How To Remove Dog Poop From Artificial Grass

How to Remove Dog Poop from Artificial Grass?

If you don’t want troubles of watering, feeding, or mowing a lawn, having artificial grass is the only option to have a nature-like space. Artificial grass comes with so many benefits, apart from making a home aesthetically appealing.

Despite its many benefits, it also has its share of challenges. One of them is having to deal with dog poop. Do you have canines all over, and they can just stop pooping on your artificial grass? Here is a detailed guide on how to remove the poop effectively.

1. Cleaning Dog Poop

If your dogs are fully matured, they mostly pass firm poop. Use a pooper scooper to collect it. Collect the poop as soon as possible to avoid probable health issues. If the dogs are a bit small, they will mostly pass semi-liquid poop.

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This makes it easy for you since the artificial grass usually has a porous backing that allows liquids to pass through to the substrate underneath. Some types of artificial grass usually have an anti-microbial surface that prevents bacterial spread from the poop. Remember to dispose of the collected poop safely to avoid health problems.

2. Getting Rid of Stains from Artificial Grass

Even after you collect dog poop from your grass, annoying stains might still be left behind. There are various methods of getting rid of them. These include:

3. Spraying Water

Spraying water from a hose with a nozzle will break down tiny solid matter from the grass. Ensure you place the nozzle at an angle and should be away from the grass with one foot. If there are stubborn stains that won’t come out even after spraying water, scrub them off using a brush. Power washing is even more effective than using a hose. It gets rid of the attains more easily and with less time. 

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Washing the turf with water only will get rid of the stains, but not the bacteria left behind. To get rid of the bacteria, Use disinfectants. You can buy a disinfectant or make one at home—mix vinegar and water in equal amounts. Spray the mixture on the grass surface and rinse it off using running water. An artificial grass cleaner will get rid of the odors.

4. Use Enzyme Cleaners

 If dogs keep urinating and pooping on your lawn, there will be a formation of uric acid crystals on the base of the grass turf. Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down the crystals. Ensure you clean up the entire surface since the crystals tend to build up in every corner very fast.

A Long-Lasting Solution for Cleaning Dog Poop from Your Artificial Grass

Cleaning your artificial grass every other day can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. Some types of artificial grass are designed to handle pets’ waste properly. They don’t get stained easily. They have a layer of sand and gravel underneath, which absorb the waste material.

Other Maintenance Tips for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has some special maintenance needs, different from those of a real lawn. In a real lawn, dog poop and other littering materials are not usually a big problem, as they might get out on their own. In artificial grass, you have to get rid of the stains. Artificial grass is easy to maintain when compared to real grass. Apart from removing dog poop from its surface, here are more maintenance tips to maintain it, increase its life span, and keep looking good.

A. Brush It Regularly

The blades of the artificial grass should remain standing, just like those of a real lawn. With time, the blades might bend. The only way to make them stand is by brushing them regularly. Use a synthetic bristle brush and don’t apply a lot of pressure on the grass. If your artificial grass has covered a huge area, use a professional turf brush. Using a regular brush can be very tiring and time-consuming. Don’t brush your grass in the first 12 weeks after it has been laid, to give it time to settle properly.

B. Wash It Frequently

The grass will need washing using water and detergent to eliminate debris that might have dropped on it. Washing the grass frequently makes it beautiful. A grass surface with too much stain appears ugly and would display a bad image of the owner.

How often you clean the grass will depend on various factors. A person with kids or pets will have to clean their grass more frequently than one who doesn’t. During the rainy season, you don’t have to clean your grass often. Rainwater will wash away the debris.

How to Remove Chewing Gum on The Grass

Someone might decide to drop a piece of gum after chewing. Definitely, the gum will stick on the grass. Use your hands to pull it away. If it doesn’t come out, put a piece of an ice cube on the gum. It will melt on it and make it easy to pull out.

Get Rid of Weeds

One of the reasons you opted for artificial grass is probably to avoid weeding. While it’s difficult for weeds to penetrate through the turf due to its surface’s nature, some stubborn weeds will still find their way on it. Pulling the weeds out will even complicate things further, as it will damage the turf. Instead, apply a water-based herbicide to kill the weeds. Don’t apply the herbicide on the entire surface. Spread it on the individual weeds. Weeds are not a common problem in artificial grass, but it’s always safe to know what you can do just in case they appear.

Is Artificial Grass Better Than Real Grass?

One thing that makes artificial grass a favorite for many is that it is easy to maintain. Here are some of the things real grass needs while artificial grass doesn’t.

A. Irrigation

When growing real grass, irrigation using various methods is mandatory; otherwise, it will dry up within no time, especially during the dry months. Artificial grass will only require water when it gets dirty to get rid of stains. If irrigating a lawn feels like too much for you, the only way you can do is replace your real grass with the artificial one.

B. Mowing

Real grass will always grow and need mowing. Mowing makes the grass appear tidy and prevents the growth of weeds. During its active growing stages, grass requires frequent mowing. That is something the artificial grass does not require. Brushing is the only requirement to make the grass look beautiful and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dog poop damage artificial grass?

Dog poop will leave stains on your grass if you leave it for too long. It might not damage the turf but will leave ugly scenes on it.

Is it safe to power wash artificial grass?

Power washing artificial grass is safe, as long as you maintain a one-foot distance and project the water at a distance. It will actually remove stains more easily.

How long will artificial grass last?

The length of time the grass will last will be determined by various factors, such as it’s quality and foot traffic it is subjected to. Ideally, the grass can last up to 20 years while still looking good.

Can I vacuum my artificial grass?

Vacuuming your artificial grass will damage it. The suction is too strong for it and will definitely damage it. Use other cleaning methods, such as power washing.

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