at least to fill it with 6 to 15 inches of soil.

Is it harmless to use the galvanized garden bed?

Yes. The zinc founded in the galvanized item is harmless to the soil. Therefore, they are safe to use.

Is it okay to place stones/rocks under the soil in the raised garden bed?

The short answer is yes. Too much moisture in the soil can lead to the rotting of the roots and consequently, the plants will die. Placing rocks at the bottom can enable excess water to drain.

Can I use soil from my garden in the raised garden bed?

It depends. However, it is recommended to use lightweight potting soil for raised garden beds as the standard soil is a bit too thick and heavy to this purpose.

What is the drawback of using a raised bed garden?

During the hot season, the soil in the raised garden bed tempts to dry out quickly, unlike the standard gardening. This makes it hard to plant and garden since the soil is no longer fluffy. However, with great watering and care, you can avoid this problem.