Best Lawn Seeds For Overseeding In Spring

5 Best Lawn Seeds For Overseeding In Spring: Get A Thicker Greener Turf

Choosing the right seeds is essential when you’re looking to have a beautiful lush green lawn. Your choice of seeds is also important if you’re looking to fix a bare patch or a spot destroyed by naughty dogs or pests and bugs. The area under your trees might also need some extra care and you’ll need to choose the right type of seeds. Overseeding comes in handy if you want to achieve a thick lawn.

5 Best-Selling Lawn Seeds For Overseeding In Spring

If you look in the market, you’ll find different types of lawn seeds to choose from. Some of the things you need to consider include the water retention ability, and the advisable growth conditions among other things. We shall have a look at some of the recommended lawn seeds for overseeding in spring. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lawn Seeds For Overseeding In Spring

1. Scotts Bermudagrass Seed, Withstands Heat And Drought

Scotts Bermudagrass Seed

If you’re looking to fill a patch or have a thicker lawn, then the Scotts Bermudagrass seed is an option that you can consider. The seeds are designed to withstand scorching heat and drought thus making them ideal to be grown in the bare sun. aside from spreading out aggressively, the seeds also crowd out weeds. 

Once grown, the grass has a fine-bladed texture. The 4-in-1 WaterSmart plus coating enables the seeds to withstand scorching heat because it absorbs more water, feeding with essential nutrients, and protecting the seedlings from diseases. For pleasant results, you should ensure that you prepare your soil properly and water it once you’re done planting.

2. Watersave Tall Fescue Grass Mixture, Grows In Shade Or Sun

WaterSaver Grass Mixture With ( Sun Or Shade, 5 Lbs - Covers 1/50 Acre)
Product Highlights:
  • the only seed you will ever need: water saver is low maintenance and is self repairing turf. it knits lawn together by quickly filling damaged or open spots. as a result, less watering and mowing is required.
  • grows great in sun or shade: excellent in the transition climate zone as well as the northern climate zone.
  • patent rtf fescue: creates strong root system for your lawn with less overseeding and fewer weed problems. this fescue grass seed produces a thick, even lawn in the sun or shade.
  • excellent color and disease resistant: withstands stressful weather conditions and keeps a rich green color. provides excellent protection against insects, diseases and enhances drought tolerance.
  • decrease lawn maintenance: water saver allows you to mow close to the turf and use substantially less water to maintain the richness of your lawn.

For someone looking for an option that requires less mowing and watering, then the WaterSave Tall Fescue grass mixture would come in handy. You don’t need to worry about the climate because the seed does great in both shade or sun. The grass seed also has rtf fescue which strengthens the root system for your lawn.

Whether it’s a patch or some damaged spots, you get to have this self-repairing turf as your ultimate solution. Aside from being green in color, the grass mixture is also disease-resistant. It has high drought tolerance, and also protects against diseases and insects. 

3. X-Seed Lawn Seed Mixture, Quick And Thick

XSeed Ultra Premium Quick ( Mixture, 20-Pound)
Product Highlights:
  • germinates fast, fills in for a thick turf
  • for sun and shade areas in central and northern regions of the u.s.
  • comes back year after year
  • covers 14,000 square feet for existing lawns, 7,000 feet for new lawns
  • contains 55% blend of turf-type perennial ryegrass, 30% fine fescue, and 15% improved kentucky bluegrass

The X-Seed lawn seed mixture is ideal if you want to have a thick lawn. It is also an ideal solution if you’re looking to fill some empty spots on your lawn. The grass can also grow in shade and sun areas. 

The X-seed lawn seed mixture is 100% perennial grass seed and it’s also weed-free. This lawn seed grass mixture contains fine fescue, turf-type perennial ryegrass, and a portion of improved Kentucky bluegrass. It is important to note that this lawn seed mixture is formulated for the Northern and Central US climates.

4. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed, WaterSmart Plus Coating Technology, Drought Resistant

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Scotts Turf Builder grass seed is designed to withstand extreme conditions including shade and sun. it also exhibits medium to high drought resistance. The grass has a fine-bladed texture and stays green even during extreme weather conditions.

It also has a 4-in-1 WaterSmart coating that protects the seedlings from diseases, aids in the absorption of water and feeds with important nutrients. The lawn seed mixture is ideal for overseeding and repairing any thin spots considering its thickness and how aggressively it spreads.

5. Pennington Smart Grass Seed, Good Drought Tolerance Penkoted Technology

Pennington Smart Sun And ( Pounds, Old Version)
Product Highlights:
  • uses up to 30% less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • grass establishes quickly
  • contains grass seed varieties that thrive in both sun and shade
  • produces a thick, fine bladed, dark blue-green lawn
  • very good drought tolerance

The Pennington Grass Seed is yet another option that you can consider. Aside from its aggressive growth, this grass seed uses up to 30% less water compared to normal grass seed. This variety also thrives well in both extreme sun and shade. Its drought resistance capabilities allow it to survive in harsh conditions. 

The other thing that makes this grass seed variety a viable option is the disease and insect resistance. There’s also the exclusive Penkoted technology from Pennington used which protects the seeds from any fungus. The results for using this product include getting a thick, fine-bladed lush green lawn.

Buying Guide

From the composition, the climatic conditions which it thrives best to the planting requirements, you need to have everything in mind. Below are some of the things you should consider when looking for the best lawn seeds for overseeding in spring.

1. Purpose of the Seeds

You need to establish why you need the grass seed. Do you want to plant a new lawn or fill some of the empty patches in your lawn? Once you know the purpose, it will be easier for you to choose the most suitable type. You can always read the instructions to see if the seeds suit your purpose. 

2. Level of Traffic Your Lawn is Subjected To

How often do you use your lawn? Do you have kids playing around or pets that will be all over your lawn? Will you be walking on your lawn often? This is something you need to consider when choosing the grass seed to plant on your lawn. You should consider whether it can withstand high traffic and activity.

3. The Type of Seed You Want

As mentioned earlier there’s quite a variety of grass seeds that you can choose from. You can opt for either straight seeds or mixed seeds. The mixed seeds are more preferred because they contain a different percentage of various grass seed types which makes them more resistant to diseases and insects and it’s also likely to give you a more uniform lawn.

4. The Weed Content of the Grass Seed

Different types of grass seeds contain a varying percentage of weed content. When making your purchase, you should aim at purchasing those whose weed content is less than 0.5%. You should always double-check the contents to avoid buying grass seed that will end up damaging your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all find ourselves asking different questions before making the right purchase decision. Here are some of the commonly asked questions with regard to the best option for overseeding grass seed.

Which is the recommended seed version?

Between the straight and mixed seed versions, the mixture is more recommended because it contains a variety of grass seeds and is more resistant to diseases.

Do all grass seed varieties grow under similar conditions?

Different grass seed brands thrive under different climatic conditions. You can always check the recommended climatic conditions on the specifications of the product.

Does the amount of sun my lawn receives matter?

Yes, it matters because some seeds thrive better in shade whereas others do great in extreme heat and sun.


This article highlights some of the grass seeds that you can consider for overseeding in Spring. It also highlights some of the essential things that you should consider when selecting a suitable option. Although there’s plenty that you need to have on your mind, we know going through this will help you make a more informed decision. 

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