Best Gloves For Lawn Mowing

The Best Gloves for Lawn Mowing: Protect Your Hands from Blisters and Cold

If there is one thing you will always do, it is mowing your lawn. The grass will always grow as long as it’s getting the necessary requirements for growth.

5 Best-Selling Gloves for Lawn Mowing

Having the right gear for lawn mowing makes the activity exciting and less tiring. One of the gears you should always have is lawn mowing gloves. They protect you from developing blisters as you push the mower up and down and also keep you warm when it’s cold.

There are a wide variety of lawn mowing gloves available, but not all will suit your needs. Here is a review of the best gardening gloves for lawn mowing.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Gloves for Lawn Mowing

1. IRONCLAD Command Pro Work Gloves

Ironclad Command Pro Work ( Sized S, M, L, XL, XXL (1 Pair) (X-Large, Brown))
Product Highlights:
  • touchscreen command - conductive palm & fingers our command technology incorporates touchscreen into the very fibers of our gloves
  • hand safety - neoprene knuckle feature provides impact and abrasion protection across the knuckles
  • sweat management feature - terry cloth sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb allows you to stay focused on the job at hand with one wipe of the brow
  • hook & loop closure - adjustable hook and loop closure provides a secure custom fit for ideal performance
  • engineered fit - all ironclad gloves are designed with our industry leading flawless fit system that defines up to 16 application driven measurements to provide best in class fit

These gloves are made of synthetic leather, which offers you the protection you need while lawn mowing. To add to your safety and protection, the manufacturer has incorporated a Neoprene knuckle feature into the glove. It provides your knuckles with adequate abrasion and impact protection.

Another spectacular thing about these gloves is the amount of technology used when designing them. With these gloves, you have no excuse for missing calls since they are touchscreen enabled. You can easily use your phone without having to remove them.

Distinctively from other gloves, IRONCLAD Command Pro Work Gloves is fit with a terry cloth, which allows you to wipe off the sweat while still concentrating on the work at hand.

In addition, the gloves have an adjustable hook and loop, which allows you to fit easily, making it easier to work in them. They are also available in different colors ranging from brown, black reflective orange, and yellow.


  • Maximum hand protection
  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Can easily wipe sweat with the terry cloth
  • Can adjust the glove to fit


  • Not be suitable for heavy-duty work

2. Anti-Vibration Gloves, SBR Padding, TPR Protector Impact Gloves

HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves ( Men Mechanic Work Gloves (Large))
Product Highlights:
  • anti vibration work gloves: synthetic palm with 5mm sbr inner padded patch on each fingers and palm, help alleviate the vibration from the machines, perfect for mowing lawn, power tools, running chainsaw, great gifts to tire installer, box big handlers, loggers, metal workers, etc
  • high impact work gloves: breathable knitting mesh back with 5mm upgraded thermo plastic rubber (tpr) protector, tough protection from impact to the back of hand , could be a little bulky, not for fine work.
  • impact mechanics gloves with adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit to your wrist that allows for easy glove removal between tasks.
  • reinforced chainsaw gloves: extra protection between thumb and forefinger and padding to this typical wear point.
  • high performance heavy duty padded impact gloves for anti vibrant, certify to en iso 10819:2013

Are you looking for gardening gloves that have an anti-vibration feature? Well, you need not look further because Anti Vibration Gloves are exactly the gloves for you. The gloves have a 5mm SBR inner padded patch that helps to terminate any vibration from your lawnmower. They also offer your hand numbness protection from operating heavy machines.

These gloves are made of synthetic spandex, which makes them stretchy. Also, they offer you flexibility as you can grasp and hold things easily.

These gloves were designed with safety in mind. They have thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protector, which protects the back of your hand from impact and injuries. It also has an adjustable wrist strap, which enhances glove fit to your wrist; it makes it easy to put on and remove the gloves.


  • Anti-vibration
  • Offers protection to your hands
  • Adjustable wrist strap for a perfect fit
  • Impact-resistant


  • It’s expensive

3. 3 Pairs Gardening Gloves For Women

HLDD HANDLANDY Women Gardening ( Gloves With PVC Grip Dots (Large, Blue 3 Pairs))
Product Highlights:
  • breathable cotton garden gloves - made of cotton jersey fabric and cotton lining, lightweight and breathable, keeps your hands cool and dry during the working.
  • pvc grip dots - pvc mini dots on the palm and fingers provide garden gloves excellent grip, and allows a nice capture, offers better dexterity for pruning, planting, daily work and using tools.
  • elastic knit wrist - soft knit wrist fits your hands well, easy try on and off, and can keep out dirt and debris, full protection for your hands.
  • details - soft stretch fabric makes your hands comfortable and flexible. colorful and beautiful floral printing pattern womens gardening gloves keep you a fresh feeling during the gardening work and daily work.
  • multi-purpose - these ladies garden gloves are ideal for planting, seeding, fertilize, pruning, housework, yard work, diy, fence painting and other gardening work. suitable for daily work in different seasons.

