Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit

Best Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit : Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever wondered how to grow a Bonsai tree?  How they are pruned and cultivated to remain small in size? Well, if you are new to the Bonsai realm, several kits can help you start growing one.

5 Best-Selling Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit

In this article, we have compiled the best 5 Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit currently on the market. They come fully packaged with the essential tools to help you grow and maintain your Bonsai tree.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit

1. Loako Bonsai Tree Kit

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter ( Plant - Great DIY Kits For Adults - Crafts For Adults)
Product Highlights:
  • everything you need - loako premium bonsai tree kit contains everything you need to grow the most beautiful bonsai trees from seed. our kit includes 4 planter pots, 4 nutrient enriched expandable soil pellets, 4 bonsai tree seeds, 4 plant markers and a detailed instruction booklet.
  • grow the most beautiful bonsai trees - our kit includes 4 of the most beautiful trees to grow: blue jacaranda, japanese black pine, black spruce, and mimosa tree. there is nothing better than being able to grow your own bonsai tree, watch them grow, and care for them.
  • very easy to use - our kit includes an instruction booklet with detailed step-by-step directions for guaranteed success. our seeds have a minimum of 95% guaranteed germination rate. no green thumb needed, beginner friendly! you can plant your bonsai tress indoors or outdoors, which makes our growing kit suitable for any lifestyle, whether living in a house or an apartment.
  • no green thumb? we got your back! - the seeds are packaged into heat sealed packets to guarantee their freshness. we also included extra seeds, so you can try again if you do not obtain success immediately. our instruction booklet contains detailed and illustrated step by step instructions which makes the kit very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • great gift idea - loako premium bonsai tree kit is the perfect gift idea for your loved ones and is great for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming party, christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, etc. our kit comes with a nice wooden box and is packaged in a nicely designed packaging which makes it a beautiful gift to offer to your loved ones.

Looking to grow your bonsai miniature tree, but not sure from where and how to start, then this beginner-friendly Bonsai Tree Kit by Loako is the first step toward your first creations.

The kit includes plant tags, 4 seeds containers, small bamboo fiber pots, expanding soil discs and a rectangle wooden box. You can use the guiding booklet for more details on how to put it all together. The seeds grow into four beautiful and colorful bonsai trees.

Key Features

  • Extra seeds included.
  • Ideal gift for Bonsai lovers.
  • 95 germination percentage.

2. Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Bonsai Starter Kit ( - Unusual Christmas Gifts Ideas, Or Gardener Mother)
Product Highlights:
  • everything you need to bring the joy of growing bonsai into your or a loved one's life - in one sleek box: contains 4 types of seeds (rocky mountain bristlecone pine, black poui, norway spruce, and flame tree) stored in seed-safe packets for better germination, 4 burlap growing pots, 1 expanding-soil disc, 4 bamboo plant markers, 1 bonsai clipper and a beautiful, comprehensive and simple instruction booklet.
  • #1 growth performance: the seeds are stored in our seed-safe packets to ensure proper germination.
  • the perfect diy gift: for mom, dad, him or her, this is the perfect gift to give on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, housewarming, or any other occasion — ideal for beginners, masters, and children alike. see the excitement in their eyes as they experience growing indoor bonsai trees.
  • no green thumb needed: just follow the easy step-by-step instructions, and you're good to go! all 4 trees can be planted and kept both indoors and outdoors at any time of the year, and no stratification is needed for any of the seeds. the included booklet is comprehensive and beautifully designed so that you can follow along on the journey of each seed, its history, and the best way to plant it to ensure it germinates.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: love it, or your money back! if you struggle with any aspect of the process, don't hesitate to contact us. we promise to help you out until you receive the results that you want. nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the kit, we'll refund you 100% of the money, no questions asked.

This starter kit from Planter’s choice has everything you need to grow 4 different types of bonsai trees including, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree.

Besides the seeds, the package comes with 4 biodegradable cups, 4 discs, 4 bamboo trees labels, a clipper, and a guidance booklet. The seeds are tested to assure eminent germination standards. They are 100% organic and additive-free.

Key Features

  • Outstanding growth performance.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Bonsai trimmer included.

