Best Lawn Fertilizers For New Sod

5 Best Lawn Fertilizers For New Sod: Get That Green And Nourished Lawn

A great lawn has to be every homeowner’s pride. Besides, no one likes a lawn with bald patches of grass and uneven growth. We don’t all have the green thumb and so, we remedy that by using fertilizers.

5 Best-Selling Lawn Fertilizers For New Sod

Fertilizers play a major role in the maintenance of lawns. Using the right fertilizer is essential for the perfect lawn if you expect good results. 

Not only should the fertilizer provide the soil with nutrients, but it should also be eco-friendly and not affect the environment. Here are different fertilizer options which you should consider next time you are out shopping for something that will suit your lawn.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lawn Fertilizers For New Sod

1. Milorganite 0605 Garden Care Organic Fertilizer: All-Purpose Fertilizer

Milorganite 0605 Garden Care ( Fertilizer, 5-Pound)
Product Highlights:
  • garden care organic fertilizer
  • contains all 15 growth elements needed to produce vigorous, healthy turf
  • golf courses use any time of year because it is so safe
  • does not dehydrate tender grass plants
  • deep green with 4 percent iron

The Milorganite garden care organic fertilizer is an all-purpose fertilizer that can serve you in multiple areas be it in the garden, lawn, and even potted plants if you might have any. For a healthy and vigorous turf, the Milorganite garden care organic fertilizer is ideal as it constitutes all the fifteen elements necessary for this to occur.

What makes this fertilizer ideal is that it can be used all through the year as it is safe and hardly does it cause the burning of the grass. This fertilizer is also recommended for tender grass as it keeps it hydrated. For grass with a deep green and attractive appearance, this fertilizer is highly recommended for your lawn.

2. Greenview Lawn Fertilizer Fairway Formula: Toughens Greens and Thickens Lawn

GreenView 2129187 Fairway Formula ( Lb. -Covers 5,000 Sq. Ft)
Product Highlights:
  • premium quality lawn fertilizer that greens and thickens your lawn
  • works with all types of turf and may be applied anytime grass is actively growing
  • features both immediate release and controlled-release nutrients for up to 12 weeks of feeding and won't burn lawn
  • zero phosphate and 63% slow release nitrogen formula helps protect our waterways
  • power source type: air powered

This is yet another good option to consider for your lawn. It is specially formulated to ensure that your lawn is tough and thick and at the same time healthy and green. Greenview lawn fertilizer is definitely the ideal choice as it suits all grass types hence ensuring that your grass won’t get burnt after use.

After its application, Greenview lawn fertilizer ensures that your lawn is fed and nourished for up to 12 weeks making it quite economical and healthy for your lawn maintenance. It is recommended to use the fertilizer whenever your lawn is undergoing active growth. Broadcast spreaders may be used or application may be done according to label instructions.

3. Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action: Kill Weeds, Prevent Crabgrass, And Feeds Lawn

Scotts Turf Builder Triple ( Chickweed & More, Covers Up To 4,000 Sq. Ft., 20 Lb.)
Product Highlights:
  • triple action – kills, prevents and feeds | keep people and pets out of the area during application. do not allow people or pets to enter the treated areas until dusts have settled
  • apply in spring when daytime temperatures are consistently between 60ᵒ f and 80ᵒ f and before the 3rd or 4th mowing | do not apply to newly seeded or sodded areas until after the 4th mowing. apply product when dandelions are actively growing
  • you must wait at least 6-8 weeks between fertilizer applications | covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • this product contains both a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control | would not be a control for spurge
  • use on bahiagrass, bermudagrass, centipedegrass, fine fescue, kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue | will not kill actively growing crabgrass but will kill actively growing broadleaf weeds if applied correctly

As its name suggests, this Scotts turf builder fertilizer and weed control is an all-rounded savior for your lawn. It acts as active weed control, preventing unwanted grass, and also ensures that your lawn is fertile and has the right nutrients for wonderful growth. Although quite helpful, this product may be harmful when exposed to people and it is advised that people and pets keep off the treated areas until the dust has settled. 

It is best when applied in spring when temperatures range between 60∘F and 80∘F and should not be applied to newly seeded areas. Another good thing about this product is that it is not limited to only one grass type and it may be used on quite a number of grass types making it convenient if there is ever the need to change the grass type planted in your lawn.

