Best Cfl Grow Lights Reviews

Best CFL Grow Lights: Reviews & Buying Guide

CFL lights are perhaps the most popular lights among households. But did you know that these lights are also the most preferred for growing plants indoors? These lights are easy to find, low cost, and produce little heat. In addition, they are quite easy to maintain. Here are the top 5 best CFL Grow Lights that you need to consider.

5 Best-Selling CFL Grow Lights

Reviews of 5 Top Rated CFL Grow Lights

1. MaxLite MLX26GWW6 GU24 Base Compact Light Bulb

MaxLite MLS26GUWW6 GU24 Base ( Fluorescent Light Bulb, 26-watt)
Product Highlights:
  • brightness: 1850 lumens
  • estimated yearly energy cost: $3.13 (based on 3 hrs/day, 11-cents/kwh. cost depends on rates and use.)
  • life: 9 years (based on 3 hrs/day)
  • the package weight of the product is 0.3 pounds

If you are just getting started with indoor gardening then MaxLite MLX26GWW6 GU24 Base Compact Light Bulb is probably the right grow light for you. With its low cost and soft white light, it’s the most suitable light for plants that are in this stage. Even if you’ve never used grow lights before you’ll find it quite easy to install.

While it’s a low-cost bulb it still delivers the best light that promotes faster plant growth. The best part is that it has a longer lifespan than other lights out there. With its 26-watts and 2700k light spectrum, you cannot go wrong with it. Overall it’s a grow light that’s worth considering if you are starting out.

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2. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 Fluorescent Grow Light System

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 ( Light System, 2-Feet, White)
Product Highlights:
  • 3"h x 13.5"w x 23"l
  • includes 8' grounded power cord
  • includes 4 6400k t5 tubes
  • up to 8,000 lumens
  • powder coated, steel housing

As one of the newest Hydrofarm’s grows light systems, this light delivers flexibility, performance, and a high lumen that’s ideal for any growing environment. With its design it allows you to choose the best hanging position that will meet your growing needs. By combining energy efficiency and high premium grade peculiar aluminum it produces double light energy.

Its 125 watts and larger lumens allow you to comfortably grow up to 3 plants. But if you want to realize the best yields it’s advisable to grow only two types of plants. Best suited for plants such as spinach and lettuce you can use it throughout your growing period without any issue. More so, since it’s quite versatile you can always install it in different ways.

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3. Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet Commercial Fixture

Apollo Horticulture T5 4 ( With Your Choice Of Bulbs)
Product Highlights:
  • 1 – apollo horticulture lighting system with a 7.5’ grounded 120v power cord
  • package includes 8 -54w t5 fluorescent bulbs - 6400k
  • fixture measures – 48” x 24” x 2”
  • total wattage – 432w / 4.0a
  • this lighting system can be hang 3 ways – overhead, vertical, or horizontal

Although Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet Commercial Fixture is very light it still produces the best quality grow light. Measuring 4 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches it comes with a total lifespan of up to 20,000 hours and features 432 watts. Whether you mount it vertically, horizontally or leave it hanging, it will still produce for you the light that you need.

If you are getting it for the first time you’ll realize that it’s well made and comes with a good diamond reflective surface. It does not have hot spots thus it works quite well during the growing periods. Further, it’s fitted with a metal cable that will allow you to hang it. Overall, it’s worth the price.

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4. KOR 4 Pack 13 Watt Mini Spiral T2 Mini Twist CFL Light Bulb

KOR 4 Pack 13 ( Light Bulb (Warm White (2700K), CFL))
Product Highlights:
  • 💡 easy installation: these household cfl gu24 spiral light bulbs is a compact fluorescent / cfl spiral bulb that uses a gu24 twist and lock base. it perfectly into your existing gu24 socket so there is no need to change anything in your fixture. the gu24 base installs very easily and hassle free. simply push it in and twist it.
  • 💡 energy saving: save up to 70% on your electricity bill! this twist shape compact fluorescent gu24 bulb provides 800 lumens while only using 13 watts of power making this an ideal replacement bulb for you twist and lock fixtures.
  • 💡 light up your room: ideal for use in kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, ceiling, office, floor lamps hallways, bathrooms, sconces, pendent lighting. we carry assorted color options to create the right ambiance for your application. so be sure to select the correct color temperature of your choice.
  • 💡 color: this 2700k gu24 bulb gives out a warm white color and creates a bright / warm ambiance. it is perfect throughout your home and can be used with your desk/table lamps, floor lamps, and open pendant fixtures.
  • 💡 durability: the bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours which will reduce your maintenance and replacement cost. we stand behind our product, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase feel free to contact our customer service team and we will provide a hassle-free replacement or refund.

