Best Reel Lawn Mowers

5 Best Reel Lawn Mowers: Get A Golf Course Like Cut in Your Lawn

Are you thinking of getting a reel lawn mower? It’s normal to feel confused and not sure if it’s the best option for you. However, the modern reel lawn mower is no longer like the old one.

5 Best-Selling Reel Lawn Mowers

Its performance and efficiency have been greatly improved to suit the needs of 21st-century users.  They are not only affordable and lightweight, but you’ll also enjoy working with them on your lawn. Here is a review of the best reel lawn mowers.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Reel Lawn Mowers

1. Gardena 4020 12-Inch Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower

Gardena 4020 12Inch Silent ( Reel Lawn Mower 300)
Product Highlights:
  • extremely smooth-running, quiet and effort saving
  • hardened, non-stick coating cutting cylinder made of quality steel and ground bottom blade for a clean and precise cut
  • handle comes apart for compact storage and transportation
  • contact-free cutting technique, cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch each other, the lawnmower is therefore extremely quiet and easy to push

With a cutting width of 12 Inches and an adjustable cutting height between 0.50 – 1.65 inches, this reel mower is perfect for small lawns. It gets the work done, and the results are worth priding in.

The mower is also incredibly quiet, friction-free, smooth-running, and effortless to use. With only 16.8 pounds, the mower is easy to operate, and its maneuverability is impressive.

Its storage is one thing you won’t have to be concerned about since its handle is detachable and can fit in small spaces. It is also easy to transport the mower from one place to another where you need the magic to happen.

Nevertheless, assembling the mower is seamless, and it gives you the perfect, cut you’ve been desiring.


  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Excellent for a quiet, smooth-running, and effortless cut
  • Easy to store and transport


  • It does not come with a grass catcher
  • Not the best for larger lawns

2. Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

Great States 41516 16Inch ( T-Style Handle And Heat Treated Blades)
Product Highlights:
  • manual mechanical mower with a quick, adjustable cutting height of 1"-2.5" for a clean and even
  • lightweight lawn mower has 16" cutting width, 5-blade ball bearing reel, and 10" composite wheels for optimal maneuverability
  • push blade mower with high-quality heat-treated alloy steel blades that stay sharp longer
  • comfortable push mower handle parts with a t-style cushioned grip; easy, tool-less assembly
  • clean and quiet reel mower to maintain your lawn without the need for gas or oil

Are you looking for a reel mower that will not need sharpening each time you want to cut your lawn?  Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is the mower for you. Itis equipped with strong heat-treated alloy steel blades, which are durable and stays sharp for longer.

Interestingly, the mower is also lightweight and effortless to push. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the cutting height between 0. 5″-2. 5″ for a precise, even, and perfect cut.

With this reel mower, the comfort of the operator is not left to chance. The mower handle is designed in a T-style for easy maneuverability and fitted with a cushioned grip, which is gentle and comfortable to your hands.

Additionally, the mower is environment friendly with zero emissions and requires less maintenance, unlike its competitors.


  • Staying sharp longer
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It’s comfortable to use


  • Not ideal for more extensive lawns

3. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2020-16S Electric Cordless Reel Lawn Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ( Cordless Reel Lawn Mower)
Product Highlights:
  • scotts powerful brushless reel mower includes 20-volt 2.0ah battery and fast charger
  • wide reel mower with a cutting width of 16 inches; grass catcher included
  • modern lawn mower design that can be used with or without the battery
  • electric cordless reel with a cutting width of 16” and durable 8.5” polymer wheels in the front and 2.2" rear wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • space-saving reel upgrades include a detachable handle for easy storage

This brushless reel mower comes with a 20-Volt 2.0Ah battery and a fast charger to save you time and allow you to focus on what matters. Amazingly, the mower can also get the work done without the battery; hence it continues to serve you even after the battery dies.

It has a cutting width of 16 inches, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing a grass catcher separately since it comes with its own grass catcher.

The handle is fitted with a soft foam grip for a better grip and comfort when mowing. If your storage room is not large, worry less since the handle is detachable for easy storage.

With no harmful fumes emission, the mower does not contribute to negative environmental effects and also health-wise.


  • Can work even without the battery
  • Wider cutting width
  • Comfortable and safe to use


  • It’s pricey

4. Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel ( Cordless Grass Trimmer - Black)
Product Highlights:
  • eco-friendly push lawnmower: manual reel lawnmower with 18" cut width; no gas, oil, charging, or cords required; 60% easier to push than other reel mowers and ideal for regular lawn maintenance
  • best-in-class cutting performance: inertiadrive reel boasts twice the cutting power of standard reel mowers, while the staysharp cutting system eliminates the cost and inconvenience of manual blade sharpening
  • superior ergonomics: reversible grass chute can direct clippings away from your feet, making it easier to mow tough patches while limiting messiness; one-touch handle height adjustment enhances your comfort and control
  • ideal for all types of grass: cuts through tough southern varieties like st. augustine, zoysia, bahia, and bermuda; versacut technology offers cut height settings from 1"-4" to mow all types of grass cleanly
  • includes: 1 fiskars staysharp max reel mower cordless grass trimmer; limited 3-year warranty

Are you tired of grass clippings getting into your shoes or boots when mowing? Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower is exactly what you need. It is designed with a reversible grass chute, allowing the grass clippings to be directed either forward or downwards without getting to your feet or clothes.

