Best Lawn Fertilizers For Hot Summer

5 Best Lawn Fertilizers for Hot Summer

To keep your lawn inviting and attractive, you should ensure that your grass is lush green over the year. As such, you should provide the grass with depleted nutrients through fertilizing.

5 Best-Selling Lawn Fertilizers for Hot Summer

There are numerous fertilizer brands in the market. To ensure that you are giving your lawn the best treatment, you need to know all about the available fertilizers. With the best lawn fertilizer for a hot summer, you can ensure that your lawn stands out in the block, even during the hottest times.

It would be best if you got your fingers right in choosing the hot summer fertilizer for your lawn. Learn all the facts from our review! Some of the top lawn fertilizer picks include.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lawn Fertilizers for Hot Summer

1. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

If your lawn has pesky yellow patches, then this is the fertilizer brand you should go for. Milorganite is a nitrogen-based fertilizer. As such, it does not contain Potassium or Phosphorus.

Supplying your grass with Nitrogen helps you establish a teeming green lawn. Besides, Nitrogen is essential in the coloring and growth of your grass. With the Milorganite organic brand, you get both Nitrogen and iron in one pack. The iron in this fertilizer is essential for photosynthesis which keeps your lawn green and helps avoid yellowish blades.

Apart from homeowners, you can also use this fertilizer brand for commercial purposes, especially golf courses. It ensures that the grass remains lush and dark green. Most importantly, this product requires you to water your lawn less frequently. Once a month will do. You should, however, note that it is vital to water the lawn after applying the fertilizer. In case it rains, you don’t have to do the watering.


  • Reduces watering on lawns
  • Reduces the need for mowing by cutting down the mowing time
  • Enhances green turf on golf courses

2. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food

Scotts Green Max Lawn ( Greening In 3 Days - Covers 10,000 Sq. Ft.)
Product Highlights:
  • feeds for deep greening in just 3 days for greener grass
  • dual-action, 2-in-1 formula feeds and supplements with iron
  • fertilizer not to stain when used as directed
  • apply to any grass type in the spring, summer and fall months
  • recommended for many lawns as part of the scotts lawn care plan

If your lawn is in bad shape, then you need a product that works fast. Using this Scott’s product, you can get a greener lawn in just three days. The product comes in two sizes of 5000 and 10000 square feet fertilizer bags.

The Scotts Green Max Lawn Food contains iron and other essential nutrients. As such, you only need to use it correctly to get the best results. Besides, you can use it on all grass types in the summer months. Some homeowners prefer to supplement it with other Scotts products in their lawn care and maintenance routine.

The best part about this product is that it is entirely safe for both children and pets. Therefore, you can let the kids and pets roam on the grass even after laying the fertilizer. Pet lovers can now rest easy knowing that their fur friends are at no risk of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, you can confidently move food around.


  • Fast-acting gives you greener grass in just three days
  • Dual-action product; feeds your lawn and also contains essential supplements
  • Pet friendly
  • Convenient for any grass type in any season

3. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer

The Andersons Professional PGF ( With Humic DG 5,000 Sq.ft.)
Product Highlights:
  • super fine particles which give you twice the number of particles per square foot. more particles, better and more even distribution.
  • lower nitrogen strength allows you to apply more particles per square foot.
  • slow release and feeds for up to 8 weeks.
  • humic dg (humic and fulvic acid) which helps enrich your soil and allows plants to process nutrients better.
  • not sold in california and south dakota.

Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer product contains humic and fulvic acids to give it a complete formula. It features an NPK ratio of 16-4-8. As such, it is ideal for keeping your lawn green. The acids contained in the fertilizer enrich the soil and also helps the grass to process the nutrients at a faster rate.

With an 18-pound bag of the Anderson PGF Complete Fertilizer, you can treat 5000 sq. ft of your lawn.

Besides, this fertilizer has a slow-release formula. Therefore, you don’t have to re-fertilize your lawn for about two months.


  • Superfine fertilizer particles giving an even distribution
  • Feeds your lawn for about eight weeks (slow-release)
  • It contains humic and fulvic acid

4. Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble Lawn Food

MiracleGro Water Soluble Lawn ( Lawn Food, 5 Lb.)
Product Highlights:
  • instantly feeds all grass types
  • encourages a soft green carpet of grass that will be the pride of the neighborhood
  • feeds up to 7,200 sq. ft.
  • the fast way to a thick, green lawn
  • for use with the miracle-gro garden feeder

It is a water-soluble fertilizer product that you can apply on any grass. Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble Lawn Food is popular among lawn owners because it provides a greener and lusher turf of green. With a 5-pound bag, you can cover about 4000 sq. ft of your lawn.

The Miracle-Gro lawn food is a fast-acting fertilizer. As a result, you can be sure to achieve a more attractive and healthier lawn in a few weeks.

Applying this fertilizer to your lawn is a simple and straightforward procedure. You need to add water to a Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or any other fertilizer feeder containing the product and use a garden horse to spray it evenly on the grass.


