How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell On Artificial Grass

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell On Artificial Grass

Many people prefer having artificial grass instead of the real one, due to various factors. One of them is the low maintenance requirements.

However, there comes another concern that has to be addressed; dog urine. Does your artificial grass smell of dog’s urine, and is making everyone around your home uncomfortable?

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Dogs’ urine odor can be very disgusting, especially during warm days. Luckily, it is easy to get rid of the smell and enjoy a clean, odorless turf. Here is a guide on how you can do that.

1. Let Your Installer Know You Have Pets

If the artificial grass has not been installed yet, ensure you talk to the installer and let them know you have dogs around who might be spending some time there. They will get a pet-friendly turf that has a permeable layer to drain the pee away.

2. Clean Regularly

Neutralize the urine by sprinkling water on the grass. Use a bucket or a hose. A hose is much easier and less tiresome to use, especially if the turf covers a large area.

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Come up with a cleaning schedule, such as once a week. If there are several dogs, you might have to clean more frequently. When hosing down, use laundry detergent to make cleaning more effective.

If you have just cleaned the grass and spotted some areas the dogs have peed on, don’t scrub the whole thing. Instead, scrub the affected area only.

Use a fine brush to avoid damaging the grass. Cleaning it not only gets rid of bad odors, but it also gets rid of other debris and makes it look presentable.

3. Use Grass Cleaners

Enzymatic grass cleaners work magic when it comes to getting rid of dog urine. Use natural cleaners that will not harm your pets or kids. Mostly, cleaners will come in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the grass and let it rest for a while, ensuring it does not dry up on the grass.

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In areas with stains, use the brush to scrub them off.

4. Use Diluted Vinegar

Vinegar is safe to use and will also get rid of the bad odors. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the urine spots.

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Let the mixture rest on the grass before scrubbing. Vinegar has a strong scent that makes some people uncomfortable. Rinse it with lots of water to completely get rid of the smell.

5. Use Turf Deodorizer

Sprinkle natural turf deodorizer in areas where there are urine spots. It is usually safe for pets and humans; you don’t need to clean it afterward.

Use the deodorizer when it’s a bit cold to allow it to remain moist for a long time. If you apply it when it’s warm, mist the area to prevent the deodorizer from drying up.

6. Spray Baking Soda on The Artificial Grass

Baking soda will also eliminate bad odors from artificial grass. The method is more practical when you want to get rid of the smell in a small area. For larger areas, use other products such as vinegar, grass cleaner, or turf deodorizer.

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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

It’s normal to be concerned about the safety of your pets when installing artificial grass.

Sometimes back, some artificial grass manufacturers would use harmful chemicals when making their products. That is something long gone.

Safe chemicals are being used nowadays, which will not cause any harm to you or your pets.

You can rest assured that your dogs and kids will have a cozy playing area that doesn’t pose any health risk to them.

Is Artificial Grass Better Than Natural Grass?

Like any classical homeowner, you want to have a lawn in your home. Not only does it make your home aesthetically appealing, but it also provides a good resting and playing area for the family.

Now the big question comes in. Is artificial grass better than natural grass? Or vice versa? While you have the option of choosing one, making the final decision can be daunting.

Here is a comparison between the two.

Initial Installation

When starting to grow a lawn, the initial costs are not very high. However, the maintenance part required afterward is what costs more.

Installing artificial grass is expensive, but you will not incur much in maintenance.

Options Available

Natural grass is available in different species. When selecting the type of grass to grow, always research more on which is best, depending on your area’s climate. The most common types of grass include Kikuyu grass, Kentucky, Bermuda, and ryegrass.

Like natural grass, artificial grass is available in different varieties, differentiated by the type of material, color, and height. Contrary to what many believe, you can still get artificial grass in other colors apart from green.


Natural grass will require mowing, the addition of fertilizer, watering, weeding, and aerating. You skip this, and your lawn looks horrible. That means you’ll spend more on water bills, fuel, and feeding the grass.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires washing (not so frequently) and brushing. It only requires your energy and a little amount of water.


Artificial grass will always look nice, as long as you brush and clean it. It doesn’t matter the season. You’ll always have a beautiful space all year round.

Natural grass will sometimes turn brown, especially during winter. If it doesn’t get adequate water, it will also change its color.

To determine what is most suitable for you, weigh down the two options and go for what appeals to you. If you don’t have problems with demanding maintenance practices, go for the natural grass. If you want something simple that won’t need much of your attention; artificial grass will be a good fit.

When choosing between artificial or natural grass, it can be confusing what is best for you. Artificial grass has become a favorite for many in recent years due to its low maintenance demand.

When it comes to getting rid of the dog’s urine odor on the grass, it’s pretty simple. You only need to clean it using safe products and enjoy a beautiful, serene, and natural-like environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass suitable for a home with dogs?

If you have dogs around your home, installing artificial grass will not be problematic. Whether they pee or poop on it, the waste material will drain through its surface and will not cause any damages.

Why does my artificial grass have some black spots?

Black spots on artificial grass are a sign of algae growth. To prevent growth, always brush the grass every week and don’t let debris or any other waste stay long on it.

Will my artificial grass fade as a result of too much cleaning after a long time?

Artificial grass is usually UV stabilized and doesn’t fade away easily, even after frequent washing. It can maintain its color for up to 20 years when properly maintained.

What type of artificial grass infill is good for a home with pets?

Artificial grass has different types of infills. For a home that has pets, an infill made of silica granules is most preferable. It has an antimicrobial coating that prevents the spreading of bacteria and is more durable.

The Best Way to Remove Dog Urine Odour from Artificial Grass