The most fascinating thing about these gloves is that they come in three pairs. You still get to remain with a pair if one of the gloves is worn or damaged while gardening.

The gloves also have PVC dots, which allow for better grip while weeding or holding tools. It is also equipped with a knit wrist cuff for excellent fit and to ensure no dirt or debris gets to your hands.

 The gloves are undeniably attractive. They are technically made for women who like looking lovely and funny even in the garden, thus the floral print design. The gloves are also machine washable.

Another impressive thing about these gloves is the ‘one size fit all’ feature. You don’t need to waste time choosing sizes.


  • They come in 3 pairs
  • Protects hands from dirt and debris
  • They are attractive
  • No sizing issues


  • Made of cotton, making them only suitable for light gardening works

4. Gardening Gloves for Women and Men

COOLJOB 2 Pairs Touch ( For Workers, Gardeners, Drivers, Green & Black, XL)
Product Highlights:
  • breathable base– mixed fiber, including 68% rayon made from bamboo & 28% nylon & 4% spandex, is perfect for sensitive skin and enhance breathability and reduce sweating. stretchy seamless knitted back for comfort, keeps hands cool & dry, and absorbs perspiration for long time work, suitable for all seasons.
  • ergonomically design & touchscreen - soft but durable foamed nitrile coating for non-slip grip with garden tools and longer wear. rubber coating in black to hide dirt and extend service life. extend long cuff to protect your wrist and keep out mud and dirt, so hands and wrist stay clean & dry. touchscreen capability allows you to operate smart phones without taking off gloves.
  • snug fit & versatile - unisex designed gardening gloves, 4 sizes available. true to size, fit snugly and stay in perfect fit. truly versatile garden work gloves for gardening, landscaping, weeding, fishing, handling, farming, planting, household, logistics, diy & home improvement in all seasons. a must have for your work & home essentials.
  • gift package - two pairs of gardening work gloves included for handy backups. comes with gift packaging from cooljob, ideal for you and your loved ones. perfect gift for gardeners, landscapers, friends, families, colleagues on birthdays, thanksgiving day, christmas, new year, and other holidays. two kinds of packages in can or box will be sent randomly.
  • devoted customer service - genuine cooljob bamboo yard work gloves, trademark registered in u.s.a. for u.s customers, we offer one month free trial and free lifetime customer service. satisfaction guaranteed. if not, we shall send you a free replacement or issue a full refund.

These gloves are unisex; both men and women can wear them.  They come in 4 different sizes hence you can choose the one that fits you right. You can consider getting two matching pairs of these lovely bamboo working gloves, one pair for you and another for your partner, and continue rocking even in the garden.

The gloves are lightweight owing to the material they are made of, that is, bamboo fiber.  You can easily work in them without tiring your hands or straining your back. They also have extended cuffs to prevent any mud or debris from getting to your hands.

Do you have a friend or a loved one who is a gardener or landscaper and wondering what gift to get them for the upcoming birthday or holiday? Amazingly, you can gift them one of these lovely gardening gloves for women and men since they come in a ready-to-gift package from COOLJOB. The other incredible thing is that they are breathable, flexible, and comfortable to be in.


  • They are unisex
  • Lightweight
  • It prevents dirt and mud from getting to your gloves
  • They are durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  • They come in a ready-to-gift package.


  • May have problems with sizing

5. Vgo 10Pairs Nitrile Coating Gardening and Work Gloves

Vgo 10Pairs Safety Work ( Dipping Gloves (Size L, Gray, NT2110))
Product Highlights:
  • multi-purpose applications - ideal for the auto industry, utility workers, regular construction, logistic, warehousing, driving, forest, ranching, landscaping, gardening, picking, camping, hand tools and diy light duty works, outdoor activities
  • material - highly flexible seamless polyester liner provides hands for maximum comfort. durable nitrile coated palm gives improved flexibility and a high-performance grip. knit wrist secure fit & keeps hands free of dust and dirt
  • washable - machine washable for easy cleaning & maintenance. quick-dry, reusable
  • valued pack - optional colors and packages
  • certification - ca65 approved/comply with the eu reach regulation, ce certified with en388: 4121x

If you are a gardener or landscaper who is allergic to some materials like leather, this is the ideal option for you. Nitrile is not only durable but also allergy-safe.

