How To Use And Maintain A Hedge Trimmers

How to Use and Maintain Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers have been an exceptional help for those who like to maintain the hedges in their garden. With this great tool, we can now trim, cut, and prune hedges with ease.

If you are a beginner with hedge trimmers and you want to learn how to use them, look no further because we got you the basics you need to know. And if you are looking for ways on how you can make your hedge trimmers last longer, look no further because we got you tips for that too.

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Now, if you are ready, let us begin!

Safety Tips:

1. Check the Weather

Most Hedge Trimmers run using electricity, and rain and electricity is never a great combination. The position of the sun and the strength of wind could also affect your hedge trimming.

(Extra Tip: Try to trim in the early morning or the late afternoon. It is easier to cut the hedges at these times because they are not too crisp when there is no direct sunlight)

2. Read the Safety Manual and Wear Right Protective Gears

Hedge trimmers are easy to use, but it could be dangerous if not handled properly. Learn what you should and should not do in the safety manual. Your safety is important, so do not risk it and take the time to read.

3. Check Your Surroundings

Make sure that your workplace is clear and assess if it is safe to start. Remove debris and dead leaves in your hedges because they could cause a jam in your hedge trimmer. Clear out your work-path as well.

Keep children and pets away from your workplace. Make something that will prevent them from running or bumping into you when you are working.

If you are using a cable, make sure that they are not in a place that is a trip hazard.

Beginners Guide to Using Hedge Trimmers

1. Lay Down Some Groundwork

Before you start, you would want to lay something in the ground that will catch your trimmings. It would be easier for you to clean your workplace later if you use something that will catch your trimmings, it would also protect your ground. Tarpaulin is a good example.

2. Lubricate Your Hedge Trimmers

Like scissors, trimmers use the blades’ close action to do its job. That is why you must lubricate your trimmers before and after trimming. You can use spray oil to do this. Remember to grease the blades thoroughly.

(Reminder: Wear proper protective gear when you do this.)

3. ALWAYS Hold the Blades Away from You

 Blades Away from You

Whether you are turning on, using, or turning off the hedge trimmers, always keep the blades away from you. Position yourself behind them at all times because that is the most secure place for you.

4. Work Slowly but Steady

It is safer to work in a slow but steady manner when using these kinds of machines (especially if you are a beginner). Trim your hedges starting from the bottom then slowly but carefully work your way up. Stand with your feet apart to keep your balance.

5. Take Away the Trimmings

Clear the tarpaulin when it gets full of hedge trimmings. You could use a wheelbarrow to hold your trimmings, or you could place them in your compost heap.

6. Give Your Hedge Trimmers Occasional Breaks Between Work

Doing this will prevent the motor from overheating.

Maintenance Your Hedge Trimmers

TIP 1: Clean the Trimming Blades

Do this every after you use your hedge trimmers. Sap usually piles up in the trimming blades when you use it to cut leaves and small branches. If left unattended, it will get dirty, and its cutting efficacy will get reduced. These could also cause the motor to overheat and cause damage.

You can do this by wiping them clean using a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth. (Using water to clean your trimmers is not advisable because it might cause damage to the internal workings of your trimmers.) Remember to apply lubricant when the blades dry. They should also be completely dry before you store them.

TIP 2: Maintain the Blades Sharpness

Trimming blades could get blunt over time. It is not ideal because it makes cutting slower and messier. It also makes the hedge trimmer harder to handle. Sharp blades would result in faster, cleaner, and easier work. Blunt trimming blades are the opposite.

You can consult your hedge trimmer manual if you want to sharpen your blades on your own. You could also go to your local service store to get this done for you.

TIP 3: Frequently Lubricate the Blades

Your blades usually get exposed to moisture from leaves and branches, which could eventually result in erosion. Lubricating your blades before and after using them could offer additional protection to them. It also makes the cutting performance of your hedge trimmers better.

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TIP 4: Check the Air Filter

Most hedge trimmers need a continuous flow of clean air for them to be in a proper working condition. Some debris and dust particles could begin to accumulate in the air filter as time goes by, which could result in poor performance and overheating. That is why you must clean your air filter when they get dirty or replace them when necessary.

TIP 5: Check the Tightness of Screws

Make it a habit to have a thorough check of your hedge trimmers before using them. Loose screws could be dangerous because they could lead to accidents. Check if all the screws are in place and assess if re-tightening is needed. Be careful not to overtighten them because it could damage your hedge trimmer as well.

TIP 6: Store Hedge Trimmers Properly

Make sure that your hedge trimmers are clean and dry before storing them. DO NOT store them in a place that could get them wet or get them exposed to moisture. Moisture could corrode the metals in your hedge trimmers and could eventually result in damage. You could place your wedge trimmers in a waterproof container, or you could try wrapping them with cloth and canvas before storing them.


For a machine to perform well and to last longer, we need to learn how to maintain them. The same thing goes for your hedge trimmers.

You could get the best out of your hedge trimmer when you learn the proper way of using and maintaining them. Follow the above tips, and you will be all set to go.

So, get up, get your gears, and start giving those hedge trimmers the care they deserve!

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