It has five blades, a cutting width of 18 inches, and an adjustable height of 1-4 inches, making it ideal for medium or large-sized lawns. The mower is also efficient on any grass type.

Its Stay Sharp cutting system is incorporated to ensure the blades do not wear due to unwanted contact when cutting to extend their service life with no need for sharpening.

Another thing to love about this reel mower is that it’s 60% easy to use than other reel mowers due to its wheels. It also has a 3-year warranty, which makes it an ideal option for you.


  • No more grass clippings in your shoes
  • Works great on all grass type
  • Easy to use
  • 3-year warranty


  • It’s a bit heavy

5. American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company ( 5-Blade, Black With Grass Catcher)
Product Highlights:
  • bundle includes (1) 1815-18 5-blade, 18-inch reel mower and (1) grass catcher
  • reel mower: 5-blade manual push reel lawn mower features 18" cutting width, 5-blade ball bearing reel, and 10" composite wheels
  • loop-style handle with cushioned grip and lightweight design for comfort when using this manual 5-blade push rotary reel lawn mower; easy, tool-less assembly
  • grass catcher: fits 18-inch and 20-inch great states reel lawn mower models
  • made of durable plastic bottom, rot-resistant polyester fabric, and heavy duty wire frame

When it comes to weight, American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower is lightweight compared to Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower. For the workout enthusiast, this can be a good workout for you while still maintaining your lawn’s beauty with a neat and perfect cut.

It also has an adjustable height of 0.5- 2.75 inches and a cutting height of 18 inches, making it ideal for small and medium lawns. Besides, you get a quality machine at a reasonable price.

Also, its maneuverability is impressive, which makes it comfortable and easy to operate. Its Tempered alloy steel reel is durable to give you a fun and longer service life.


  • Perfect workout
  • Quiet and easy to operate
  • Environment friendly


  • Not ideal for larger lawns

Buying Guide

When buying a lawnmower for the first time, it can be incredibly tough. Try to figure out what to look for so as to get a mower that will get the work done without much hassle. Here are a few things that can help you get the best reel lawn mower that will suit your needs.

1. Storage

Reel mowers are relatively smaller compared to gas or electric mowers, which give them a storage advantage. They do not require much space. Furthermore, most of them can have detachable or fold-down handles while others can be hang up in the garage hence requiring less space.

2. Lawn Size

Your lawn’s size will greatly influence the type of mower you get. A real mower with a cutting width between 12 and 16 inches will get the work done perfectly for smaller lawns. As for larger lawns, a mower with a cutting width between 18 and 20 inches is recommended. Also, if your lawn is large consider getting a reel mower with a grass catcher.

3. Type of Grass

It’s worth noting that not all mowers will work perfectly on your grass. Some mowers can’t do much when cutting soft grass, while others are purposely designed for this type of grass. For this reason, ensure you understand your grass type and get the mower that will work great on it.

4. Maintenance

Unlike electric and gas mowers, reel mowers do not require a lot of maintenance, but that does not mean they are maintenance-free. During your mowing, some parts may get damaged, and the blades may need some sharpening at some point.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Reel Mower

1. Ease of Use

Use reel mower whenever you are ready as has no rope pulling, no key, doesn’t need gas and oil to start. You just push and it cuts everytime.

2. Lightweight

Reel mowers are weighing approximately 19 to 34 pounds that makes it easy to push, lift and store.

3. Safe to Use

Reel mowers are safte to use. they stop when you do not push it anymore and also it doesn’t throw rocks and debris.

4. Low Maintenance

No engine means no repair, no tune up, no need to refill gas, change oil and replace sparkplugs. You just have to simply brush the blades off and sharpen them once every season.

5. Suitable for Small Lawns

Having a small lawn doesn’t require you to have a riding mower. All you need a reel mower to maintain your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do reel mowers require maintenance?

Yes, they do, although not as much as gas and electric mowers. Once in a while, you may need to adjust the blades, sharpen them, and clean the blades well after use to keep them functional.

Are reel mowers good?

Most gardeners like reel mowers due to their ability to cut short grass that is less than an inch tall. They are mainly good where the grass is not very long.

When is the right time to sharpen my reel mower?

Most reel mowers can go even for three years without requiring a sharpening. However, depending on your mower, you may need to sharpen it sooner.

Are reel mowers easy to use?

The modern reel mowers are easy to operate, and their maneuverability is incredible. The effort needed to pull or push them is less compared to gas and electric mowers, which are usually heavy.


The performance and results of the best reel lawn mowers are worth every penny. Besides, if you have the right tools for the job, the only remaining thing would be to get that beautiful lawn you considerably want.

Great States 16 Inch Manual Reel Mower Review