Can You Use A Lawn Mower As A Snow Blower

Can You Use A Lawn Mower as A Snow Blower?

Lawn Mower owners have all been there – it’s winter, the snow falls heavy, and you think of using your lawnmower as a snowblower. You’ll believe that having a snowplow attached to your lawn mower will save you the much-needed money to get a free-standing snowblower. The truth is, it’s not that simple!

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Those who’ve tried it before attesting to complications that come in handy with these attachments. After all, no one wants to install the plow every winter, transforming their lawnmower into a snowblower and later having the plow detached.

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Furthermore, even if you’re willing to do all this, it will need lots of time and dedication. It only proves that it’s worth conserving your lawnmower for use after the snow is gone and buying a free-standing snowblower to use in the winter season.

Disadvantages of Attaching a Snow Blower or Plow to Your Lawn Mower

Let’s delve into the reasons why you’re better off with a free-standing snow blower than a snowplow attached to your mower.

1. You’ll shorten the Lifespan of Your Lawn Mower.

Everything’s design is for a specific purpose, and for your mower, it’s better suited for cutting grass: keeping your turf in style. Snow blowing is another story.

However, some companies, like Husqvarna, sell specific lawn mower models designed with a snow plow attached.

Unless your mower is strong and sturdy, attaching a snow blower will only shorten the lifespan of your mower. Furthermore, it may cause frequent malfunctioning of your mower.

2. It’s Expensive

The cost of purchasing a plow attachment almost equals that of a snow blower. Just adding a few dollars to the laid-out cash for the plow attachment will earn you a decent snow blower.

Additionally, the cost of attaching a plow to your mower each winter will cost you more than purchasing a brand-new snow blower in the long run.

3. Clearing Is Cumbrous

Unlike with a plow attachment, with which it’s hard to change the direction from your driveway, maneuvering the snow blower around objects in your way is easy.

With a blower attachment comes extra front feet to your mower and causes the movements clumsy and frustrating.

Considering the engine and transmission of the attached Snow Brower, it’s much lower than a free-standing one. With the attachment, your snow accumulation is limited; thus, you’ll leave snow piles around!

 Furthermore, a plow is more extensive in width, and this restricts its movement along some pathways.

4. It’s Time-Consuming

Before installing the snow blower attachment, you’ll have to remove the lawn mower deck. After the winter season is over, you’ll have to detach the plow and once again install the mower deck.

When it snows again, you’ll have to repeat the same procedure. This process is tedious and requires a lot of time to have everything in point. Besides, No one has the time to do that over the seasons.

5. Storage Difficulties

The attached blower will need space, thus limiting the available space in your garage or shed.

You’ll also need the space to store the lawn mower’s deck for as long as the blower or plow by attaching it to your mower.

An average free-standing snow blower is more comfortable to store, leaving out plenty of space.

Advantages of Attaching A Snow Blower Or Plow To Your Lawn Mower

It’s evident that the debate on whether to use a free-standing snow blower or attach a plow to your lawn mower still heats on, especially in the winter season. With most people lost in confusion and unsure of the best option to pick.

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Read on! Here is everything you need to know regarding the factors that work in favor of attaching a plow or snow blower to your lawn mower.

1. High Speed

A mower allows you to cover much ground in less time than you would with a push-along snow blower. Furthermore, the mower is mechanized with a strong engine to aid movement compared to a snow blower that you’ll have to push along.

2. Reduced Effort Requirement

Lawn mowers with strong engines can push large amounts of snow in their driveway without much strain. On the contrary, with a push along with snow blower, you will have to strain and apply more effort, especially when pushing large piles of snow.

For the extra-large snow piles, you’ll have no choice but to forget them if you’ll use a push along with a plow.

3. Availability Of Lawn Mower Minicabs

Attaching a snow blower to a lawn mower with a cab is advantageous to any user. You’ll have protection from environmental factors such as freezing temperatures.

There are lawn mowers with enclosed cabs providing luxuries like heaters and radio to make your snow blowing experience awesome.

4. Snow Blower

It’s the best option for clearing compact snow. To choose the ideal snow blower, you’ll have to consider the size of the snow-clearing area, the time frame you’ll need to do the clearing, and the amount of snow to clear.

Mainly, a snowblower is either a single-stage or a two-stage. The single-stage snow blower pulls in the snow and expels it through a discharge tube. On the other hand, a two-stage snow blower breaks up the snow then sucks it up into the impeller before forcing it out.

Advantages of A Free-Standing Push Along With Snow Blower

With this snow blower, you’ll clear the driveway off any stage snow throwers.

1. Fuel Saving

Unlike a lawn mower, a snow blower operates on less fuel.

2. Increased Maneuverability

With a push along with a snow blower, you can easily divert to any direction from the driveway. You can direct the snow blower from objects on the driveway, such as cars.

The mower with attachments is a complex combination that will give you the most frustrating snow boring experience. Maneuvering is hard, and you’ll have to maintain the driveway to the end.

3. Smooth Surface

 A snow blower is manufactured with skid plates, preventing it from digging out sand and stones from the ground. It leaves a smooth driveway behind, unlike a plow attached to a mower, which leaves a rough driveway with exposed gravel.

Disadvantages of A Free-Standing Push Along with Snow Blower

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1. Exposure To Harsh Weather Conditions

If you want the best snow clearing experience, then a snow blower you can push along is not your best option.

With the snow blower, you’ll have to face the winter cold and occasionally tumble on the snow.

If you’re considering the coziest way to clear the snow, then a lawn with attachments will be great for you. Besides, you’ll have access to the luxuries you desire in an enclosed cab.

2. Tiring

Although it’s guaranteed, you won’t get tired as much as you would with shoveling. Pushing large snow piles will contact you worn out with time, especially if you have a large snow clearing area.

Consider all these factors before choosing the snow clearing option that will best fit your situation. It’s a fact that either a snow blower or a lawn mower with attachments will ease your snow-clearing process than using a shovel and a spade. Still, different situations create a preference between which option to adopt.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to make sure you are doing the right maintenance to keep your lawn mower run at its best.

  • Change oil
  • Replace spark plug
  • Fog the engine
  • Keep the lawn mower clean in and out
  • Keep lawn mower blades sharp
  • Check if the lawn mowers blade is balance
  • Replace and clean lawn mower air filter
  • Get familiar with the owners manual


Snow blowers work best in snow. Lawn mowers work best at mowing. Therefore, while it’s very tempting, do not force your lawn mower to work as a snow blower.

Can I use my mower as a snow blower?