Best Lawn Mower Blades For Wet Grass

5 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Wet Grass: Maintain Your Lawn Even In The Rainy Season

Overgrown grass during the rainy season has to be one of the most annoying things. Although mowing when the grass is wet is not advised, you cannot just stand by and watch as your lawn turns to chaos. Therefore, you have to make your job easier by finding yourself only the best mower blade for the job.

5 Best-Selling Lawn Mower Blades For Wet Grass

You should get a blade that can withstand the moisture without getting damaged by rust and getting jammed by the wet grass. Mowing wet grass is quite hectic and should really be done only when necessary. The wet grass often blocks the tubes and it’s really quite a messy process especially when it comes to collecting the waste and cleaning your mower. For this job, you will need only the best quality blades for the job. Here are a few picks which might come in handy.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lawn Mower Blades For Wet Grass

1. Oregon Blade MTD Gator G5 21IN: High-Performance Quality Blade

Oregon 598631 Mulching Blade ( Gator® G5™, 21")
Product Highlights:
  • center hole: bow-tie
  • tungsten carbide is “fused” into the blade – creating an ultra-hard layer at the cutting edge and increasing the time between sharpening.
  • x-tended cutting length optimizes the cutting efficiency with each revolution.
  • gator mulcher provides cleaner, more efficient cutting performance that can eliminate the need to bag, saving time and hassle.
  • high-lift: the aggressive blade angle increases air flow to push debris up-and-out for superior bagging or side discharge.

Oregon Blade is a highly recommended blade for the job. its efficiency and ability to get the job done are what make it suitable for your wet lawn. The blade is hardened at the cutting edge making it very functional and not so much affected by rust which may really mess up a blade once it comes into contact with water.

The Oregon Gator Blade has a high-lift blade angle which helps push air out more efficiently for bagging or side discharge. The blade cuts grass into very fine particles reducing the task of collecting after mowing. It is important to note that side discharge and bagging are not recommended for use when it comes to wet grass as the tubing easily gets clogged by the wet grass clippings.

2. Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade: For 21INCH Cut/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt, OEM Approved Multifunctional Blade

Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade ( 742-0741, 742-0741A, 942-0741, 942-0741A Black)
Product Highlights:
  • includes 1 mulching blade for many 21 in. cut mtd, cub cadet, troy-bilt, and craftsman mowers
  • replaces oem #'s cc-742-0741, 742-0741, 742-0741a, 942-0741, 942-0741a
  • also fits craftsman cmxgzam100067
  • measures: 21 in. l and 2-1/4 in. w
  • bow tie center hole pattern

Here is a high-performance blade sure to give your lawn the perfect cut even when wet. The Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade is an American original and is designed to fit if not surpass all the OEM requirements. This gives you the assurance that the blade will give results.  Seeing that the blade is able to fit multiple mowers, this blade is ideal for you if ever you decide to replace your mower.

The blade is made of good high-quality material and therefore able to withstand the grass cutting without uncalled for wear. The blade’s durability makes it ideal as it gives you quality service without the frequent need for sharpening. it is advised that before purchasing a blade you should check the OEM number in your user manual to confirm if the blade will fit into your mower.

3. Ego 21” Mower Blade: 3-in-1 High-Performance Blade

EGO Power AB2100 21Inch ( LM2101/LM2100/LM2102SP/LM2100SP/LM2142SP ,Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 3-in-1 mower blade for mulching, bagging and side discharging
  • designed specifically for ego power plus mower models lm2100 and lm2100sp
  • factory sharpened steel blade for excellent cutting performance
  • delivers a clean cut to promote lawn health
  • genuine ego parts ensure compatibility and quality

The Ego Mower blade is a quality blade that can be used for mulching, side discharge, and bagging. The blade is made of high-quality steel making it ideal for such a task. It is specifically designed for EGO Power Plus mowers so it is sure to be the blade to consider if you are a user of the mower type. 

The perfectly cut steel ensures that the blade delivers a clean cut and leaves your lawn looking perfectly healthy. This blade is perfect since it is exactly like the original blade therefore you don’t have to worry about receiving a lower quality blade once you purchase it.

4. Toro 22” Recycler Blade: With Upper Coat 

Toro 22 Recycler Mower ( Contains 131-4547-03 (Genuine).)
Product Highlights:
  • toro tooth mulcher blade
  • replaces 108-9764-03
  • tooth mulcher blade
  • width: 2-1/4" , c. h. dia: 7/16" , thickness: 0.1500" , length: 21-11/16", diameter of outside holes: 0.3820"

Seeing as mulching is the best option for your lawn when it is wet, this blade is surely the one to turn to for the job. The Toro 22” Recycler Blade is specially designed for mulching so you are assured that it does this to perfection.