  • Convenient for all types of grasses
  • Encourages a greener, lusher and healthier lawn

5. Advanced Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer – Summer Concentrated

Advanced 1648 Balanced NPK ( Grass Type - Simple Lawn Solutions (32 Ounce))
Product Highlights:
  • complete npk lawn food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key macronutrients. this lawn liquid food turf fertilizer also contains seaweed & fish.
  • contains high quality feed grade ingredients: nourish your lawn with pure liquid nutrients in a ready to use sprayer
  • easy to use: designed to be easily applied. this complete nitrogen, phosphate and potash formula gives your grass greening & growth while providing nutrients for lush lawns
  • all grass types: including bermuda, st. augustine, zoysia, buffalo, centipede, florida palmetto, bahia, fescue, ryegrass & kentucky bluegrass
  • produced in the united states: 16-4-8 is manufactured in the united states of america, by a family owned business with 25 years of former experience in the commercial professional turf industry.

If you are looking for an all-in-one balanced fertilizer, then Advanced Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer simple lawn solution will deliver. The product features an NPK ratio of 16-4-8. Also, the fertilizer has essential macronutrients, fish and seaweed. With plenty of potassium, Nitrogen, and phosphorous, your lawn stays green. The fertilizer also feeds the roots and makes the grass healthier.

Besides, the product is free of harmful chemicals. It is natural and organic, and therefore, it is pet-friendly. Kids and pets can therefore freely romp on the lawn even after the fertilizer application.

Furthermore, the product comes with a sprayer attached, ensuring a smooth and easy application process. One fertilizer container is ideal for treating up to 3200 sq. ft of your lawn. Note that this product is convenient for all grass types. So, whether your lawn has Zoysia, Kentucky Bluegrass, Bahia, or any other grass type, this fertilizer will work.


  • Great for all types of grass
  • Quality 16-4-8 balanced lawn food#
  • Features seaweed and fish

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a lawn fertilizer for hot summer, there are a few things you need to consider:

1. Grass Type

There are two types of grasses; the cool-season grasses and the warm-season grasses.

2. Cool-season Grasses

Cool-season grasses like fescue, bluegrass, and ryegrass can withstand changing temperatures. Besides, they also have a high drought and disease tolerance. Cool-season grasses become greener and grow more rapidly in the spring and fall.

In summer and winter, however, this type of grass remains dormant. Applying a very rich nitrogenous fertilizer to this type of grass in summer may result in burns on your lawn. With the cool-season grass, try using a fertilizer that will boost your lawn’s natural growth rather than push it to grow. Such a fertilizer will prevent your lawn from going into summer dormancy. Nevertheless, the grass still needs some amount of Nitrogen to stay lush and healthy. You should, therefore, not cut off all the nitrogen fertilizers completely.

Spoon feed your lawn with Nitrogen in summer. Besides, some potassium, macronutrients, and iron are essential for helping your cool-season grass during this stressful summer period.

On the other hand, warm-season grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda green up and grow more rapidly during summer. The blades of such grasses will brown out in fall and green up in summer. You need to fertilize your lawn right before the ‘green-up.’

3. Fertilizer Type

There are two types of fertilizers that you can apply to your lawn; synthetic and organic fertilizers.

Synthetic fertilizers are artificially manufactured products that quickly boost your lawn by providing it with essential nutrients. These fertilizers consist of three primary components; Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P), and Potassium (K). As such, these fertilizers come with an NPK value. On the other hand, organic fertilizer is a naturally occurring fertilizer. Such a fertilizer is safer but takes long before results can show.

4. Expectations

Before choosing your ideal lawn fertilizer for hot summer, you should consider the green-up time.

For quick results, synthetic fertilizers are the best. However, if you want to allow the grass to green up naturally, which will, of course, take time, then organic fertilizers are the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lawn fertilizer?

Lawn fertilizer is a product that supplies your lawn with additional nutrients to ensure that it thrives and becomes healthier.

How do I determine the best lawn fertilizer for hot summer?

First, you have to consider the type of grass in your lawn, whether cool-season or warm-season. Secondly, consider the green up time and the fertilizer type to use.

How can you kill weeds on your lawn when fertilizing in hot summer?

In case your lawn has weeds, choose a fertilizer with weed control.

What is the meaning of the letters NPK on synthetic lawn fertilizers?

These letters represent the essential lawn nutrients; Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The accompanying ratios represent the weight percentages of these three nutrients, respectively.


Applying fertilizers is essential in achieving a greener and healthier lawn in Summer. You should, however, consider the grass type and the green-up time before choosing the ideal product. Besides, it is good to consult with a professional or research company.

Most of the warm-season grasses love the heat. For this reason, they become greener and thrive in summer. If your lawn has warm-season grass and you want it to thicken up, summer is the best period to apply Nitrogen and push it harder. The amount of fertilizer application depends on how often you want to mow your lawn.

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