3. Complete Beginner Friendly Bonsai Seeds Starter kit Grow Buddha

Grow Your Own Bonsai ( Tree | Christmas Gift Set For Plant Lovers (Bonsai Kit))
Product Highlights:
  • bonsai starter kit - everything you need to grow 4 beautiful bonsai trees: – grow buddha grow your own bonsai starter kit contains all the items needed to grow 4 types of beautiful bonsai tree in one box. you will also receive seeds, pots, soil, clippers, name tags, plastic pot, booklet and even an e-book.
  • includes premium bonsai pot – unlike other bonsai kits, our kits come with a premium bonsai pot crafted to the highest standards.
  • totally beginner friendly: our kits are ideal for beginners, masters and children alike. we make sure our bonsai kits are totally beginner friendly whilst developing the grow buddha bonsai starter kits.
  • high germination rates (tested ourselves): all of our bonsai seeds are sourced from the uk from reputable nurseries. we have tested and germinated the seeds ourselves before offering the seeds in any of our bonsai kit batches.
  • a truly unique gift idea: know someone special who loves plants? imagine their excitement when they receive this unique and thoughtfully crafted bonsai starter set. a one of a kind gift for mothers day, gardeners, beginners, kids, mom, dad, grandad, grandmum, the office, and even the most seasoned botanists.

This starter kit from Grow buddha has unmatched types of bonsai trees including a beautiful Japanese maple with pink leaves, Purple Wisteria, Black pine, and an exquisite Judas tree.

The kit also incorporates 1 premier black crafted pot, 4 biodegradable pots, soil, tree markers, clippers, and an instruction booklet. Moreover, you can also find a comprehensive e-book that will help you better understand the history of Bonsai.

Key Features

  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Easy to put together.
  • It comes with an e-book and a premier pot.

4. Garden Republic Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter ( Markers, Wood Gift Box, Fathers Day Gardening Gifts Ideas)
Product Highlights:
  • grow your own bonsai kit: plant your own bonsai kit — choose from seeds for brazilian rosewood (jacaranda mimosifolia), colorado blue spruce (picea pungens glauca san juan), flame tree (delonix regia), or black spruce (picea mariana). experience the joy of watching your tree grow, from the seedlings in your bonsai tree kit to a fully-formed bonsai tree.
  • everything you need to succeed: our bonsai grow kit comes with everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree — 4 varieties of mini bonsai tree seeds, 4 soil disks, 4 burlap grow bags, 4 bamboo plant markers, bonsai shears, a wood box that doubles as a planter, along with detailed instructions. no matter whether you’re searching for plant gifts for women, or a bonsai tree kit indoor beginner for your own gardening initiation, look no further than our complete bonsai starter kit.
  • expert growing support: we’ve gone above and beyond to support you with your bonsai growing kit. we know many of our customers are new to bonzai kits, that is why our bonsai seed kit comes with a team of gardening experts and horticulturists available to answer questions, a grower help bot through fb messenger, detailed instructions, a private fb grower community, and instructional videos. even if this is your first attempt to grow your own bonsai tree kit, we’ll make it as easy as can be.
  • non-gmo & heirloom: at garden republic, our diy kits only contain the highest quality seeds. our bonsai tree seeds are all non-gmo and heirloom (when available). rest assured your bonsai tree starter kit comes with tested seeds and a vibrant community of growers.
  • why garden republic: our goal is to make the art of growing plants simple and accessible for everyone. we started as a veteran and family-owned, small business focused on creating safe, sustainable products you can trust — a practice that continues to this day.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, then this starter kit from the Garden Republic is the ideal choice. The kit comes beautifully packed. Unlike other kits, this one comes with 4 with sewn-in liners pockets rather than pots.

It also included 4 calligraphed plant labels with the name and sewed-on day written on it, trimmer, soil circles, guidance booklet, and a wood box. The box can be used either for gifts or plant containers.

Key Features

  • 4 Types of Bonsai trees including Brazilian Rosewood, Bristlecone Pine, Flame Tree, and Black Spruce.
  • 90% germination rates.
  • New seeds are guaranteed in case the previous ones don’t sprout.

