Can I Hose Off My Electric Lawn Mower

Can I Hose Off My Electric Lawn Mower?

Although an electric lawn mower will not need a lot of maintenance practices, it has to be cleaned frequently. There is no problem with hosing off your electric lawn mower, as long as you don’t let the engine come into contact with water.

Cleaning Electric Lawn Mower

Guide on How to Hose Off an Electric Lawnmower

  • Disengage the mower from its power source. Remove its batteries, too, to avoid damaging them.
  • Remove the attachments that the lawnmower may have. These include the bagger, dethatcher, or any other attachment that might be there. If you clean it when the attachments are intact, you might fail to see some dirty parts and skip them.
  • Use soapy water for cleaning. Use a cloth to wash the deck and avoid touching the engines and cables.  Get rid of excess weather in the cloth by wringing it out, so that the mower will take less time to dry. Aim water to all the other parts, mostly where grass has stuck. The pressure of the hose will be enough to get out the grass for the stubborn pieces. Use something sharp to remove the grass blades.
  • When cleaning your mower, that’s the best time to inspect its parts. Check for any sign of damages, especially in the motor. If you notice something odd-looking, have your mower repaired, to improve its efficiency. Check if the blades are sharp enough. If they are not, sharpen them using a sharpener. Blunt blades will not give a uniform cut, and will also make your work difficult.
  • Clean the lower side of the deck too. Grass usually sticks there and may result in the growth of mold on your mower. Mold is very dangerous as it can cause the spread of diseases on your lawn.
  • Use a brush to get rid of the grass that might have stuck in the undercarriage. If the grass has stuck up on large piles, it might jam your mower.
  • Give the mower enough time to dry completely before attaching the detached parts.

What Happens When an Electric Mower Is Rained On?

Any electric machine, including the electric lawn mower, should not be left in the rain. If that happens accidentally, you should take the following steps:

  • Open up the mower so that the motor will get exposed to the sun and dry out. You can also use a hair-dryer to make it dry completely.
  • Use a megohmmeter to check if it has insulation resistance. If it is low, you can increase it.
  • When the mower has dried out completely, detach its battery.

Is It Right to Power Wash an Electric Lawn Mower?

We can’t deny that power washing is usually effective when washing floors and other surfaces. However, it is not suitable for cleaning your electric lawnmower. It can be hard to control where the water goes when using a power washer. The water will get into the engine and the cables, and damage them. The water will also corrode virtual parts of the mower, and it will no longer function effectively. Water should also not get into the motor, as it might stop it from working, instantly, or overtime.

Using Power Wash On Electric Lawn Mower

Don’t overlook cleaning the mowers shell. In many models, it is usually removable. Grass may build up under it over time and requires to be removed.

Other Maintenance Tips for Electric Lawn Mowers

  • After you buy the lawnmower, go through the user’s manual carefully. It will help you know how to assemble the mower the right way. It might also include some maintenance practices you should perform on your mower, to increase its efficiency and ensure that it is functioning efficiently. Skipping this vital process can result in problems that would otherwise have been avoided.
  • Before you start mowing, get rid of debris, stones, and sticks from the lawn, as they might damage your mower.
  • Lubricate the metal parts using grease, to avoid sliding into each other, and protect them from moisture that causes corrosion.
  • Avoid leaving the mower outside. It might be rained on, and the water is not good for the motor and the cables. Too much exposure to the sun is also not good for the mower.
  • Don’t work on wet grass. The moisture may get it into the inside parts of the mower, and damage them.
  • Mowing wet grass is also not very effective and will make you strain more.
  • Always clean the airway frequently to get rid of materials that may cause blockage and prevent proper air circulation. The airway cools the motor, and if it’s not working correctly, the motor may develop problems. An electric mower gets hot when in usage, especially due to the friction.
  • Ensure the nuts and bolts are properly fastened before you start mowing. If they are loose, they can easily fall off and get lost in the lawn. The mower will then stop functioning as it should be. If some of your bolts and nuts have gotten lost, replace them with new ones.
  • When cleaning the undercarriage, use an undercarriage spray, to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. It is safe and will not cause any damages.
  • Always ensure that the battery is free from any debris. It should also not come into contact with water, as it reduces its lifespan.
  • Always store the mower in a dry place. Keeping it in moist conditions might result in corrosion.
  • Always clean the blade after every use. Be careful not to hurt yourself, since it is usually sharp.

Caring for An Electric Lawn Mower During Winter

Winter marks the end of the mowing season. The season will soon be over, and you will still need the mower after that. Before storing it, give it a thorough cleaning and ensure it has no debris. If it has an adjustable handle, bend it so that it won’t take too much space. Keep it in a dry area, where it won’t be exposed to moisture.

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Hosing off an electric lawn mower is right, as long as you do it the right away. It makes it work efficiently and prevents damages. Just make sure that the water does not come into contact with the motor, and the cables, as they can easily get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would make an electric lawn mower keep on cutting out?

If grass or other debris from the lawn have been stuck on the blade, they might prevent it from turning, making the mower cut out. Always make sure they are clean before you start mowing.

What is the lifetime of an electric lawn mower?

An electric lawn mower’s lifespan will greatly depend on its model and how good you take care of it. Many models will last for up to 10 years when proper maintenance practices are adhered to.

Why is my electric lawn mower getting overheated?

If grass gets stuck on the air vents, it causes a blockage that prevents proper air circulation. That makes the mower overheat. Always make sure the vents are free from any clogging materials.

Why is my mower producing smoke?

When an electric lawn mower is producing smoke, it could be that there is no sufficient air getting into the carburetor, which makes it malfunction.