Pedestal Garden Bird Bath Review

Best Pedestal Garden Bird Bath: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Isn’t it a pure pleasure to watch over birds whistling and warbling in your garden every now and then? Well, there is one thing that will help you attract those birds all over again, and it’s a Pedestal Garden Bird Bath. These adornments add a great accent to your scenery. Just sit back, relax, and be sure to enjoy it.

In this article, we have gathered the best 5 Pedestal Garden Bird Baths available on the market. They all come in different styles, shapes, and colors. Check them out.

5 Best-Selling Pedestal Garden Bird Bath

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Pedestal Garden Bird Bath

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath Accent for Garden

Best Choice Products 28in Pedestal Bird Bath, Vintage Outdoor Resin Accent Decoration w/Fleur-de-Lis Accents - Green

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Heading the list of the best pedestal garden bird bath is this rustic outdoor piece from Best Choice Products. This bird bath will serve as a great accent to any garden. It features fleur-de-Lys decorations on the bottom with slotted holes edging enclosing the water bowl. 

The bath is made of long-lasting and weather-resistant resin material.

Key features

  • Rustic and antique design.
  • Water capacity reaches up to 0.8 gallons.
  • The base should be supported with weight (sand) for added stability and balance.

2. World Source East GP0110ES Harbor Gardens Bird Bath

World Source East GP0110ES Bird Bath, 24 Inch, Light Blue

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This little Roman-Greek inspired bird bath offers a generous inviting space for nature whistlers. It is constructed with quality, gleaming and durable ceramic material, making it safe and sturdy for birds to settle on it. 

This World Source garden bath is lightweight and comes in 2 pieces. All you have to do is to twist it for a firm grip.

Key features

  • Glazed center for better water reflection.
  • Available in 4 different colors including Light Blue, Merlot, Light green and Ivory.
  • Frostproof to -4°F.

3. Esschert Design FB164 Cast Iron Pedestal Birdbath, Small

Esschert Design FB164 Cast Iron Pedestal Birdbath, Small, Antique Brown

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Different from the two previously mentioned bird baths, this Esschert Design can be surely a beautiful addition to your backyard. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, this bird bath is surely enduring.. 

The shallow basin comes with the bird’s figure on edge point. We recommend powder-coated with rust-resistant material to ensure its longevity.

Key features

  • Can serve as a feeder during the winter season.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron.
  • Rustic design suitable for diverse outdoor settings.

4. API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Stand (Item No. 670)

API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Stand (Item No. 670)

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If you are looking for a year-long pedestal garden birdbath, then API Heated Birdbath is an excellent choice. 

It comes in a simple yet attractive design, white in color, and large and spacious in terms of dimensions. The highlight of this birdbath is the integrated heating system which will ensure Ice-free water.

Key features

  • Weather-resistant plastic material
  • Canadian Safety Association certified.
  • It can be mounted on a deck rail as well.

5. Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue

Joseph's Studio by Roman Inc., Garden Collection, Tall Angel Sitting by Solar Bird Bath Statue, 11 Inch Height, Resin

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The Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue can turn your garden to birds’ new favorite crowd-pleaser. With its aesthetic and angelic design, this bird bath is a multifunctional piece. 

Not only it serves as space for birds to drink and bathe, but it also glows during the dusk adding a great accent to your space. This item is made of  Resin Stone blend for durable use.

Key features

  • Rechargeable solar battery.
  • Unique and multifunctional piece.
  • Blue LED light.

Buyer’s Guide

The best pedestal garden bird baths come in a wide range of designs and models, making it hard for you to make a final choice. 

Fortunately, with a profound consideration of the different factors that distinguish one bath from another, you can narrow down your list to your most fitting one.

1. Design

Consider a bird bath that not only will match your garden style and identity but also will serve as a great attraction spot for nature whistlers. 

Personal preferences here play a major role because if you pick something that doesn’t please your eyes, you will probably end up neglecting it, and eventually it will fade away with time.

2. Water Capacity

Water capacity is one of the factors that should be stressed. We recommend avoiding baths that are too profound as birds will find it hard to find their comfort. 

If you happen to buy a deep water basin, try to add soft stones at the bottom to increase the level of the water. Basins which come in various depth scales are ideal in this aspect, as they can adapt to numerous birds categories. 

3. Size of the Bird Bath

There are several sizes of bird baths available on the market.  Small-sized bird baths are usually lightweight, easy to clean, and can be placed anywhere in your garden. The only drawback is the fact they hold a small amount of water. 

On the other hand, birdbaths that come largely in size are usually a focal attraction in your garden and they are capable of holding a higher water capacity. However, it’s important to note that they may take some time to clean. 

Depending on the material used, some are easy to move around while others are difficult to relocate.

4. Material

Pedestal garden bird baths are made of different materials including clay, ceramic, recycled plastic, and more. Recycled plastic is known to be an enduring material, while ceramic can be easily damaged if it’s not handled with care.

Whichever you choose, the material choice will depend on the desired style you want to pursue. Just make sure that the material is sturdy and strong enough to ensure its durability. 

Also, you have to consider the different seasons when it comes to the materials used. Weather resistance material is an ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider having a pedestal garden bird bath?

Besides its aesthetic appearance, a birdbath can save lots of birds who have a hard time looking for freshwater, especially during the summer season. 

How do I attract birds to my Bird bath?

Several things can help you attract birds. First, ensure that your pedestal bath basin is not too deep to prevent drowning. Keep the level of water maximum of 3 inches. Second, ensure that the water is fresh and clean. Third, motions can be a great source of attraction. 

How do I clean a Bird Bath?

Cleaning can become a hard task if you don’t change the water quite often. Algae start to grow and accumulate over time, and it can be challenging to get rid of. Therefore, we recommend regular water refilling to avoid this problem. 

Also, you can clean the bath with non-chemical detergent due to the fact that chemical substances that remain in the basin can be dangerous to the bird’s health.

If your bird bath is not suitable for the winter season, especially if it is made of iron or any kind of metal, then you probably want to store it carefully for future use.

What is the ideal material for bird bath?

Ceramic is one of the popular and common materials used for bird baths. It is durable and will serve you in the long term. However, it can be a little bit on the heavy side. 

Plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight, easy to clean, and is also long-lasting. However, it may not be suitable for winter and cold seasons.

Where should I locate the bird bath?

The location should be somewhere with a level terrain to avoid water spilling. A level space will ensure that the basin will remain balanced and steady once the birds ease into it. 

Some pedestal bird bath requires you to lay sand or stone at the base for added balance and steadiness.