How Big Of A Lawn Tractor Do I Need

How Big of a Lawn Tractor Do I Need

Whether your lawn is big or small, you need a mower that will cut the grass efficiently. Mowing is one of the lawn maintenance practices that is done frequently, and you can’t afford to use a machine that is not giving you functionality and ease of use.

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If you have a small lawn, you will be a choice when buying a mower. If your lawn is big, more than ½ acres, some types of mowers are not appropriate to you. Imagine using a push mower in such a huge land? It would be very tiresome, and you’d need a lot of time to complete the task. Luckily, a lawn tractor is designed in such a way that it will be easy for you to mow a large area without getting exhausted.  They are easy to operate and comfortable. Some models allow you to attach other garden equipment like sprayers and spreaders. Lawn tractors come in different sizes.

Why Do You Need to Buy A Lawn Tractor of The Right Size?

There are several reasons why you should be careful when choosing the size of a lawn tractor. These include:

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  • You will not have to spend long hours mowing your lawn.
  • It will be easy for you to maneuver in hilly and sloppy areas.
  • You will not use much of your physical energy, which can be tiring.
  • You will achieve an even cut

Here are some factors that you should carefully consider before deciding how big your tractor should be.

1. Size of The Lawn

A large lawn tractor will have a larger mowing deck. If your lawn is large, you will need a tractor with a larger deck, to complete the task faster without making several passes. For lawns that are half an acre and below, a tractor with a 40 inches deck size will be appropriate. If the lawn is more than 3 acres, the deck size should be at least 50 inches.

If you use a tractor with a smaller deck, you will spend a lot of time since you have to make several passes. However, there are exceptions. If your lawn has several obstacles like flowerbeds, using a lawn tractor with a wide deck would be stressful. It would be very hard to navigate around. Using a tractor with a smaller deck will be more convenient in such a scenario, although you will take longer.

2. The Terrain of Your Lawn

Is your lawn slopy and hilly? Navigating around it with a large lawn tractor would be cumbersome and dangerous. Go for smaller tractors that are easy to control and maneuver. Although using a tractor greatly depends on your skills and expertise, it is not easy to use a very large deck on hilly terrain. Having an even land gives you the option to use a large tractor with much ease.

3. Your Budget

A bigger lawn tractor will cost more than a smaller one. If your budget is not enough to buy a large tractor, you can still go for a small one and maybe upgrade in the future. Lawn tractors are not among the cheapest gardening tools. You can always replace yours when you can.

Difference Between A Lawn Tractor and A Garden Tractor

One may confuse between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor. The two are different in terms of:

A. Functionality

Lawn tractors are designed mostly for cutting grass. Garden tractors will cut grass, till, plow snow, and tow other garden tools. Although a lawn tractor can tow other garden tools, a garden tractor can handle bulkier tasks.

B. Size

A garden tractor is larger than a lawn tractor. It has a larger engine and other bigger components.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using A Lawn Tractor

Mistakes to Avoid When Using A Lawn Tractor

1. Cutting Wet Grass

Cutting grass after it has just rained or when you have just irrigated is not advisable. Wet grass can easily clog the mower and make it difficult to work.

2. Setting A Fixed Schedule.

Grass grows differently depending on factors such as season. Sometimes, it will grow at a faster rate and other times, at a slower rate. If it’s growing fast, it will require frequent mowing than when it’s growing at a slower rate.

3. Keeping the Mower Dirty

It is recommended that you should properly clean the deck of your mower after every usage. Ignoring this will greatly reduce the lifespan of your machine. Fertilizer remains, and moisture may cause corrosion on the deck.

4. Not Reading Its Manual

Read the manufacturer’s manual before using the tractor. It will guide you on how to properly use it, and the maintenance practices you should carry out for proper functionality and long life.

5. Storing It Wrongly

Wrong storage mostly happens during the off-season period, since the mower is not in frequent usage. Add fuel stabilizer before keeping your machine in the store. Drain the gasoline before storing it; otherwise, it might fail to start when the mowing season kicks off.

6. Lawn Tractor Maintenance Tips

Just like any other machine, a lawn tractor requires regular maintenance. If you ignore that, it will not work as it’s supposed to, and it won’t take long before the need for getting a new one comes in. here are some of the maintenance practices you should never ignore.

7. Sharpen the Blade

Rocks, branches, and other hard objects may make the blades get dull. Dull blades make other parts of a mower to do more work than what they are designed to. They also make the grass appear torn. Use a blade sharpener to make them sharp.

8. Change Oil Filters

Always check the manual to know after how long you should change the filters. Overused filters make it difficult to start the tractor, and results in excessive fuel usage. Be checking them to ensure there is no clogging, as it reduces their efficiency.

A lawn tractor is one of the most useful machines you should invest in, especially if your lawn is big. It will save you from tedious long-hours of mowing. Getting the right size is of great importance. Lastly, remember to carry out the maintenance practices to keep your equipment in good shape and lengthen its life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a lawn tractor for my small lawn?

If your lawn is very small, buying a lawn tractor is uneconomical. Go for other options such as push mowers since they are cheaper and easy to navigate around small spaces.

What attachments can I use in my lawn tractor?

Lawn tractors are designed in different ways. Always refer to the manual to know what attachments will fit on your tractor. The most tractor can tow dump carts, snowplows, and lawn sweepers.

What would make a lawn tractor cut grass unevenly?

Imbalanced tire pressure may lead to uneven grass cutting. Always check the tires and ensure they are well inflated, and their pressures are balanced. No tire should have more or less pressure than the others. Ensure the blades are sharp enough too.

Why does a lawn tractor fail to start?

The seat and the brake switches are some of the interlock switches in a lawn tractor that may prevent it from starting. Ensure their wiring connections are in good condition.

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