Best Water Sprinkler for Kids

Best Water Sprinkler for Kids (Buying Guide & FAQs)

Outdoor playtime in the summer is always a welcome idea. It is especially a good time for the kids when they can splash around during the day. If your idea of kids having a good time involves a safe place and water splashing around, then you need to consider water sprinklers for kids.

5 Best-Selling Water Sprinkler for Kids

Here are some quick insights into which you can consider and how to get the best.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Water Sprinkler for Kids

1. Homech Inflatable Kiddie Splash Pad and Sprinkler – 2 To 12 Years

Homech Sprinkler For Kids ( Swimming Pool For 2-12 Years Old Baby And Toddler Girls)
Product Highlights:
  • big splash mat for toddlers: 68" splash pad gives children more space to play and enjoy the fun of sprinkling water from the small kiddie baby pool; the large outdoor water play sprinkler for enjoying a summery splash in your own backyard
  • durable & no cracking: the 0. 4mm sprinkler pad for kids is pvc materials are 35% thicker than other inflatable water toys, safely holds water and reducing cracking, more durable and no easy water leakage
  • learning mat with animal& letter : for educational inflatable splash sprinkler,it develops hand-eye coordination and great for baby's brain development; with the aim of making learning easy and fun, the colors and patterns stimulate their brain to be creative while splashing
  • perfect summer gift for kids: the spray hole can give you more than 1 meter high water jet, providing just the right amount of cool fun for frolicking kids; the summer outdoor water toy would be the best gift for 2-12 year old boys and girls
  • convenient & user-friendly: simply connect the water intake valve to your standard garden hose; extra adapter can firmly locked water pipes; homech sprinkler water toys provides 12 months hassle-free to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase

If you are looking for a 5-star rated kiddie sprinkler with a safe water play mat, you’ve got it! This kiddie play mat with a sprinkler is made of 0.4mm thickened PVC, making it soft to play on but tough enough to withstand outdoor play without cracking, tearing, or slipping. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and is best laid on the part of the yard that is free of sharp edges.

Key Features

  • Educational print  to boost hand-eye coordination and enhance learning during play
  • Durable PVC material with double layered non-slip bottom
  • Extra locking water adapter to prevent water leakage

2. Jasonwell Sprinkle and Splash Kiddie Play Mat – 2 To 5 Years

Jasonwell Sprinkle Splash ( Children Outdoor Backyard Sprinkler Toy Splash Pad)
Product Highlights:
  • big splash mat for toddlers --- 68" diameter water-filled sprinkler for kids babies 2 3 4 5 year old boy girl
  • exclusive design & fun water toys --- lay or sit in the big mouth of the printed shark while play in the sprinkle and spray on hot summer days. get awesome pictures of your little ones.
  • easy to set up splash pad--- just plug it to a garden hose or pvc tubing, simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height
  • durable outdoor water toys --- made from durable environmental and non-toxic pvc and dielectric welding to ensure strong and beautiful joints
  • safe kids sprinkler --- no harmful chemicals while playing. perfect birthday gift and party hit.

This highly rated splash mat is 68 inches in diameter to allow toddlers enough space to move around as they splash and jump. Its durable non-toxic PVC, coupled with dielectric welding makes strong joints, which is essential for prolonged use in the summer. It is a great toy for children between 2 and 5 years old.

Key Features

  • Large play area, 68 inches in diameter, with a shark print at the middle
  • Non-toxic PVC material to make it strong and durable
  • Soft splash play pad with soft supportive rim

3. Buyplus 360 Rotating Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Head for Kids

Buyplus Lawn Sprinkler ( Irrigation System/Leak Free Durable 3 Arm Sprayers (1 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • use for all kinds of garden hose✅ buyplus lawn sprinkler comes with a quick connector and a quick release connector which can fix the traditional rubber hose, if your hose already has a screw thread, simply connect the garden sprinkler to use.
  • large coverage& long spray distance✅ the automatic sprinkler has three 360-degree rotating arms and 12 built-in nozzles, the spray distance can reach up to 32.8 feet (water pressure 60 psi) a sprinkler can cover 3,600 square feet. and you can connect 2 or more lawn sprinklers to plant.
  • adjustable spraying angle✅ there are 3 arms. adjust the spraying angles from 45°-90° to achieve your desired spraying effect; you can set each one with different angles to get different spaying distance, if all in 45° spraying angle rotates faster and covers a larger area. so this lawn sprinkler for kids is convenient.
  • durability and stability✅ the pulsating lawn sprinkler made of strong abs engineering plastic, with weighted sled base resists tipping and allows easy placement and movement.
  • 100% satisfaction✅ we're so confident that the water lawn sprinkler will help you achieve the results you've been looking for. if you have questions about the product or are not satisfied with it, simply contact us directly, we will provide you with a best solution. no tricks, no excuses.

Talk of functional and fun! This highly rated lawn sprinkler can water 3600 sq. feet and features a leak free 3 arm sprayer system. With 12 inbuilt nozzles, the spray can go a distance of up to 32.8 feet. You can connect two or more sprinklers.