4. Monterey LG7115 Dr. Soil Acidifier Granules Iron And Elemental Sulphur Acidic Fertilizer

Monterey LG7115 Dr Soil ( Sulfur Acidic Fertilizer, 7 Lb)
Product Highlights:
  • corrects iron deficiency - when your garden or lawn is yellowing in color, that's a sign of an iron deficiency. dr. iron helps to correct this deficiency. the product is made up of 22% iron and 55% sulfur.
  • non-staining - dr. iron is applied in the oxide form, so it will not stain concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc. until it has been in contact with soil moisture and converts to the sulfate form.
  • great for a variety of uses - use this product on turf, flowers, vegetables, ground-covers, shrubs, and more. the combination of iron and sulfur makes application and plant uptake easy.
  • reduce soil ph - dr. iron reduces soil ph and won't stain or burn like other iron products. it can be used on turf, flowers, shrubs, and more. it can be used anywhere in the garden where plants are pale or yellowing.
  • organic gardening - dr. iron is omri listed and approved for organic gardening. omari, the organic materials review institute, determines whether or not a product qualifies as organic under the usa's national organic program.

Monterey Dr.iron is the right fertilizer to turn to once you notice that your lawn is starting to turn a yellow color. This is normally caused by an iron deficiency which can be fixed by this fertilizer which is composed of 55% sulfur and iron 22%.this product is not limited to lawn grass alone, it can also be used widely on other vegetation making it very useful to have.

Unlike some of the other iron products commonly used, this one ensures that there is no staining once it has already been used. However, as much as this product is good for green vegetation, it is crucial for its user to follow the instructions listed by the manufacturer as overuse of any inorganic fertilizer has been known to cause significant damage to plants. 

5. Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard: Fall Lawn Food

This is yet another Scotts product which any lawn owner should have on their shelf. Scotts Turf Winterguard builds strong and deep roots ensuring that your lawn is better prepared for the next spring. The product provides nutrients that are essential in repairing the damage that had been caused due to activity, excessive heat, and drought.

The lawn food works best when it is applied during the fall. It greatly increases the lawn’s ability to take in water and nutrients. One of the advantages of this product is that it is suitable for any grass type. This lawn food is specially formulated to ensure that the grass is able to withstand harsh summer conditions, hence a better lawn in the spring.

Buying Guide

The process of purchasing the right fertilizer for your lawn may give you quite a headache especially if you are unfamiliar with the products commonly used for this purpose.

1. Time Of The Year

Be sure to check on the time of the year and the season before buying fertilizers and lawn food for your lawn as most are made for use during specific times of the year and a specific weather condition.

2. Grass Type

Before purchasing any fertilizer, ensure you check on the grass type grown on your lawn. Failing to do so may be disastrous as some of the fertilizer products do not go well with some grass types and may only result in the destruction of the grass on your lawn in an attempt to fix it.

3. Soil PH

Most fertilizers come in varying percentages of key elements and nutrients. Knowing this, it is advised to use a soil test kit that helps determine the nutrient level in the soil and its PH.

4. Type Of Fertilizer

When buying fertilizers for your lawn, you may want to check on whether the fertilizer is synthetic or organic. Synthetic fertilizers tend to break down faster in the soil whereas organic fertilizers take time to break down. However, it is important to note that synthetic fertilizers can burn your lawn if not used in proper quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn might prove to be quite a tedious task and many questions are usually asked during the process. Here are some common questions asked and their answers.

Is applying fertilizer

to new grass recommended? There are fertilizers formulated especially for new sprouting grass and not just any type is used. It is recommended to make inquiries first before purchasing.

Will using different fertilizer types on one lawn affect it?

Most professionals advise that different fertilizer types should not be used at once as this may affect your lawn and even cause the grass to dry out.

Which are the best fertilizer brands to use?

There are very many good brands of fertilizers to use on your lawn. However, the Scotts Turf Builder is one of the most recommended brands to use.


Your lawn deserves to be the envy of the entire neighborhood. With the fertilizer recommendations and guide above, we hope that deciding the best product for your lawn will be a no-brainer the next time you’re out shopping. With the various products highlighted, you don’t need to compromise on getting a beautiful lush green lawn!

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