Best Black Plants And Flowers For Garden

19 Best Black Plants and Flowers to Add “Wow!” to Your Garden

It’s no doubt that plants and flowers add seasonal beauty to our garden. But have you ever thought what black plants can to your garden?

Black plants are exquisite and can overwhelmingly transform your garden into a little paradise. It’s important to note that these plants are not jets of black but rather appear in diverse colors of deep maroon, burgundy, purple and blue.

Best Black Flower for your garden

Besides this, you need to consider the weather and the sun intensity of your area before buying any of these seeds. This is because, some black plant species might need a lot of sun exposure, while others need just partial sun.

The best way to know these plants’ need is to read their labels before buying them. This will guide you on the best plant to choose and areas to be planted i.e. more sun or less. Plant them according to their natural needs as instructed.

Black plants/flowers add a tropical touch with exceptional beauty when grown with bright orange blossoms or bright white blooms.

Having known all these, let’s now explore the different types of flowers that will wow your garden and let you sit back and marvel the beauty in awe.


1. Black Beauty Pansy (Genus Viola)

1. Black Beauty Pansy (Genus Viola)

Image: Beginner Gardening

This is an excellent option to grow in your garden. They are resistant to extremely cold temperatures and bloom even better in snow.

Since black beauty pansy can survive a hard freeze, you can buy the seeds in plenty and plant them to enjoy the last three months before the last frost.

The unique bright yellow center of the petals gives you an exceptional chance to incorporate other flowers in shades of yellow like pale yellow primroses, multi-color pansies, or purple blotch faces.

2. Tulip “Queen of the Nightâ€

Tulip Mayflowering Queen of Night - 11-12 cm (10 Bulbs)

Image: Hazard’s Bulbs & Bare Roots

This is interestingly a wonderful flower. It requires little to no maintenance as you can plant it and forget for some time and it will generously grow and flourish.

They look good if planted in a mass and mixed with other colors like white, pink or any other bright colored flowers to create an amazing view. Tulips mostly bloom in mid or late spring.

These flowers are beautiful and breathtaking but you need to consider the blooming period of any flower or tulips you plan to compliment with. If you buying in-store or online check for the “late tulip” in the description area.

3. Black Star Calla Lilies

3. Black Star Calla Lilies

Image: Caribbean Garden

This plant does well in hot and humid areas. They have rampant growth and this helps to give your garden a center of attraction with the amazing look.

When blooming, black star lilies form a reddish wine hint on its rim which attracts the hummingbirds, isn’t this a double excitement?

4. Midnight Poppy

4. Midnight Poppy

Image:  Amazon

These flowers thrive and bloom well in spring. They can be planted as seeds and the stems can grow up to 30-inch with its flashing petals.

The bright green seed capsule that is surrounded by the white-tipped stamen gives the plant an exceptional look when blooming.

Midnight poppies will perform well if planted in a sunny area with loose sandy soil.

5. Sophistica Blackberry Hybrid

5. Sophistica Blackberry Hybrid

Image: Owzone Plant

This plant blooms in mid-spring to late summer. It performs well in sunny areas with average moisture.

The plant grows to about 15 inches tall at maturity with stunning burgundy trumpet-shaped flowers at the ends of the stem.

6. The Nigra Hollyhock

Image: Yunakesa

Hollyhocks are easily grown traditional plants that work well in both warm and cold areas. The breathtaking chocolate maroon flowers on their tall strong stems make it outstanding among the rest.

The flowers have a waxy onyx petal that attracts different types of bees that suck its nectar. You might need to do staking to keep the tall stems together.

7. Old Black Magic Bearded Iris

Image:  Amazon

This is a spring garden plant with exotic flowers on hardy stems. It has little maintenance so you wouldn’t worry about taking care of it through the season.

It is classified as a self-style bearded iris, it breeds a delicious black raven that flares in the sun, during bloom the bears at the center turns to golden orange.

8. Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis)


Image: Plants Delight

This plant will perform well if planted in rich, humusy and well-drained soil with partial shade. Avoid planting it during winter or generally cold areas because it may scorch and get tattered. Lente rose are early bloomers and flower in spring or end of winter.

The flowers are cup-shaped, rose-like and usually appear in clusters of 1-4 on thick stems rising above the foliage. To promote new foliage after bloom, you need to cut the back flowering stems.


9. Black Charm Asiatic Lily


Image:  Blooming Secrets

Black charm best blooms in early summer. The pollen and anthers are ink-like tone with trumpet-shaped blooms and can grow up to 30 inches.

This plant will perform well in sunny but moist areas, so always remember to water it for a fantastic bloom, but if you leave in hot areas, consider giving it partial shade.

In addition to this, always dig their holes deep before planting to help them survive through the year.


10. Before the Storm Iris


Image: Seed & Bulbs

During spring, the plant blooms deep purple flag-like flowers with black overtones and a blue beard at the end of the stems.

They grow to a height of about 24 inches with a spread of flowers. Iris needs good maintenance as it needs to be trimmed in late fall in preparation for winter.

They will perform well in a well-drained soil with partial shade.

11. Bat Flower (Tacca Chantrieri)


Image:  Pinterest

This plant has large bright green leaves with cat-shaped flowers that bear unusual whisker-like growth and can grow up to 36 inches.

Bat flower can grow up to 36 inches. It will perform properly if planted in areas with high humidity, well-drained soil and partial shade.

12. Ninebark (Physocarpus Opulifolius)


Image: Amazon

Ninebark is a versatile and appealing shrub with deep burgundy foliage and white flowers. These plants tolerate a wide range of soils and easily grown in medium to dry moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.

It can be pruned immediately after bloom and cut close to the ground in winter for rejuvenation.


13. Wine and Roses Weigela


Image: Monrovia

This plant prefers well-drained soils with medium moisture but adapts to other types too.

They produce copious amounts of flowers in spring and bloom through summer.

The trumpet-like flowers in pink tones immersed in deep burgundy foliage attract the hummingbirds, this can be a double excitement for you.

14. Black Baccara Rose ( Hybrid Tea Rose)


Image:  Garten

This plant is best grown in rich fertile soils with adequate moisture, well-drained soils with full sun.

The flower is stunningly beautiful with bold color and its upright habit. The captivating fragrance and bloom will give your garden a spectacular view.

15. The Black Prince Coleus

Image: Amazon

This plant can tolerate drought but will show its maximum performance when grown in sandy dry to medium moisture with well-drained soil and sun.

It’s a popular plant with its striking foliage plants and can be grown as a perennial in warm subtropical or as an annual in temperate regions.


16. The Black Elder (Sambucus Nigra)

Image: Amazon

It’s grown in wet, well-drained soils with full sun and partial shade. It can also be grown in a wide range of soil but will show maximum potential if grown in moist and humus soil.

It is valued for its purple-black foliage, pink flowers, and edible fruits. The sucker can be pruned when necessary after the summer blooms.


17. Canna Tropicana Black

Image : Amazon

It brings a tropical touch and performs well in organically rich, moist and well-drained soil with partial sun. This plant will stand out if massed along walls or hedges.

18. Black Mondo Grass


Image:  Pinterest

It grows up to about 12 inches tall. It produces dark lavender flowers in summer that are followed with purple berries in the fall.

The full potential will be seen if planted in partial to full sunny area with an evenly moist soil.

19. Arabian Night


Image: Amazon

This award-winning plant can grow up to 48 inches tall. The fully double flowers feature small green floral bracts in their center which adds more attention.

Interestingly, the more these flowers are cut, the more they will grow and bloom no wonder they are the most beautiful cut flowers.

They flower best in full sun although it might need some partial shade in the warm climates.



Black is indeed the new black! You might be spoilt for choices with all these beautiful black flowers that can be added to your garden.

Do you think I have left some out? I wouldn’t mind a few additions in the comment section below. You can also share what has ‘wowed’ you.