Key Features

  • Adjustable spray directions for optimal fun and irrigation
  • It is multipurpose – kiddie fun, lawn sprinkler, garden and greenhouse cooling
  • 360 degrees automatic rotation with adjustable spray speed and angle 

4. XGear Giant Inflatable Unicorn Outdoor Sprinkler and Water Spray Toy

XGEAR Large Inflatable Unicorn ( Spray Toy ,Fun Play Games For Kid Child Adult)
Product Highlights:
  • premium material: this adorable unicorn sprinkle and splash are build from environmental pvc which is uv-proofed. it measures 0.3 mm thick, won’t break when using and durable enough for a greater longevity.
  • large size: when it is infused with full water, it measures 78''(l) x 31.5''(w) x 70''(h) . a large backyard water entertainment play toy bringing laughter and cool in this hot summer.
  • fun in summer: designed for family entertainment and kids’ game. running, jumping, chasing each other in the spray out from the cute unicorn’s horn must be a big fun.
  • safe to play: 4 stakes secures unicorn firmly while you using it. it may smell a little because of its printing and no ventilation in the package. but rest assured that it contains no chemicals and the smell will disappear if it is well-ventilated.
  • zero hassle: only in seconds, it will be full of water with regular sized garden hoses plugged and then it is ready for fun.

This UV proofed large unicorn is one of the highly rated yard water toys. It is made of 0.3mm PVC that makes the toy soft and flexible. It comes with 4 feet stakes to secure the unicorn in place during playtime. 

Key Features

  • Large, soft unicorn that is UV proofed, robust, heat resistant and durable
  • Easy to secure when inflated as it comes with 4 stakes
  • Can be easily filled with a regular sized garden horse

5. Soopotay Octopus Water Sprinkler and Splash Pad For Kids Between 1 And 5 Years

Soopotay Splash Pad For ( For Children Outdoor Play-Octopus, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • 【 playful octopus design】: features a wading pool construction makes it ideal for toddlers. fill with sprinklers all around which act as a splash pad to bring about more fun for kids. adjust water pressure to lower or higher spray height to accommodate various ages.
  • 【safety & healthy splash time】: the splash play mat moves a cool and refreshing time from community to backyard, from swimming pool to splash pad, from screen to outdoor. keep kids moving, thinking and exciting in a safe way. perfect for relaxation, water party games, celebration and outdoor play.
  • 【easy to set up】: ①plug it to a garden hose or pvc tubing ; ②turn on the water ; ③good to go . (ignore male thread in accessories if your garden pipe already have one ; slowly increase water pressure to meet your requirements , max 47inch / 1.2m spray height ).
  • 【size & storage】: large splash pad for toddlers of a 68″diameter which creates ample space for several kids or a whole family to play on and have fun; this kind of mat is also easy to carry, as it can be folded into the size of a magazine.
  • 【seller commitment】: 100% non-toxic pvc to bring safety while playing; 100% tested in production to ensure high quality; 100% replacement or refund to commit every customer.

This highly rated octopus-shaped water play pad comes with adjustable water pressure to make it easy to raise or lower the spray height to suit the age of the child. With 68 inches of diameter, this play pad is sizeable enough to accommodate a few children. The play pad is easy to assemble, disassemble, and store it folds up to the size of a magazine when deflated.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up plugin a garden hose, turn on the water and you are good to go
  • Adjustable water height
  • Soft, durable play mat with a protective rim

Buying Guide

If you are looking for a water sprinkler to entertain your kids and their friends, you will be spoilt for choice. These outdoor water toys are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and functionalities. Here are some tips that will guide you to choose the best water sprinkler for kids.

1. The Size of the Sprinkler

The size of the unit you purchase is dependent on the number of kids that will use it at a go as well as the size of the yard. If you are looking for a water sprinkler with a play pad to entertain children in a family event or during a party, a large one is best. 

2. The Structure of the Sprinkler

There are various designs of water toys and sprinklers. There are toys that come as play mats with inflatable rims with holes through which sprinklers are formed with the help of water pressure. There are other toys that come in various shapes such as animals that shoot up water once they are fully inflated.

Each of these designs is appropriate depending on the intended play experience and the age of the child. Young children who are about 2 to 4 years old may need a safe and soft water play mat on which they can enjoy the water jets. Older children can enjoy sprinklers from giant inflatable units of all shapes.

Look at the prints on the play mats. Some play pads, especially those meant for use by younger children below 4 years, come with educational surfaces. This makes it possible for children to learn as they have fun. 

3. Multi-Functional Water Toys for Kids

If you are looking for durable, multi-functional sprinklers, they are available in the market. These units allow older children to have fun splashing around as they water the yard. These multi-functional sprinklers can also be used in other parts of the household such as the garden of the greenhouse.

4. Durability vs Safety

Some of the safest and long lasting sprinklers for kids are made of 0.3mm or 0.4mm PVC. This material is soft to touch yet tough enough to prevent cracking or tearing even with prolonged outdoor play. Most of the play pads also feature non-slip bottoms to keep them safe for the children.

If you are not sure of the material or safety of the product you are about to buy, go through the product description and the customer reviews sections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can fit in a 68 inch diameter water play mat?

The water play mat can comfortably fit in at least 5 young children at a go. The 5 children will have enough space to splash and jump around. 

Can I turn off the water supply and let the kids enjoy the water on the play mat?

The sprinkler does not store water; and it relies on a constant supply to keep the play mat wet. When you turn off the water, the sprinklers go dry, so does the water pad. However, the kids can still have fun jumping around even if there is no water.

How easy is it to assemble and disassemble the sprinkler for kids?

All units come with instructions on how to put it up. Since there are different designs, each product has its own set of instructions which when followed will get you the water toy you want. If you have any queries about any part that is not fitting in well as it should, contact the seller for advice.

How do I empty the water splash pad for storage?

Start by disconnecting the water hose. Raise the pool, with the connecter facing downwards. The water in the play pad will flow out. You can keep the play pad in this position until its completely dry.

Help! The spray jets go outwards instead of inwards towards the play mat.

Once the mat is fully inflated, roll the sides inwards. If the toy sprays water but not necessarily outside but the kids are having fun, don’t worry too much about the direction of the water.

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