The gloves are ideal for lightweight and regular works such as gardening, warehousing, and so on. They are washable, breathable, and slip-resistant

The polyester seamless liner ensures your hand’s absolute comfort. They are also CE certified and comply with REACH regulations.


  • Allergy-safe
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • They are affordable


  • May experience sizing issues

Buyers Guide

Lawn mowing gloves are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and even styles. For this reason, you need to choose the gloves that will suit your needs while servicing you better. Here are a few things you need to look at when buying gloves for mowing.

1. Durability and Comfort

The safety and comfort of your hands is always the priority. However, the most comfortable gloves are not the most durable. If you are looking for comfortable gloves, choose the ones that fit your hands right and allow for your hands to breathe when mowing.

2. Flexibility

Lawn mowing gloves should allow for your fingers to move, bend, hold and grasp things easily. The right gloves should give your fingers the freedom to maneuver and hold your lawnmower effortlessly and with ease. Don’t just buy gloves because they are durable; consider the flexibility they will offer you while at work.

3. Wrist Closure

While choosing the right gloves, you need to check whether they have adjustable wrist closure. The wrist closure ensures the gloves fit well and prevents dirt and debris from reaching your hands. Avoid gloves that do not have a hook and loop or wrist strap.

4. Material

There is a wide variety of gardening gloves made from different materials ranging from leather to nitrile and cotton to rubber. The right glove material will depend on the purpose the gloves are intended for. For instance, for lawn mowing, you may want to choose a glove made from leather or synthetic spandex for maneuverability and maximum hand protection.

Safety Precautions When Mowing A Lawn

People have gotten injuries when using lawnmowers. Some have had minor injuries, while others have gotten major ones. Some of the injuries are a result of ignorance, while others happen accidentally. Here are some tips to help you keep safe when mowing your lawn.

1. Read the Mower’s User Manual

Before you even start using the mower, carefully read the user’s manual it comes with. It contains usage instructions and safety precautions you should adhere to. If you have bought a second-hand mower and it does not have the manual, you can research it on the internet. It will help you know how to properly use it without risking getting injuries.

2. Keep It Away from Children

Do not let children under 12 years operate a lawnmower without the supervision of an adult. Don’t let small kids be near the lawn when you are mowing it. They could get hit by objects stuck on the mower.  This also applies to adults. Avoid carrying them on the lawn, too, as they might easily fall over. It is designed to carry only one person. Always remove the ignition keys. Aggressive kids might confuse the machine for a toy and want to play with it. Some models have keyless ignitions; you only have to put a code to start them.

3. Have Hearing and Gloves Protection

Using a lawnmower once does not pose any hearing risk to you. The problem is frequently getting exposed to noise. Mowers can produce up to 100 decibels of noise, which is not very good for the years. Wearing hearing protection gadgets will protect you from possible hearing problems.

Gloves offers you the protection you need while lawn mowing and prevent you from having blisters as you push the mower up and down and also give you a good grip while mowing.

4. Be Careful on The Hills and Sloppy Areas

Be careful not to slip when mowing on hilly areas, especially when working on wet grass. Reduce the mowing speed on such areas to maintain balance.

5. Wear the Right Shoes

Wear closed mowing shoes when mowing a lawn. Open shoes are less stable, and you might fall off the mower in the next minute. If you wear open shoes and come into contact with the hot surfaces of the mower, you will get burnt.

6. Be Careful Not to Get Burnt

The exhaust and the engine can become very hot and cause burns if your skin comes into contact with them. Always avoid getting near them and wear clothes that cover you entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to look for when buying lawn mowing gloves?

You need to look at the glove’s ability to protect your palms, fingers, and knuckles while still allowing you to hold and grasp things easily. Get gloves that give your fingers the freedom to maneuver with ease.

Is it okay for me to mow without gloves?

What do I need to look for when buying lawn mowing gloves? You need to look at the glove’s ability to protect your palms, fingers, and knuckles while still allowing you to hold and grasp things easily. Get gloves that give your fingers the freedom to maneuver with ease.
Is it okay for me to mow without gloves?

Is it okay to machine wash my lawn mowing gloves?

Yes, you can. Most gardening gloves are machine washable. Once you clean them, hang them outside to dry.

Can I use a dryer to dry my leather gloves?

After cleaning your leather gloves, hang them outside to dry with the sun. It is not recommended to dry leather gloves with artificial heat sources like dryers.

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