How To Cut Grass Without A Lawnmower

How to Cut Grass Without A Lawnmower

Cutting the grass in a lawn is one of the many ways of keeping it healthy. Mostly, when you hear about cutting grass, the one thing that comes into your mind is a lawnmower. What if you don’t have one, and you need to cut grass on your lawn? What if you have a lawnmower but don’t have an idea of how to use it? We have compiled some of the most effective methods of cutting grass without having a lawnmower.

1. Use A String Trimmer

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A string trimmer is light, making it more suitable for cutting grass with much ease. To obtain an even cut, cut the grass when it’s dry.  Some trimers are cordless and operate using batteries, which makes them even easier to use. Others are corded. When using a corded one, ensure the cord is long enough to cover the entire lawn.

2. Let Farm Animals Eat the Grass

Farm Animals

Letting far animals like goats and sheep feed on the grass is an easy way of keeping it short. The animals will benefit from the nutritious grass, and you will benefit from a lawn cut without spending power and energy.  However, this will only work when you have a large number of animals.

3. Use an Edger

Have you ever seen a perfectly mowed lawns with sharp edges and wondered what the owner did to achieve that? It’s not rocket science. They frequently edge their lawns using an edger. An Edger is used to trim the edges of a lawn. It makes it appear presentable and well taken care of. Edging should be done after cutting the grass, to achieve a well-manicured lawn. Don’t let your edger come into contact with concrete or other hard surfaces, since they will damage it and reduce its functionality. You may not edge it very nicely for the first time, but you will acquire the skills as you do it often.

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Apart from making your space appear tidy and smart, edging a lawn prevents grass from invading areas like driveways and flower gardens.

4. Use Shears

Shears are suitable for small lawns, as you might spend a lot of time cutting the grass. They have blades and are handheld. When using sheers, you need a pair of knee pads to avoid injuring your knees. You will have to move around on them and might get bruises if you don’t use the pads.

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When using shears, the blades and the ground should be in a parallel position. You will easily reach to areas that a lawnmower cannot reach, such as flower garden edges. You can also use the shears to trim other plants rather than grass. They are usually sharp enough, and you won’t struggle to cut soft branches accurately.

5. Use A Sickle

A sickle has a curved blade and a long handle.  You only have to hold the handle and cut the grass in a curvy motion. Make sure you hold the sickle in a comfortable position, else you might never want to use it again due to exhaustion. A sickle is particularly good for cutting tall grass. If you are not afraid of using some of your energy, using it will not be hard for you. It solely depends on your energy.

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The secret of using a sickle without problems is stoning it frequently, to keep its blade sharp. Cutting the grass when it’s wet is even easier than when it’s dry.  Water softens the grass and makes it easy to cut through. It also lubricates the blades. Use shorter blades since they are easy to use than longer ones. Although you might take longer, they are easy to control than longer ones. When you use a sickle for the first time, you may not achieve an even cut. That should not trouble you since the more you use it, the more you get skilled. After some time, you will cut the grass evenly without much hassle.

6. Use A Hedge Trimmer

When using a hedge trimmer, get rid of any obstacle in the lawn first. Wear safety glasses and remove anything lose, such as jewelry. Wear knee pads too to avoid injuring your knees. Kneel on the grass, and place the hedge trimmer’s blade on your front side.

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Hold the trimmer firmly with both hands and ensure that the blade and the ground are at a horizontal position. Don’t let it dig through the soil.

Apart from cutting grass, a hedge trimmer can also cut soft branches.

7. Use a Golf club

Using a golf club to cut your grass makes you a better golfer on top of keeping your lawn healthy and tidy. The only problem is that you will spend a lot of time before cutting the entire lawn. It is, therefore, suitable for smaller lawns.

The Importance of Cutting Grass on Your Lawn

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Cutting grass in a lawn makes it beautiful and appealing. Many people take pride in their well-manicured lawns since it makes their homes look orderly and inviting. It also increases its value.

2. Addition of Nutrients

When the cut grass is left on the lawn, it will act as fertilizer and help the grass grow healthily. This is a natural way of adding nutrients to your lawn. The best thing with grass is that it does not take long to decompose.

3. Evenly Growing Grass

No one wants to have an uneven patchy lawn., if you don’t cut the grass frequently, that’s what your lawn will turn to. When the grass is short, the resources will be distributed evenly. There will be no parts where grass will grow faster than others.

To cut grass in a lawn, you don’t have to use a lawnmower. There are other tools out there that serve the same purpose. The only thing you have to be careful about is knowing how to properly use them to avoid damaging your grass or struggling too much to cut it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Should I leave grass clippings after cutting grass on my lawn?

Grass clippings are beneficial to the lawn since they add nutrients to it. You can leave some grass if they are not very tall. If they are tall, get rid of them since they might take long to decompose, leading to the damage of the grass growing under them. They prevent the penetration of moisture and sunlight. They also act as a home for pests.

Will cutting my grass make it thicker?

Every time you cut grass, you help it grow thicker. The edges of grass blades reduce its ability to grow horizontally.  When you get rid of the edges by cutting them, the grass is able to spread horizontally.

Why does my grass look torn after cutting?

The grass will appear torn after cutting if you used a dull blade. Always ensure that your cutting tools are sharp enough before you start cutting. The grass will appear attractive and inviting. It will also be easy for you. You don’t have to struggle by exerting too much cutting pressure.

After how long should I cut my grass?

How often you should cut your grass will depend on the growth rate of the grass. If it grows quickly, it will require frequent cutting. If the growth rate is low, you don’t have to cut it often.

How to cut grass, without a lawnmower