Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

10 Rooftop Garden Ideas

Showcasing your love for gardening may seem impossible if you don’t have a backyard. Is there an empty space in your rooftop? You can design a beautiful garden up there. Still, you can do a makeover of your existing rooftop garden.

It might not be as easy as designing in a usual ground garden, but with proper planning and maintenance practices, you will succeed.

Before the implementation of various rooftop ideas, talk with your building contractor, and confirm that it is strong enough to bear the added weight.

If you are highly determined, then here are some rooftop garden ideas you can try.

1. Add a Pergola

Apart from adding beauty to your garden, a pergola will provide shade and a supporting structure for climbing plants.

Pergolas are available in different designs, from transparent to skew shapes.

You can also attach hanging plants and lighting fixtures on the pergolas.

2. Have a Variety of Colors

Combine annual and perennial flowers in your garden.

To achieve this, you don’t have to plant only flowers. There are a variety of vegetables and herbs that produce beautiful flowers too. Some of these include rocket (white), chives (purple), basil (white), and rosemary (purple).

Select the ones that match your favorite theme

Apart from beautifying the garden, the flowers will also attract beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies to your garden.

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3. Use Colorful Containers for the Plants

Use colorful containers to draw attention to a focal point. Do not be afraid to have bright colored containers like pink or blue. They can act as focal points of a garden.

4. Create a Rooftop Lawn

A rooftop lawn will provide an awesome space to relax.

Apart from their aesthetic value, rooftop lawns help in temperature regulation of a building.

You can grow various types of grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass.

Having a rooftop lawn creates an inviting mood in your garden. Shape your lawn into different shapes. It doesn’t have to be rectangular. You can make it circular or oblong.

5. Add a Water Feature

There are several water features you can add. You can have one of them, or a combination of a few, if your garden is spacious enough.

You can add water features such:


A fountain in your garden will provide ambiance and beauty by way of motion and sound.

During hot weather, the fountain will make the garden cooler and comfortable to spend sometimes in. It also attracts birds and butterflies, which all add to the serenity of a garden.

Fountains are made from different materials such as cement, glass, and ceramic tiles.

They are available in several colors and sizes. You only have to select the one that pleases your eyes. They are way cheaper than other water features.


Get a ready-made pond for your garden. Place it in a spot where it will receive adequate sunlight.

Having a water feature in your garden is amazing.

If you have small kids or pets, take extra care to avoid accidents in your garden. You can do this by controlling their access to the garden.

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6. Add Lighting to Your Garden

There are so many lighting options for your rooftop garden. From solar power ones to electric ones; you will be spoilt for choice.

While some lighting will illuminate the whole garden, some will highlight special features or specific plants in your garden.

They make beautiful statements and showcase the features you treasure most in your garden. Lighting a garden will enable you to spend more time there, even when darkness sets in.

Use waterproof lighting options, as they will be exposed to rain and irrigation water. Here are some tips on how you can light up your garden like a pro:

Garden lanterns

Garden lanterns can be electric, solar-powered, or even candles. They are usually hanged at strategic areas using a hook.
Part from lighting a garden, they also add ambiance and a touch of class to the garden.

String lights

There are several options of LED string lights that create a holiday mood in a garden.

These sparkling lights are available in different sizes and colors.

Installing string lights is pretty much easy, and they are affordable.


Spotlights are used to highlight certain features in a garden.

They are available in different colors, and will significantly transform the appearance of your garden

They can be electrical, solar, or battery powered.

Some can be put in water, making them perfect for lighting garden ponds.t

7. Grow Tall Vegetation

If you have a spacious rooftop, growing large vegetation makes it look wow.

There are several options to achieve this; you can grow tall trees, grass or shrubs, and create a real-like garden on your rooftop

8. Create Raised Beds

If your building can support the extra weight of raised beds, create them to make your garden stylish.

They are available in various materials such as wood and metal.

Remember to lay a waterproof membrane below the beds, to prevent roof damage.

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9. Add Trellises

Trellises are ideal for drawing attention to various spots in a garden. They also add vertical height to a garden and provide support for climbing plants.

If your walls are not very appealing, putting a trellis near it will hide it.

Trellises are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

10. Add Decorative Stones

Decorative stones will enhance the appearance of your rooftop garden. The stones are available in different shades. You choose according to your taste and preference. They include:

River rocks

River rocks are usually smooth and safe to walk on. They can be colored to your preferred shade. They create a unique appearance on your gardening and draws attention to specific areas.

Apart from adding beauty, they can also be placed on garden beds, to help in the conservation of moisture.

They also discourage the growth of weeds.

Putting the stones on the surface of the soil on potted plants not only enhances their beauty, but it also helps in moisture observation.

River rocks will create a nature-like atmosphere in your space.

Lava rock

Lava rocks come from volcanic domes. They come in different colors, such as red and black. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to create new designs in existing rooftops?

Yes. It is possible. Before that, a building contractor should first inspect your building to determine whether it can bear the extra weight. Depending on the legalities of your location, you might require to get permission from the authorities.

2. How do I remove leaves in my garden pond?

If there are trees near your pond, they will always drop leaves in it. Use a net to skim the surface of the pond to remove the leaves.

3. How can I remove algae in my fountain?

Use a fountain block to get rid of algae in your fountain. You can buy from reliable dealers.

4. How do I maintain my solar powered garden lights?

Since the lights are powered by sunlight, clean them regularly to remove dust. Keep them indoors in snowy seasons. When they are not in use, switch them off. A rooftop garden doesn’t have to be boring. You can add certain features that will make it beautiful and inviting. Whether you have a small or large garden, there are various designs suitable for each.

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