Organic Lawn Fertilizer Reviews

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you starting a new lawn or looking for ways to make your grass look lush, healthier, and greener? Then, ensuring that your lawn is supplied with the proper and adequate amount of nutrients is vital for this purpose.

With that said, allow this list of the 5 best organic lawn fertilizers to help you pick the best and right composts for your lawn.

5 Best Selling Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers

1. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer, 32-Pound

Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn ( Fertilizer, 30-Pound)
Product Highlights:
  • made from feather meal, pasteurized poultry manure & gypsum
  • 8-0-0 formulation 30lbs
  • feeds up to 5,000 sq ft
  • safe for kids and pets
  • environmentally friendly

Heading the list of the best organic lawn fertilizers is the Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer. Without compromising quality, this is an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

The bag, which weighs around 36lbs, is rich in non-staining iron.  The slow-release Nitrogen fertilizers offer you a lush and green lawn over time. It will diminish the necessity of watering and mowing regularly.

Key Features

  • A lush and green lawn.
  • Rich in Iron.
  • Cost-effective.

2. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix

Gabriel Organics Milky Spore ( Spreader Mix)
Product Highlights:
  • 1 bag st gabriel organics 80080-2 20 lb milky spore organic grub control
  • each 20 lb, covers 7,000 sq ft
  • organic compound attacks the larvae of japanese beetles (grubs)
  • apply with spreader anytime from spring through fall
  • harmless to all other living things & will not effect birds, bees, beneficial insects, fish, animals, plants or man

Having some trouble dealing with grubs in your lawn? Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix is the solution. This organic composition will get rid of any Larvae Of Japanese Beetles (Grubs) in your lawn. The bag weighs 20 lbs, and can cover an area of 7.000 square feet.

Key Features

  • Easily applied with a sprayer.
  • Perfect for beetles prevention.
  • Harmless.

3. Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK – Simple Lawn Solutions

Advanced 1648 Balanced NPK ( Grass Type - Simple Lawn Solutions (32 Ounce))
Product Highlights:
  • complete npk lawn food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key macronutrients. this lawn liquid food turf fertilizer also contains seaweed & fish.
  • contains high quality feed grade ingredients: nourish your lawn with pure liquid nutrients in a ready to use sprayer
  • easy to use: designed to be easily applied. this complete nitrogen, phosphate and potash formula gives your grass greening & growth while providing nutrients for lush lawns
  • all grass types: including bermuda, st. augustine, zoysia, buffalo, centipede, florida palmetto, bahia, fescue, ryegrass & kentucky bluegrass
  • produced in the united states: 16-4-8 is manufactured in the united states of america, by a family owned business with 25 years of former experience in the commercial professional turf industry.

Simple Lawn Solutions are a result-oriented brand. It has one of the top-quality lawn fertilizers you can come across, and this is where the Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK Natural Liquid Fertilizer comes to light.

It is made of a premium macronutrient blend including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. This mixture is ideal to yield an adequate amount of energy to the roots for support and healthy growth.

Key Features

  • 3 Primary NPK nutrients.
  • Suitable for all grass types.
  • Size: 32 ounces.

4. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass

Scotts Turf Builder Starter ( Seed, 5,000 Sq. Ft., 15 Lbs.)
Product Highlights:
  • grows new grass 70% thicker, 35% quicker versus unfed grass
  • improves seeding results--also great for sod and grass plugs
  • 24-25-4 fertilizer ratio provides the nutrients for developing lawns
  • safe for any grass type, whether you're planting new grass, starting a new lawn, or reseeding an existing one
  • covers 5,000 sq. ft

This natural and organic lawn fertilizer from Scotts Turf Builder is a good option for those who have just started a new lawn area.

This fertilizer is made of natural nutrients that will help faster the growth of grass. The 24-25-4 nutrients ratio offers a balanced nutrients scale for the development and growth of your grass.

Key Features

  • 70% thicker and 35% quicker grass growth.
  • Suitable for grass sod, sprigs, and plugs.
  • Ideal for those who are just starting new lawns.

5. Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer Unco Industries

Wiggle Worm 100 Pure ( Help Improve Soil Fertility And Aeration, 15-Pounds)
Product Highlights:
  • improves soil structure–wiggle worm pure worm castings contain tiny, football-shaped particles that promote light and airy soil to help improve plant soil aeration. our soil supplement also helps improve the root’s water retention capacity.
  • indoor and outdoor use – wiggle worm pure worm castings are great for both outdoor and indoor gardens because it’s odorless. our worm castings are an excellent organic fertilizer for vegetables, flowers, houseplants, and more.

The pure earthworm castings fertilizer is rich in various organic minerals and trace components. Not only that, but it also includes a generous amount of water-soluble nutritions. A handful amount of this fertilizer is sufficient for your lawn needs.

Key Features

  • Size 15 lbs.
  • Scent-free.
  • 100% natural organic nontoxic fertilizer.

Buyer’s Guide

The right fertilizers can be game-changing in the overall look and wellbeing of your lawn. Yet, with a wide range of organic lawn fertilizers on the market, it can be quite a difficult task to choose the right one.

These factors can guide you through the different agents that you should take into note when purchasing the best organic lawn fertilizers.

1. Types of fertilizers

There are 3 main types of organic lawn fertilizers. Each type has its distinct components and types of nutritions.

The first type of fertilizers is based on minerals. This type of fertilization usually adds essential organic nutrition to the soil, alternating its pH such as Calcium for example.

The second type is based on plants. They are usually the ideal choice to condition the status of the soil. However, they are short term solutions and may not be sufficient enough. The best thing about plant-based organic fertilizers is that they help the soil to retain water.

The last type is fertilizers that are based on animals such as manure. They provide the soil with Nitrogen. They are ideal for those who just started a new lawn or growing grass in general.

2. Types of Nutritions

There are 3 types of primary nutritions you will continuously see on any organic fertilizer bag. They are the NPK components which include Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).

Each bag will indicate the amount of these nutrients available in the fertilizer mixture. As you may know, the soil can have certain deficiencies. Therefore, you have to pick the right nutrients that will help regulate these deficiencies.

Nitrogen is usually ideal for developing greener and stronger grass. Phosphorus is suitable for a healthy and faster growth of the roots. Potassium can be absolute for growth rate and protection from disease and dehydration.

3. Coverage

When purchasing an organic lawn fertilizer for your lawn, make sure it will be able to cover and treat the designated area.  Generally, an organic lawn fertilizer bag is produced to cover 4,000 or 7,500 sq ft.  You can read directly on the bag, the total coverage area. It is vital to employ the right quantity of compost per sq ft.

4. Granular Vs Liquid

Granular fertilizers come dry and in a small form. They are also the most used type of fertilizers because of their easy and simple application. Liquid fertilizers, on the other hand, are dissolved in water. It is also easy to use and it can reach better the roots and the lowest level of the soil. You can use the sprayer for this type of fertilizer.

5. Time Release Vs Gradual release

Time-release fertilizers require only a one-time application for a certain period of time. They continue to provide the soil with the essential nutrients while ensuring healthy growth. Gradual release fertilizers, on the other hand, are slow release. They supply the essential nutrients to the roots only when necessitated to avoid soil-drainage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use organic lawn fertilizer?

The best thing about using organic lawn fertilizers is the fact that they are non-toxic and chemical-free. Therefore, they are not dangerous and harmful on the ground when they are used adequately and in the proper way.

Is over fertilization good for your lawn?

Over fertilization is not good for the healthy and constant development of your grass/roots. It will lead to fast leaves development and thatch growth. On the other hand, the structure of the roots will be damaged detrimentally. You should employ the right and needed amount of fertilizers to the coverage area.

How long does it take to see results?

It takes at least two to seven weeks to see good results when it comes to organic fertilizers.  Certain factors are also included in this aspect including the soil type, temperature, and moisture level.

When is it the right time to apply fertilizers?

It is recommended to use fertilizers before the planting season by a couple of months. This is because organic fertilizers need time to decompose and enable the availability of the nutrients to the soil.

How often should I use organic Lawn fertilizer?

Once a year can be enough to use organic fertilizers for your lawn growth and development. The nutrients provided should be delivered to meet your lawn needs. Moreover, your climate and the type of grass should be considered in the frequency of lawn fertilization.