Best Indoor Hanging Plants

Best Indoor Hanging Plants (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Indoor hanging plants bring in a touch of nature in your space. More than ever, people are embracing the maximization of their indoor spaces by the use of hanging plants. Indoor plants come with many benefits apart from decorating your home. Some act as air purifiers. They are also known to boost moods. If you are just starting, here is a guide to help you select the best indoor hanging plants for your house.

5 Best-Selling Indoor Hanging Plants

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Indoor Hanging Plants

1. Air plant

Air plants to hang indoors

The fact that air plants have gained a lot of popularity is undeniable. The plants allow creativity when hanging them. They are called air plants as they obtain most of their nutrients from the surrounding air. They require very little maintenance. Whether its summer or winter, air plants will make beautiful statements in your house.

Before hanging your plant, you should soak it in water, and then let it dry. If it’s a hot season, always soak and mist your plant. Do it less often during the cold season. Air plants look so beautiful when hanged in glass terrariums. Before placing the air plants into their terrariums, ensure they are not wet to prevent the growth of molds. If the leaves of the plants start to curl inside, it is an indication that you need to soak or mist them.

2. English Ivy

English Ivy to hang indoors

English Ivy will look so good in your house when planted in baskets or containers which allow its vines to hang down. The plant does not need to be water frequently.

You should only water it after the soil becomes completely dry. English Ivy needs to be repotted every year. Ivies are best propagated from stem cuttings.

3. Chenille Plant

Chenille Plant to hang indoors

Chenille plant is characterized by fuzzy red flowers and remarkable foliage. The plants make immediate impressions in any room. Place your plant next to a south-facing window so that it can get sufficient sunlight. As the plant establishes, ensure the soil is moist always.

A chenille plant grows very fast. You need to add fertilizers to ensure it is developing well. You can also buy from a nursery. When it comes to chenille, propagating from seeds will cause you a headache. The plant is best propagated from cuttings to keep the plant healthy, prune it frequently.

4. The Boston Fern

The Boston Fern  to hang indoors

The Boston Fern is drought tolerant, although it thrives better in moist soil. For it to be more vibrant, you need to mist it with a water sprayer or get a humidifier. The plants have air purification capabilities and are pet-friendly. 

5. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant to Hang Indoors

These easy to grow plants are  popular for their insect catching abilities. They attract insects with their captivating beautiful colors and sweet scents. The insects are then trapped in the pitchers and are digested by the plant’s enzymes. Pitchers require to be exposed in full sunlight. Insufficient sunlight will cause the plants to be weak.

6. Spider Plant

Spider Plant to Hang Indoors

The spider plant is one of the easiest and adaptable indoor plants you can grow. The plant got its name due to its leaves that resemble a spider. The plant can thrive well in an indoor space, provided you do not expose it to direct sunlight.

If you have pets, there is no need to worry, as spider plants are pet-friendly. The plants propagate more easily from stems. The secret of growing healthy spider plants is providing them with plenty of moisture and humidity.

7. String of Hearts

String of Hearts to Plant Indoors

The romantically dangling heart-shaped leaves of the String of Hearts are obsessing. Hang the plant as high as you wish, to create a bold statement in your house.

These plants do not tolerate direct sunlight. They require sufficient light. Since they are succulents, string of hearts does not require frequent watering.  The plants should only be repotted in summer when the growth is active, as they tend to be dormant during winter.

8. Trailing Jade

Trailing Jade - To Hang Indoors

The tropical vines bloom in summer and spring. Place the plants near a window, as they require exposure to direct sunlight.

During summer, ensure that the soil is always moist; as it is time the plants are actively growing. In winter, allow the soil to dry before watering the plants.

9. String of Pearls

String of Pearls Plant To Hang Indoors

The string of pearl enlivens any space by its round beads, which look like peas. When hanging over a pot or basket in your house, it adds a dramatic look. Like other succulents, it is a low maintenance plant. You can easily propagate the plants from the cuttings of the mother plant. The string of pearls thrives well in bright light.

10. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos plant to hang indoors

Golden pothos is known to purify indoor air. If you want to breathe fresh air at night, hang golden pothos in your bedroom. The trailing leaves also enliven any room, effortlessly. Pothos requires sufficient exposure to sunlight so that they can bloom fully.

11. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant to Hang Indoors

The Arrowhead plant is also known as five fingers. Initially, its leaves usually have an arrowhead shape, which then changes to form a finger-like shape. The plants are available in shades of pink, green, and burgundy.

The arrowhead plant requires little maintenance to grow.  When working on them, gloves should be worn as it contains a sap which can cause irritation. Before watering the soil, ensure it has dried out as too much water will damage the plant. The plants do well in humid conditions; therefore, they are ideal for the kitchen or bathroom.

12. Orchids

Orchid Plant to Grow Indoors

Many people believe that orchids are hard to grow. However, if you understand their basic requirements, it will be easy for you to grow them.

The beautiful orchid flowers will add a pop of colors in your house. Ensure the orchids get sufficient sunlight by hanging them close to a window. If you take good care of them, the final reward will be exotic, captivating flowers for your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hanging plant?

A hanging plant is a plant that hangs downwards or spreads horizontally from a hanging basket or a higher surface.

What is a hanging basket?

A hanging basket is any type of a container suspended to grow decorative plants

What can make indoor hanging plants die?

The main reasons your plants can die is overwatering or under watering them. Another reason could be insufficient or excessive exposure to sunlight.

How long do hanging indoor plants live?

It depends on individual species. However, most plants will live for 2-5 years then stop thriving. After this period, it is good to invest in other plants.

What are the best indoor hanging plants?

Many factors will determine the choice of suitable plants for you. Some of them are your taste and preference, climatic conditions of your area, and whether you have pets or small kids.

Which is the best place to hang my indoor plants?

You can hang the plants in any part of the house as long as they will be easily accessible. You can hang them on an indoor trellis, suction them to a window, suspend them from a ceiling,  or attach them to your walls using magnets.

Wrapping Up

There are so many indoor hanging plants you can choose for your home. Once you get them, display them correctly to create magical and bold statements for your décor. The best thing is that indoor hanging plants do not require high levels of maintenance.