How To Measure For Sod Grass

How To Measure For Sod Grass

Sod is a sheet of pre-grown grass that you can install in your yard immediately creating a lawn to cover the dirt. Simply put, installing sod is creating an immaculate lawn.

If you don’t like the idea of starting your lawn from scratch-grass seed, then you can opt to install sod which is an easy way to earn yourself a natural lawn. Besides, installation is not a daunting project, and you can DIY rather than incur the cost of hiring professionals.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or you hire an expert, you will need to measure for sod grass.

You must get your calculations right in measuring your lawn because sod is sold by the square foot. Besides, you don’t want to end up making the same mistake most homeowners do-ordering less than the ideal sod or overestimating the sod amount to cover your lawn.

Most garden stores or sod producers sell sod by the square foot with some selling by the square yard.  Dividing the square footage by 9 converts the measurements to square yards.

Moreover, sod producers may sell sod grass on pallets or rolls. Although the size of the sod pallets and rolls vary depending on the producer, a typical pallet contains enough sod to lay for about 450 square feet or 50 square yards. 

You’ll need to divide the square footage by the size of the sod pallets you are about to order. Doing this will help you know the number of pallets ideal for your lawn.

Always remember to ask your suppliers the size of the sod pallet or roll before ordering.

Pro-Tips to Measure for Sod Grass

The project requires basic calculations, essentially measuring the length and width to determine the total square feet of the area you need to sod.

Always order about 10% more sod than the ideal amount you need after measuring. Furthermore, for non-flat lawns, extra sod grass is necessary to compensate for cutting and trimming.

To calculate the extra 10%, multiply your square footage by 0.10 and add what you get to your original square footage

Options to Measure for Sod Grass

Homeowners adopt different measuring options when planning on laying sod in their lawns. Some of the factors that determine the measuring option that best suits your situation include the lawn size and experience in installing sod grass.

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When measuring the area to sod, make sure you exclude all the places that you will not work on,  For instance, the house area, garage space, all the sidewalks within your yard, deck, etc. Eliminating such sites ensures you are more accurate on the amount of sod grass to order.

1.   Guessing the Yard Size

This option best works for risk-takers. Besides, if you have years of experience in installing sod, then you can probably guess right by just looking at a yard.

Nevertheless, even with substantial experience in sod laying, you’ll always end up running short of pallets or worse still, you could order more pallets than you require. So, if you are planning on being accurate, this option is not your best fit.

If you don’t mind making a second order for two or three more pallets, guessing will work for you. Nevertheless, in case you order more than you need, most sod producers don’t take returns because sod grass is highly perishable.

2.   Measure by Walking

It’s not the most accurate way to determine the amount of sod grass you will need, but at least it’s better than guessing.

If you can manage to maintain one feet strides, multiplying the number of strides you cover along the length by the ones along the width gives a rough estimate of your yard’s total square feet.

3.   Using A Measuring Tape

Using a measuring tape to measure for sod grass is the best and accurate way. With a measuring tape, all you need to do is grab a pen and a paper, and you are all set for the task at hand.

Square and rectangular lawns are the easiest to measure. Let’s face the fact that homeowners take an interest in unique lawn designs, most of which have irregular shapes. In such situations, you will have to split the lawn into shapes that are easy to measure.

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You can decide to take your calculator with you to the measuring field. Nevertheless, most sod producer websites have online calculators that you only need to feed your measurements, and they will do the calculations for you in a second.

Steps to Measuring for Sod Grass Using A Tape Measure

  • Using a pen and a paper, keenly sketch the area you want to sod
  • Break up the area into shapes that you can easily measure like squares, rectangles, right triangles, etc.
  • Measure the areas of each shape in your lawn using a measuring tape
  • Record the measurements on a different sheet of paper
  • Find the total area of your lawn by adding together all the areas

Measuring A Square or A Rectangular Lawn

Multiplying the length by the width gives the total area. Besides, using a tape measure directly gives the results in square feet.

Length (ft) x width (ft) = Area (sq.ft.)

For instance, a lawn of 30 feet long by 30 feet width has an area of 900 square feet.

30 ft x 30 ft = 900 sq.ft.

If the sod producers sell sod grass by the square yard, you’ll need to convert your area to the square yard to determine the amount of sod to order.

Dividing the square footage by 9 gives 100 square yards. In case you get fractions; ensure you convert them to the nearest square yards.

900 sq.ft. / 9 = 100 square yards.

Measuring A Right Triangular Lawn

If your lawn has a right triangle design to fit with your aesthetic, you’ll have to identify the 90o corner and measure the length of the two sides contacting the corner.

Multiply the two lengths and divide them by two to get the lawn’s area in square feet.

(Length x Width) / 2 = Area

Measuring A Circular Lawn

Use a measuring tape to find the length of the radius, square it then multiply the value you get by 3.14.

(Radius x Radius) x 3.14 = Area

In a circle, the radius is the length of the line that runs from its centre to its edge.

Measuring A Semi-Circle

(Radius x Radius x 3.14) / 2 = Area

What about ¼ circle?

Use the tape measure to find the length of the radius and do the basic calculations just like you would for a semi-circle but make sure you divide by four rather than 2.

(Radius x Radius x 3.14) / 4 = Area


If you are dealing with an oval area, it might seem daunting to measure for sod grass but no. You only require some basic calculations.

To measure the square footage of an oval, use the measuring tape to find the length and width of the oval. Take the length times the width and multiply by 0.8 to get the total area of an oval.

(Length x Width) x 0.8 = Area


If you are planning on laying sod to your lawn, then the first step is measuring for the sod grass. Accuracy counts for the success of the whole project.

When guessing the yard size and stride counting are ways that you can use to make a rough estimate of the amount of sod you require, using a measuring tape is the most accurate way.

If you are no risk-taker, then tape measure is your best fit.

If the area that you want to sod has an irregular shape, you will have to split it into squares, rectangles, and other regular shapes to make your calculations easier.

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