Upon its purchase, the blade is already sharpened so you’re saved the trouble of getting it sharpened. The blade comes with an upper coating which helps make it more resistant to rusting so you are assured of a few years of service before having to consider replacing it.

5. Honda HRR Blade Set: Twin Blade Set, OEM Approved

Honda HRR Blade Set (72531-VE2-020, 72511-VE1-020)
Product Highlights:
  • genuine honda oem lawn mower blade set: upper blade upper blade 72531-ve2-020 and lower blade 72511-ve1-020
  • fits honda lawn mowers hrb215, hrb215k1, hrb215k2, hrb215k3, hrb215k4, hrb216, hrb217, hrm215, hrm215k1, hrm215k2, hrm215k3, hrm215k4
  • fits honda lawn mowers hrr216, hrr216k2, hrr216k3, hrr216k4, hrr216k5, hrr216k6, hrr216k7, hrr216k8
  • fits honda lawn mowers hrs216, hrs216k1, hrs216k2, hrs216k3, hrs216k4, hrt216, hrt216k1, hrt216k2, hrz216
  • supersedes honda mower blades 72531-ve2-000, 72531-ve2-010, 72531-ve2-020, 72511-ve1-000, 72511-ve1-010

In case you have a Honda HRR Blade Set, then these blades are sure to provide you with a perfect-looking lawn. The blades are genuine honda parts that have been approved by the OEM so you don’t have to worry about their quality. On purchase, you will receive a set of twin blades, one upper and the lower one.

Twin blades are well known for delivering the perfect smooth cut for your lawn leaving it looking healthy and attractive. During the installation of the blades, you might require additional help from a professional in case you are unsure of how the switching of the blades is supposed to be done. 

Buying Guide

When you have to deal with long wet grass, having the right mower for your lawn is very important. Choosing the right blade for your mower is essential if you are to get good results. Here we provide you with a guide of things you should consider when getting a replacement blade for your mower.

1. Blade Quality

When picking out a blade for your mower be sure to check on its quality. A quality blade is good since you avoid the hassle of having to replace your blade every few months.

2. Compatibility With Your Mower

Be sure to confirm whether your replacement blade fits into your mower before purchase to avoid any unnecessary confusion. This can be done by checking the lawn manual and confirming with the sellers.

3. Mowing Method to be Used

There are three mowing methods used namely side discharge, mulching, and bagging. You may find different blade types are available depending on the method which you intend to use. Be sure to consult with the seller and get the right blade for the job.

4. Mulching Blades for Wet Grass

As mentioned before, mulching is the best option to use when you have to deal with wet grass. For this, you will need to use mulching blades. These are designed to cut the grass clippings into small pieces reducing the amount of waste you have to deal with after you are done cutting the grass.

Types of Lawn Mower Blades

Besides the material used in making lawnmower blades, lawnmowers are categorized as per their functionality. These come in 5 main categories as follows:

1. Mulching Blades

Mulching blades have more cutting edges compared to other blades. As the name describes, they thresh the grass into smaller pieces and disperses it back to the ground. As a gardener, you would go for this blade because you need to use the debris to enrich the soil. On the flip side, it cannot be used on dense and tall grass because it will clog the deck.

2. Standard or Medium Lift Blade

Standard lawn mower blades are the most commonly used since it works perfectly in both dry and wet landscapes. The biggest advantage is that they can cut dense grass patches. The downside, however, is that the chutes clog easily and require frequent maintenance.

3. Gator Blades

This is very similar to the mulching blades, only that they are more efficient because it comes with curved teeth. The modified blade edges allow the grass to be cut more finely. On the flip side, the cutting edges get blunt faster, hence needing frequent sharpening and ultimately replacement of the whole blade.

4. High-lift blade

A high lift blade has vertical angles at the edges, which enables a more precise and well-defined finishing. This type of blade is the best for a lawn with tall grass. It has a high level of suction that prevents blockage. The suction power, however, makes it less effective for places with loose soil or sand because it will all be swallowed into the mower.

5. Low Lift Blade

The low lift blade has fewer curved edges and low suction power, which makes it the best for mowing a landscape with sandy soil. They use less power, are more durable, but they do not such the debris, meaning you will need to clean up after mowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cutting dry grass and wet grass?

Dry grass scatters easily when being cut whereas wet grass mostly does not scatter and sometimes even just remains on the mower causing it to get jammed and clogged.

What method best suits wet grass?

For wet grass, mulching is probably the best approach. This is because wet grass often blocks the tubing when the other methods are used hence very inconvenient.

Will mowing wet grass damage a mower?

Although no significant damage comes to your mower, you have to deal with the stubborn clippings which stick to your mower after the job is done.


Most people are familiar with having to cut dry lawns. It is quite different from a wet lawn and the process has a few setbacks.  We look at some of the best lawn mower blades in the market and listed buying guides and frequently asked questions so you will be sure to end with the perfect mower blades for your lawnmower.

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