Plants Grow In Darkness Without Sunlight

Plants that Grow in Darkness Without Sunlight

Most plants require sunlight to grow. However, there might be an area in your house that does not receive direct sunlight. If you want to grow plants in such an area, the only option is to get plants that do not require direct sunlight to survive and thrive. You will be surprised by how well they will flourish and improve the appearance of your space. Such plants include:

1. Dracaena

This plant is popular as one of the easy to maintain plants. The shorter varieties look good on tabletops. The larger ones are ideal for floor décor.

Apart from adding beauty in your house, Dracaena also purifies the air, filtering out toxins from your home. Dracaena requires moist soil and high levels of humidity to thrive.

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2. Parlor Palm

Parlor palms are delicate. They require moist soil for proper growth. Excess water will cause the plants to develop root rot. They are negatively affected by direct sunlight, so they need indirect bright light. They also prefer distilled water to hard water for proper growth.

Parlor palms prefer shady areas to brighter areas. They can also survive under artificial light. Apart from adding beauty to your space, parlor palms are also excellent air purifiers. Their root system is a bit weak; hence you can allow many plants to grow in the same container.

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  • parlor palm tree: the parlor palm tree, native to rainforests from southeastern mexico to northern guatemala, is a small, compact, single-trunked plant with beautiful, arching, green pinnate leaves. each leaf has 12 or more pairs of narrow leaflets.

3. English Ivy

English Ivy tolerates low light, although they prefer bright indirect light. Direct exposure to the sun can cause leaf burn or death.

Lack of sufficient direct light will make the plants look weak and susceptible to pests. The climbers require little maintenance. However, care should be taken as the plant is toxic to pets.

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4. Peperomia

Some varieties of Peperomia are small; hence they are ideal to be placed on a table. Some larger varieties can be planted on hanging baskets. They come in lots of varieties like:

  • Watermelon peperomia
  • Rainbow peperomia
  • Baby rubber peperomia 
  • Peperomia  Jayde

These plants do not require frequent watering. Actually they can survive in dry soils. Direct silent will burn the leaves. They can survive under artificial lights or partial shade.

If you have a busy lifestyle, peperomia may be a suitable choice for you as they do not require high levels of maintenance. Before watering the plants, let the soil dry up fast. You should only repot the plant when the roots start coming out of the drainage holes.

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5. Peace Lily

The beautiful white blooms of Peace Lily look like flags of peace. They prefer well-drained soils with even moisture. It is vital to cut off dead or yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant to enhance its appearance. Direct sunlight will make its foliage pale, and the leaf tips will get burnt.

If these plants don’t get adequate watering, their leaves will develop brown tips and edges. It is essential to make sure the soil does not get dry. However, overwatering the plant will cause it to collapse.

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6. Prayer Plant

When darkness sets in, the leaves of the prayer plant will fold and look like hands prepared to pray. They look better when planted in hanging baskets. Prayer plants prefer moist soil and high levels of humidity.

These plants can tolerate low light, but they need exposure to at least indirect light during the day. Otherwise, the leaves will fold and will not reopen.

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7. Bromeliad

Depending on the species, Bromeliads will add a touch of nature in your tabletops, shelves, or floor. They come in different pops of color. Direct exposure to the plant will damage its leaves.

If indirect natural light is unavailable, no need to worry. The Bromeliad plants will also flourish under artificial light. It is suitable for an area like the bathroom, which may not be receiving natural light from the sun.

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  • easy care - water the top inch of soil once the soil feels dry; never allow the soil to become saturated; bromeliads are fairly drought tolerant

8. Chinese Evergreen

If you are new to gardening, the Chinese evergreen will make you look like an expert gardener. They come in many varieties. These plants require moderate watering.

You can prune them to avoid overgrowing, and propagate new plants from the cuttings. Sometimes the plants get attacked by pests. Inspect the, frequently, and get rid of the pests.

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9. Maidenhair Fern

The featherlike foliage of the Maidenhair Fern plant adds a unique charm to your household. The plant does well in partial shade and well-draining soil.

The plant requires adequate watering and will develop stem or root rot if you overwater it. In case you forget to water it and it dries, don’t give up on it yet. Apply adequate water to the plant. Eventually, it will develop new roots.

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10. Peacock Plant

This name is derived from its beautiful foliage, which resembles the feathers of a peacock. The plant is also known as rattlesnake plant, zebra plant, or cathedral windows. If exposed to direct sunlight, peacock plants will develop pale leaves.

You will require a humidifier for your peacock plants as they thrive well in high levels of humidity. When buying the plants, go for larger, healthier ones as too little ones may be challenging to grow.

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General Tips for Caring for Grow-in-the-Dark Plants

  • The plants will die when exposed to direct sunlight. They are ideal for areas with light, but no windows. However, they still require some form of light. Artificial lighting is a perfect option.
  • All the plants will require watering. Generally, only provide water when the topsoil has dried. If there are special instructions on how to water the plants, place a tag on them so that you won’t forget. Pour water on the surface of the soil as plants absorb it from their leaves.
  • Most of these plants will require high levels of humidity to grow. Mist them frequently. A humidifier is a great option too.
  • Ensure there is stability in your home. Many of these plants will die when subjected to extreme changes. Keep them far from radiators, air vents, and ac systems as they may create hot or cold drafts.
  • Always be on the lookout for pests and apply the necessary pesticides if you find any.
  • Get rid of dust particles from your plants regularly by wiping the surface of the plants using a wet cloth.
  • If you choose to apply fertilizer on your plants, don’t do it more frequently. If you change the soil, it is advisable not to add any fertilizer as the soil has enough nutrients already.
  • Get your plants from a reliable dealer, preferably an onsite one. They will answer all the questions you may have concerning the plants. Before purchasing them, check for weird spots, powdery mildew, brown tips, and weak stems. These may be signs of unhealthy plants.
  • Make drainage holes for your planting pots. Lack of these holes will make the soil get waterlogged, and the plants will die.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my plants survive on artificial light?

Most of the lowlight plants will grow well in places with no windows to allow in sunlight, but with artificial light.

Why are my plants turning yellow?

The plants may turn yellow due to many reasons. These include overwatering, under watering, or nutrient deficiency.

When should I repot my plants?

You can repot the plants when you notice the roots start growing from the drainage holes. 

If there is an area that does not receive sufficient natural light, all is not lost. Try these low light plants. You will be surprised they will flourish fully and add life to your spaces. Plus, most of them require little maintenance practices. You don’t have to be an expert gardener to grow them.

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