How to Keep a Dog from Pooping in Your Yard

How to Keep a Dog from Pooping in Your Yard – 13 Tips to Keep Dogs off Your Lawn

We love our dogs so much. They offer comfort and companionship. They come with various responsibilities. The responsibilities include cleaning up their mess and training them to poop in suitable areas.

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Still, other dogs from your neighborhoods will visit your yard from time to time. Below are some of the safe ways you can use to prevent them from pooping in your yard:

1. Train Your Dogs

Whenever you spot your dog on the act, do something to show it that it is doing wrong. You can clap your hands and shout to interrupt it. It will understand that it is doing something wrong. Since they are people pleasers, the dog will not help itself again in that spot.

2. Clean Your Garden

If a dog poops in your yard once, it will likely come back and poop again. This is because they leave their scents behind; other dogs will think that the space is okay for helping themselves. The moment you find dog feces, remove it from your yard.

3. Use Citrus Fruits

Dogs do not like the smell of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Cut them into pieces and spread in your yard. You can also use citrus oil.

4. Use Chili

This is one of the most effective repellents. It will irritate the dog’s skin and prevent it from coming back. Sprinkle the pepper around your yard. Chilli is available in commercial stores. You can also buy it online.

5. Erect Barriers

A barrier will prevent dogs from the neighborhood to gain access to your yard. You can erect a fence around your yard. You can also put up live barriers using shrubs or plants. Leave a space for the gate and ensure that it is always closed. Make sure the barrier is tall enough.

You can also create barriers using gravel. Gravel causes discomfort to dogs, discouraging them coming to your yard.

6. Use Sprinklers

A sprinkler is triggered whenever an animal approaches your yard. It is usually attached to a water supply. After a dog is soaked in water, it will quickly learn that your garden is not a suitable place to be and will keep off. The dogs will get frightened and may never come to your yard again.

7. Set Aside a Poo Zone

A poo zone will be suitable if you are dealing with your own dog. Have your dog trained to only poo in a designated area, and not any part of the garden. Dogs are easily trainable, especially in their early days. Pick a shaded area for the zone. For the surface of the zone, use dog-friendly materials like leaves and wood chips. Still, you can use soil as dogs love digging using their paws.

8. Make a Pathway Far From the Garden

Sometimes, dogs will get into your Gardens as they pass on their way to some other place. Don’t let the pathway go through your yard. Use mulch to create the pathway, as it is comfortable on the paws of the dog.

9. Be Careful About the Choice of Fertilizer

Sometimes, the kind of fertilizers you use may attract dogs to your yard. Changing the fertilizer and time of application can discourage dogs from visiting your yard.

Dogs are very sensitive to new smells. If they notice a change, they will keep off your yard. Switch off fertilizers frequently to keep the animals at bay. Organic fertilizers often have a smell attractive to dogs.

10. Growing Plants

Grow plants that will discourage them from getting into your garden. Some plants will naturally repel dogs from your garden. These include chili peppers, garlic, onions, lemongrass, and citrus trees. The plants are not harmful to dogs. They will just avoid getting near them.

11. Inform Your Neighbors About The Behaviors Of The Dog

Keeping away dogs that are not yours from your lawn can be a challenge. In this case, you have to get a solution by talking to their owner. You may be surprised that your neighbor is not aware of his dog’s unacceptable behavior in your yard. Just go to them and inform them about the issue. If they don’t address the problem to your satisfaction or the dog keeps on coming after notifying them, inform the animal control authorities for further action.

12. Feed Your Dog Indoor

You may have trained your dog not to poop in the yard, but the neighbor’s dogs keep on doing so. If you feed your pets indoors, there won’t be a smell to attract the canines to your home. If you must feed them outdoors, clean up the feeding areas immediately, they are done eating. Still, put tight lids on your garbage containers.

Is Dog Poop Harmful To Your Yard?

Dog poop in your does not only cause sores in your eyes; it comes with other environmental hazards.

1. It contains a lot of harmful bacteria

If left out, the bacteria will spread to other parts of your yard, and may eventually spread to your house

2. It contaminates water

When the rain washes over the poop, it flows to drainage systems. The contaminated water ends up getting into local waterways. The poop also encourages the growth of algae in waterways which may consume oxygen, leading to the death of fish and other water creatures.

Natural Dog Repellent

1. Chili Pepper

This is the most common and effective repellent fo dogs. You will just springkle the chili pepper on the area where dogs commonly poops. The peppers contains capsicum that can irritate the skin and also the sensitive area of their nose. By irritating them, the dog will surely no longer return in your lawn.

2. Ammonia

Dogs doesn’t really like the smell of ammonia. For people, ammonia is just a strong smell but for dogs, ammonia is like a punch in the face. To make it a repellent, soaked a cotton balls on the ammonia and place it around the area where you wish to keep the dogs away. Remember that ammonia can hurt your plants when you put it directly.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is another scent like ammonia that dogs hate to smell. The process is the same with vinegar, soaked a cotton ball on the vinegar and place it on the area you wish to keep the dogs out. Do not pour vinegar directly to plants as it can kill them.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another strong substance that can help you repel dogs. The same process applies here as well. Pour rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and place it on the area where the dogs commonly go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to dispose of dogs poop?

Scoop the waste and put it in a waste bag. Place it in the garbage for collection. You can also flush it in a toilet.

Is dog waste useful to the soil?

No. A dog’s diet is mostly made up of animal products. This makes its waste inappropriate as soil enrichment. Actually, it will harm your soil. The only waste useful to the soil comes from herbivores such as cows and goats.

How does dog poop affect human health?

If the poop is ingested accidentally, one may contract various also contains worms which can spread to people walking barefooted.

How can I disinfect my lawn if it has dog poop

Use diluted bleach and water. Pour the two in the areas affected.

How long does dog poop take to decompose?

It can take up to a whole year to fully decompose.

The presence of dog poop in your lawn is not only disgusting; it might cause potential health hazards. That is why you should strive to keep dogs off your lawn. Choose the method that is more suitable for you.

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