5. Eve’s Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Eves Bonsai Tree Starter ( Cannot Ship To CA California & HI Hawaii !!!)
Product Highlights:
  • complete kit in gift box with a live 2-year old japanese juniper bonsai tree ready to plant
  • includes ceramic pot, bonsai potting mix, moss, pebbles, instructions & bonsai care guide
  • gift box 8"l x 3"w x 11"h; ceramic pot 4"l x 2.75"w x 2.25"h (color and style vary.); tree 6-8" tall. since bonsai trees are naturally grown, tree size and style vary. the one in the photo is just a sample.
  • japanese juniper is the most popular tree for bonsai, easy to shape and style, outdoor tree
  • ! ! ! attention california & hawaii customers: due to california & hawaii state agricultral restrictions, we are unable to ship japanese juniper. no substitutions available ! ! !

Unlike the previously mentioned kits, this starter kit from Eve’s Garden, Inc. comes with a hand made blue ceramic pot, distinctive potting mix, ornamental moss, pebbles, and a guidance booklet, showcasing the art of potted trees.

The highlight of the kit is the type of bonsai tree included which is Japanese Juniper. It is one of the most famous Bonsai trees that can be easily shaped and styled for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features

  • For indoor use make sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Japanese Juniper bonsai tree.
  • The pot comes in other colors as well.

Buyers Guide

Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration when purchasing the best Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit.

1. Pots

The most used material for pots construction when it comes to Bonsai trees are either ceramic or porcelain. This is mainly because they neither absorb nor retain water in the pot which is efficient for the healthy growth of the tree. Also, you should take into consideration the measurements of the pots, especially in terms of depth.

2. Soil

One thing to avoid regarding the soil is using your garden organic standard soil. It’s a big no and can lead to the loss of your Bonsai tree. This is mainly because it dries out quickly and hardens over time. The quality of the soil plays a significant determinant in the tree vigor.

In fact, healthy soil mixture needs to include the following qualities, adequate water retention in order to maintain sufficient moisture, guaranteed drainage to avoid excessive water accumulation that will lead to rotting of the tree roots, and finally good aeration.

All in all the soil has to be inorganic and structured to ensure the achievement of these above-mentioned qualities.

3. Location

The location for your indoor bonsai tree is extremely important in terms of good care and healthy growth. In fact, there are few crucial determinants that should be founded in the location to maintain a healthy growth of the bonsai tree.

The first determinant is lighting. The light plays a major role in the wellness of the tree. Look for a location where plenty of light is provided. The windows can be the ideal place for an indoor Bonsai tree. They are directly south facing the natural light.

Yet, be careful during the summer season, it can be too hot for the trees to survive near the window.  Dark locations can slow the growth of the plant and eventually will kill it.

The second determinant is humidity. Therefore, bathrooms and kitchens can be a good spot. Actually, anywhere with a high humidity level serves as a good location for your Bonsai. Otherwise, you can also use mist sprayer.

Last but not least when it comes to the perfect location is temperature. The temperature should be low and constant. Avoid placing it in locations with heat sources, like near radiators and electronic appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I water Indoor Bonsai Trees?

Watering is an essential practice when it comes to the growth of an indoor bonsai tree. You should water it when you feel like the soil is somewhat dry. Do not leave it until it dries completely or else it will kill your tree. Use your fingers to check the dryness of the soil. Also, don’t make it a routine, make sure to know when your tree is in need of water.

What kind of fertilizers should I use for Indoor Bonsai Trees?

NPK, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K, for Kalium), are the main 3 essential fertilizers you should be aware of. They help in the healthy and wholesome growth of the tree.

You should only provide your bonsai tree with these mentioned fertilizers starting from the spring season until the end of October-mid November.

How do I grow my Bonsai Tree faster?

Watering, fertilization, natural sunlights are crucial in the fast and healthy growth of Bonsai trees.

When it is the perfect time to trim the bonsai tree?

The perfect timing for trimming is during the spring and summer season when the trees are undergoing a natural development. Using a trimmer or scissors, cut any upcoming shoots, leaving only 2sets of leaves. Make sure that the branches are well separated and gapped.

Is it okay to repot a Bonsai Tree often?

The repotting is a practice to avoid the pot bounding. It will ensure that the tree is receiving enough nutrients to grow and flourish beautifully. However, this should not happen quite often.

The repotting usually takes time every two years for rapidly growing trees. While the already grown and matured trees should be repotted in a period of 3 to 4 years. It also should happen during the spring season.

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