If you are looking for grow light that’s easy to install you need to choose this one. KOR 13-Watt Mini-Spiral is the kind of grow light that will give your plants what they need to grow well. Coming in a pack of 4, these bulbs will give you up to 60 watts but will not consume a lot of energy. The best part is that they are affordable and durable. As compared to other lights they will provide you with up to 10,000 hours.

These kinds of light will also help you save up to 70% on your electricity bill. Ideal for growing indoor plants these lights will give you a very nice white color. If you are not satisfied with them you can contact their customer service team and they’ll provide you with a refund or replacement. If you want to maximize their use make sure your plants are spaced well.

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5. DuroLuxT5 Grow Light 2ft 4lamps

Durolux T5 Grow Light ( Veg Growing Daisy Chain With Bulbs)
Product Highlights:
  • high light output: 10,000 lumens - professional grow lighting system - 95% reflectivity german hammer-tone reflector - 30% more light than comparable light systems
  • all accessories included: qty4 2ft 6500k lamps, hanging hooks and chains, power cord
  • outlet on fixture - power up to 12 fixtures off one wall outlet - less clutter, more convenience
  • flexible light output: 2 switches on body, one for inner 2 bulbs, another for outer 2 bulbs
  • safe operation: fixture is ul/cul safety approved. designed to operate in wet/damp environments, water resistant. has made-in-italy aag stucchi lampholder with i certificate to prevent fire if tubes get loosed during operation, 5 year warranty

DuroLuxT5 Grow Light 2ft 4lamps is not only a professional grade grow light but will also provide you with the right light for your plants. Featuring up to four long lamps these lights have a total lumen output of 10,000. Unlike other grow lights out there it also comes with all the accessories that you need. These include chains, hanging hooks, and power cords.

To enable you to connect up to 12 lights it has a special outlet. Designed to work in damp or wet environments and also water-resistant, it’s the best grow light that you need for your growing needs. As an affordable light solution, it also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means you can buy it with confidence.

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Buying Guide

1. Type

Depending on the type of lights that you are looking for you can either choose a light bulb or light fixture. While light bulbs are cheaper options light fixtures are a little bit expensive.

2. Color

The best CFLs grow light should provide you with the right spectrum of light for photosynthesis. This is very important if you want to grow healthy plants. So before you buy your CFL light know the light spectrum that you are looking for.

3. Know what you are growing

Before deciding on the best CFL light it‘s also very important to know what you intend to grow. You need to ask yourself whether you are a commercial grower or you are just a hobbyist.

4. Size of your space

The size of your grow space will also determine the type of CFL grow light that you choose. While some grow lights require a large space others can work well on a small space.

5. The ease of use

Since your time is very important you also need to choose the lights that are easy to install. In addition, you should be able to adjust the height of light without any issue.

6. Previous success records

It’s also important to look at the previous success records of the lights so that you can choose the ones with good reviews.

7. Warranty

The best CFL grow lights should come with at least a 5-year warranty. This is very important so that in case of anything you can always return it back to the owners for refund or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CFL grow light?

This refers to compact fluorescent grow light. As compared to other lights these lights feature a spiral curly design. Because of this, their lights are more compact.

What should I consider when looking for CFL grow lights?

Since there are several CFL grow lights in the market you need to look for one that’s suitable for your growth needs. Some of the factors that you need to consider include lumen, wattage, and Kelvin. This will help you choose the right light.

How far should I install my CFL light from the plants?

Since these lights do not produce a lot of heat you need to install them about 2 inches from the plants. But depending on your plant needs you can always adjust them accordingly.

What are some of the benefits of CFL grow lights?

CFL grow lights are quite suitable because of a number of reasons. Apart from being quite affordable, they are also easy to install.


If you are a new grower then CFL lights are the perfect lights for you. As compared to other lights they are not only easy to install but also quite versatile. The best part is that once you’ve installed them you don’t have to change them regularly. If you are shopping for the best CFL grow plants this guide should help you choose one.

CFL Grow Light Reviews for Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening